A blessed Paschaltide!

Let me share with you my recent Catholic New York column about the paschal season. Here is an excerpt:

A blessed Easter, everybody!

Now, don’t you go wondering why I’m still giving Easter greetings a dozen days after the great feast!

Just as it took us 40 days to prepare for Easter—that’s what Lent was all about—so now it takes us 40 days to celebrate Easter. That will bring us up to the Feast of the Ascension, when Jesus, risen from the dead, after spending 40 days with His disciples, returned to His Father in heaven.

Actually, it doesn’t even end there, because then, on the Ascension, we’ll unite with Our Lady and the Apostles in a novena, nine days of prayer, bringing us to Pentecost Sunday and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

So, be patient with me, because I like to say “Happy Easter” for the 50 days after the great Feast!

You can read my whole column here.

2 Responses to “A blessed Paschaltide!”

  1. Bill Foley says:

    from Bill Foley

    I aplogize that my comment does not apply to the article in question, but I have come across a paragraph that is one of the most beautiful things that I have ever read, and I want to disseminate it over the Internet.

    Human Person and the Tabernacle

    Paragraph from page 344 of Volume 1 of The Mystical Evolution in the Development and Vitality of the Church by Father Juan Arintero, O.P.

    “One day, at the time of Communion, Blessed Mariana of Jesus, the Lily of Madrid, being unusually aware of her lowliness and unworthiness, said to her Lord: “My Lord, the tabernacle in which Thou art is much more clean and beautiful.” Christ answered her: “But it cannot love me.” “From this,” said the holy nun, I understood how much more Christ prefers to reside in our souls than in gold or silver or precious jewels which are inanimate creatures incapable of love.”

  2. Glenn A Crisafi says:

    I do so love the Easter season, it is the foundation of my faith. And yes, Pentecost”s fire brings the Spirit+