Sad sights among the joyful

I was waiting for the bus on 50th Street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan last evening. This is a great crossroad at any time of year, but especially at Christmas. People were streaming into St. Patrick’s Cathedral to venerate relics of St. Anthony. They also were looking to visit the world-famous and, if you have seen it, absolutely unique Cathedral Christmas crèche. Woof!

Others were crowding into Rockefeller Center’s Channel Gardens to see the Christmas tree. Meanwhile, some music that sounded like Mike Oldfield’s “Tubular Bells” colliding with heavy metal rock was blasting through the street. The sidewalk was practically vibrating

This part of Manhattan is full of tourists right now. You can always pick out the Irish and the Brits. They tend to move toward the left when they navigate through crowds. They get pummeled by the locals, who do the New York two-step to the right and crash into them. The best, of course, are the people on their cell phones. No matter what or who hits them, they seem unperturbed and continue with their conversations.

But there are some sad sights, too. It seems to me that there are so many more homeless persons around this Christmas. Some of them have dogs and from the look of the animals, they’re better cared for by their owners than their owners are by us.  I just read in the papers this morning of the staggering number of children — 22,000 — who are homeless in New York City right now, this from a series currently running in The New York Times.

There a lots of ways to help these people in need. You need look no farther than our own Catholic Charities, which assists everyone, no exceptions, and has many options for you to choose for giving.

Mary and Joseph knew what it was like to be without a home, even for a little while. Just when Mary was about to give birth, they had no place to stay. And when He was born, their Son was homeless, too.

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