Sept. 29: A day for Catholics who teach in public schools

Teaching is a noble vocation but it can be physically and spiritually draining, whether the teacher is in a Catholic or public school. Teachers in the Catholic schools have opportunities for spiritual renewal, but what about the Catholics who teach in the public schools? Many of those public school teachers are dedicated men and woman who also spend their weekends and evenings volunteering in our parish religious education programs. That is remarkable generosity.

To recognize and spiritually renew Catholics who give witness to their faith, not by proselytizing but, rather, by being a presence and example in the public schools where they teach, the Archdiocesan Catechetical Office annually offers events just for them.

One of those events is coming up at the end of the month. A one-day retreat experience for Catholics who teach in public schools will take place on Thursday, Sept. 29 (a public school holiday), at Maryknoll in Ossining, N.Y. It will be led by a priest who certainly has the credentials to speak to teachers. Msgr. Dermot Brennan, retired pastor of St. Patrick’s in Yorktown Heights, has on his resumé ten years of teaching high school students. His theme is “Becoming a Saint in a Secular Age.” We all have it in us to be saints; teachers may be closer to that than most people.

The fee for the retreat is just $25.oo per person.

If you are a Catholic teaching in a public school and would like to come, learn more here. Or, if you know someone who is, please pass on the invitation.

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One Response to “Sept. 29: A day for Catholics who teach in public schools”

  1. Alicia Lima says:


    I did attend the teachers’ retreat at Maryknoll even though I am not a teacher in the public school. I am a CRE at St John the Evangelist.

    Let me tell you that I really enjoyed the retreat, not only because of Msgr. Brennan’s presentation, which was refreshing, but also because I got a change to interact with the teachers and to talk to them; that was really nice. As CREs, we deal with those children as well and it was important to me to see or hear from those teachers, who spend most of the time of the day with our children. I am thankful for the opportunity.
    Alicia Lima