Not what I intended to write to you

Last Thursday, I prepared an entry for this blog. It was a happy one, all about the amazing and often amusing Christmas pageants I have seen. But after the terrible events of last Friday morning, I knew I could not use it. My heart wasn’t in it.

Many people are asking, “Why, God? Why did you let these dear little children and their teachers die? Why didn’t you fix the mind of that shooter? Why didn’t you intervene and stop him? You could have, God, you could have. You have the power.”

Well, I don’t know the answer. Yes, on an intellectual level, I can say that it is a profound mystery.  But that is a pretty hollow explanation. It won’t make anyone feel any less heartbroken, any less angry, any less frustrated and helpless at the sight of such suffering.  It won’t mend the hearts of the families and friends left to live out their lives without those they loved so much and who loved them.

What I can do is refer you to a “Prayer for Newtown” that Father Jim Martin, SJ, of America published on the magazine’s blog, “In All Things.”  I have looked at it many times since last Friday.  I hope it helps a little.

Father Martin has just published another article, one that all people who describe themselves pro-life should read and act on. The title speaks for itself, “Gun Control is a Pro-Life Issue.”   This article won’t make you comfortable. It’s not meant to.



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