A War For Women

In this week’s Catholic New York columnI wrote about Our Lady of Guadalupe and the importance of women in the Catholic Church.  I thought you might want to read it.

Here is an excerpt:

If there is a “war on women,” those who defend the bond of marriage and the sanctity of the family (realizing that women are the ones usually left shattered and financially strapped by shattered marriages); those who believe that abortion is destructive of baby, mother, and father; those who hold that all God’s children, male and female, are made in God’s image, and thus deserve dignity and respect; those who sacrifice to run the world’s most effective projects of health care and education for women (led, for the most part, by generous, faithful women); and those thought idolatrous for placing a woman named Mary at the center of history, are hardly on the wrong side, but the right side, of such an alleged battle!

In two weeks, 75 percent of the world will come to a stop to celebrate a mother and the birth of her baby. Millions of children will point to the newborn baby in nativity scenes throughout the world and ask, “Who’s that?” and parents and grandparents will whisper, “That’s Jesus, our Lord and Savior.” Then they’ll point to Mary and inquire, “And who’s that?” and the answer will come, “That’s His mother, without whom Christmas could not have happened.”

A blessed Advent!

You can read my whole column here.

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2 Responses to “A War For Women”

  1. Irene says:

    I would also include as champions for women those people who work to advocate for pay equity for working women, financial support for families in need and advocates for affordable child care for working families.

    This woman thanks them for all of their work on our behalf.

  2. Mary says:

    Well, I nearly fell off the pew when I read that column. It was like you read my mind. I’m framing that column.

    Maybe you’d like to take on the plantation mentality of the elitist university professors and their attitude toward adjunct professors as their “invalid” laborers with no rights.

    Here’s another question: How is it possible that the composition of full-time faculty on college campuses is 90% or more white, liberal, progressive, secular humanist, radicals who self-segregate by selecting only those whose ideologies match their own and yet hypocritically point out to everyone the facts in their one-sided politicized, bias research, how racist the people of the United States are? There is no “freedom of speech” or any open dialogue on college campus–they are a totalitarian, radical, secular humanist training ground. College Professors openly mock any student who disagrees with their revisionist history, feminist lens on every single subject and the students have no recourse because Professors who share their views do not get hired!
    College students are coerced into redoing research papers that match their radical professors’ ideologies in order to get good grades. This is not education, it’s indoctrination.
    Public High Schools are the same–they do not hire conservative Catholic teachers.