On vacation but just one thing…

I am on vacation and not posting until after Labor Day but just let me point out if you look in the Gospels, you’ll notice that many times, Jesus visited and ate with people who were not approved of by the local moral authorities or who were denounced outright as unacceptable. Cardinal Dolan is just following His example. Why all this viciousness?

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3 Responses to “On vacation but just one thing…”

  1. Tom says:

    Speaking the truth is not “vicious”. But honoring a man who is persecuting the Church and supports murdering babies is vicious and causes scandal. Maybe, just maybe people are so upset because for the first time in 50 years it looked like the bishops actually had a backbone and were finally teaching the faith without compromise. And then Cardinal Dolan falls in line with all the rest of them. And using the example of Christ eating with sinners is glaringly ridiculous. How come these bishops are always willing to eat with radical nuns, homosexuals, politicians who advance murdering babies and anyone who has a problem with this is termed vicious and mean and hateful. Would Cardinal Dolan invite the head of the Ku Kux Klan to a big dinner at the Waldorf in an effort to understand his point of view? I really doubt it. Yet he has no problem inviting a man who promotes ripping off the limbs of babies, and throwing their dead bobies in the garbage….because that is exactly who the president is. I hope you enjoy your vacation which is being paid for with the pennies of faithful Catholics who find you and all the other so called “elite” Catholics pathetic.

  2. George Garbell says:

    This note is to strongly urge President Obama be disinvited to the Al Smith Dinner. President Obama has been an active opponent to many of our Catholic Teachings and beliefs. He aggressively promotes abortion, contraception, abrogation of religious freedom, violation of the rule of law, diminution if not exclusion religion in public life, secularization of government, homosexual marriage, homosexuality, and other teachings and positions of the Church.

    There few individuals who are so visibly in opposition Catholicism. His being invited strongly implies that the Church is really not upset with his actions and positions. Please don’t send the Faithful and the Public the wrong impression. Disinviting President Obama would make a strong statement of the Church’s disagreement with his programs and positions.

    To call concerns such as mine”vicious” does not engender confidence that the Archdiocese is viewing the political/religious scene realistically. My over-riding concern is that the position of the Archdiocese is an attempt to placate the Obama administration in the hopes of gaining a reversal on the HHS mandate. History tells us, in most instances, playing such a ploy results in the situation worsening.

  3. Margaret Brusic says:

    How right you are!