A Letter from a Pro-Life Democrat

Recently, Michael Sean Winters of the National Catholic Reporter, cited an interesting letter on his blog from a pro-life Democrat. Kristen Day, executive director of Democrats For Life, wrote to Senator Jeff Klein in response to his statement on abortion.

Here is an excerpt from Ms. Day’s letter:

I am writing to respond to your comments that “real” Democrats support a woman’s right to choose. I disagree with your assessment. Opportunity for everyone, not abortion, is a core Democratic value.

There is no longer overwhelming support for abortion without restrictions and no longer overwhelming support for taxpayer funding of abortion. An increasing number of individuals are identifying themselves as pro-life — reaching over 50 percent in a recent Gallup Poll. Conversely, people identifying themselves as pro-choice has reached a record low of 41 percent according to the same May 23, 2012 poll. Further, one-third (or 21 million) Democrats self-identify as pro-life.

We, as a party, need to focus on ways to bring together Democrats on both sides of this issue and focus on what unites us — not tell people that they do not belong because they disagree on one position.

You can read the whole letter here.

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11 Responses to “A Letter from a Pro-Life Democrat”

  1. Kristen Day says:

    Thank you for sharing my letter Cardinal Dolan!

  2. Deacon Robert Davis says:

    As a life-long Democrat, and a member of Democrats for Life, I heartily agree with Ms. Day’s assessment.
    I have been active in party politics in the past, a three-time candidate for NJ State Assembly, and member of the NJ State Democratic Committee. I resigned my positions in the party when the State Party decided to declare itself “proudly pro-choice” several years ago, but I refused to abandon the party that I always believed stood for the rights of the least among us. I’ve watched that change drastically over the years, but I keep hanging in there, even when I can’t in good conscience vote for Democratic candidates anymore.
    I pray that one day soon the party will return to its roots.

  3. Dear Ms Day,

    What a beautiful letter. Thank you! I agree with your view on this 100 percent. I don’t know what to say except I am amazed.

  4. Mary says:

    Who’s kidding who? Democrats are the Party of Death. Their convention platform said it without any rationalizing. We saw a parade of pro-abortion Democrats — women — notably Caroline Kennedy who threw wholehearted support behind abortion “as a Catholic woman.” Are there “Democrats for God” who will announce how very pro-God the party is even though the one mention of the word God in the platforn barely survived a contentious vote. Show me one New York Democrat in office who is pro-life and means it. I will be happy to eat my words. Viva Christo Rey.

  5. Jeanne Harding says:

    To those who are outraged about coverage for contraception, are you equally outraged that a far greater amount of your taxes has gone to support wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, wars that were unconditionally opposed by the last two popes? Are you equally opposed to state taxes going to fund state executions? And if you’re outraged by Obamacare, what do you make of Pope Benedict XVI’s pronouncement that health care is an inalienable right that should be guaranteed by all states? Are you equally outraged about precious children being abused by trusted Priests in our Catholic Church? I am truly disappointed in my church’s response to this.

  6. Cheri Thalken says:

    I am a strong pro life advocate and I am a conflicted Democrat.
    My father was a pro life, pro union, Democrat and I believe in the values he taught me: sanctity of life from conception until natural death, the working men and women must stand united to protect their rights, and all men and women are created equal and we must help those less fortunate and unable to help themselves.

    However, over the past 20 years or so I have not voted strictly Democratic. I have seen the moral decline in our country and it is clearly defined in both of the political parties. Our society and politicians have shown a grave disrespect for human life, financial resources and our citizen’s dignity.

  7. Irene says:

    Mary: Who’s kidding you? How about those anti-gun control people in Congress? You know, not the Democrats, but those Other Guys? Do you also call them the party of death?

    If you are really as pro-life as you pretend to be, instead of dismissing this clearly pro-life Democrat above, you should instead applaud her for her courageous stand .

    And, hopefully, you are also urging those members of your own party to embrace life and adopt reasonable gun control laws.

  8. MaryGr says:

    Irene, whoops. You changed the subject to guns.

    Let’s just go to the killing of the unborn.

    Abortion is the deliberate killing of 3400 unborn Americans deaths every day;

    Democrat party policies/their platform/their elected officials/the grand poohbah President — all defend, promote and advocate for all abortions with gusto;

    The party has owns the label: party of death.

    In my opinion, Democrats for Life is as much an oxymoron as Nazis for Jews.

  9. MaryGr says:

    Also, it seems to me that suffering over but being unable to separate from the Democrat party even as it has become fiendish and separated from its original good, that inability to let it go is an offense against your relationship with God as expressed in the First Commandment.

  10. Irene says:

    MaryGr: Whoops how about we talk about abortion AND gun control. You know, a consistent life ethic where we care about the life of both the born and the unborn?

    Frankly, those people running around calling the Democrats fiendish and the party of death, really don’t have a prolife agenda, at all,they have a conservative political agenda. They call themsleves “prolife” but all their doing is undermining the efforts of the rest of us who are truly trying tocreate a culture of life.

    Fortunately, those people are easily recognized for the extremist fringe that they are.

  11. Irene says:

    The hardest thing for me about being prolife: I don’t want to be in any way identified with those people talking abut the “party of death”. I am prolife, not crazy, and I do not want to be lumped in with the paranoid fringe.