A Generous Response

The stories and images of the tragic events in Haiti continue to move us, as we learn of the devastation of the earthquake, the loss of life, the huge number of people who are hurt, hungry, and homeless.  Thank God, there has been a tremendous response from all over the world, particularly here in the United States, as people step forward to help in whatever way that they can.  Catholic Relief Services, the Red Cross, and so many other aid agencies are already hard at work in Haiti, and they will need our ongoing support as they begin the long and difficult process of helping the people of Haiti to rebuild their lives.

Catholic parishes all across the country are taking up a special collection, and the money raised will go directly to Catholic Relief Services.  As Chairman of the Board of Catholic Relief Services, I am so grateful for the generous response of our people.  I would like to offer a special word of deep gratitude to the New York Yankees, who have donated $225,000 to CRS for their Haitian relief efforts, part of an overall donation of $500,000 that the Yankees are making for this cause.   If you would like more information on the work being done by CRS, please visit www.crs.org.

Please keep in your prayers the people of Haiti and those who are working so hard to bring them aid and comfort.

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