The tender evangelist

Evangelization is the mission of our Church. Last week, one of our archdiocese’s great evangelizers went home to Jesus. Her name was Merta Ortiz. She was a secretary in the Office of the Superintendent of Schools.

Father Brian McWeeney, one of Merta’s friends, spoke briefly at the end of her Mass of Christian Burial this morning at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in East Harlem. Drawing inspiration from Pope Francis, he used a watchword of the Pope to describe Merta: tenderness.

Merta dealt with hundreds of people inside our headquarters and outside. Her kindness and professionalism never varied. Even on days when she didn’t feel very well, she soldiered on gracefully without complaint. With her face, her voice and her exquisite manners, she probably did more to spread the Good News than a dozen treatises or teaching sessions. To her colleagues in the building, her comrades in the office and to her family – especially her son Charlie, of whom she was justifiably proud – she was the personification of the word that Father Brian associated with her.

We’ll miss you, Merta, and your tenderness.

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