A Blessed Advent!

“A blessed Advent, everybody!

I hardly dare ask, but…do you take part in the annual Advent Debate?”

That’s the opening to my column, Advent Must Be Preserved, in the current edition of Catholic New York.

If you want to read the whole column you can find it here.

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7 Responses to “A Blessed Advent!”

  1. John McCarthy says:

    I liked your column. Keep up the good work!

    God bless!

    John McCarthy…

  2. Debate settled – move Advent inside (the heart).

  3. Kathy Culik says:

    As one “old-timer” to another: Thanks so much for putting such a beautiful voice to my feelings about the changes we have witnessed over the years in our celebration of the Advent/Christmas season. Thanks for your beautiful observations and reflections. We “old-timers” really appreciate it!

    Happy Advent!

    Kathy Culik

  4. Irene Baldwin says:

    We have our Advent Wreath my daughter made in kindergarten (a dixie paper dessert plate wrapped in green crepe paper with four birthday candles) and our Playmobil Nativity creche ($18 plus shipping). I have our Yule Log DVD on the TV while I’m writing out our Christmas cards. A nice Bronx advent season, and it don’t get better than this!

  5. Your column summed up this now-familiar dilemma beautifully, with warmth, clarity, and charity, not to mention common sense. In this week of shattering news about some of our shepherds (especially for those of us with a piece of our heart in Ireland), this simple gift from the hierarchy was unexpected and blessed. Although I dwell in that Other Diocese Across the East River, I will visit often in cyberspace (and in person this Wednesday for Bishop Sheen’s Mass!) Thank you, and have a blessed Advent!

  6. Barb Finnegan says:

    I read your column, Archbishop, and all I can say is, ‘YESSSS’!

    I used to work in a Catholic bookstore here in Upstate New York, and every Advent there was a running battle [quietly, of course] over the radio station we listened to while working. One FM station played ‘all Christmas music, all the time’, from Thanksgivng till December 25. I was always outnumbered ‘two to one’ when I tried to say, ‘It’s ADVENT, not CHRISTMAS-we should be countercultural here!’ Oh well…I had to ‘suck it up’ and quietly endure it till Christmas Eve-luckily we got out early on the 24th, then I could go to my car and listen to ‘real Christmas music’ on the classical station that I listened to.

    Oh, how wish I could have been at St. Patrick’s for the Bishop Sheen Mass…I’m sure it was wonderful!

    As a holy Marian priest once said, ‘MARY CHRIST-MASS’, Your Excellency!