Accountable to Many

In this week’s Catholic New York  column, I wrote about the importance of being accountable to God and ourselves. I would like to share it with you.
Here is an excerpt:

The Church needs to be accountable. For one, and most significantly, we are accountable to God. As the Bible tells us, one day we shall stand before Him in judgment. On that day, no excuses, no rationalizing, no denying, no hiding, will do us a bit of good. We will answer to God and, literally, “there will be hell to pay.”

Then, we are accountable to ourselves. As people of integrity, we hold ourselves to the high standards coming from morality, a properly formed conscience, and the expectations of Jesus and His Church. Sometimes we say things like, “I just couldn’t live with myself if I did that.” That’s a good indication that we are people of character. And, often do we examine our consciences to hold ourselves responsible, apologizing to God or another when we have let them down.

You can read the whole column here.

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  1. Br. Timothy says:

    Dear Cardinal Dolan,
    With full realization that your job is not an easy one, I offer the commentary at the link below in the hopes that you will re-consider the tone of your dealings with President Obama.
    With gratitude and prayers for your leadership in such a difficult time,
    Br. Timothy

  2. Marge Edwards says:

    Yes. Absolutely. Transparency (partly because of technology, God bless it) makes accountability more inevitable. Thanks for your article.

  3. Linda Sears says:

    Dear Cardinal Dolan,

    Funny you should write this article on accountability when I was thinking the very same thing but about a much more disturbing topic. I would like to say, however, that I like and admire you. You have much responsibility to go with the great privileges you have. I also recognize that you cannot please all the people all the time. That being the case, I hope you listen to what I believe needs to be done. Who am I? Just a member of the Catholic Church who is proud of her Church and loves Christ.

    I believe that the Church in the US will be accountable, greatly, by God, on its continued association with a political party so much in opposition to the Catholic Church. Many of us are upset and angered by your invitation to Mr. Obama to the NCY Catholic Charities Al Smith dinner. I found your defense of your actions very weak. This dinner may not be directly associated to the Catholic Church as you stated but you did invite him and you are a highly visible Cardinal in the Catholic Church in America. So, to many of us and others, it most certainly is connected to the Church.

    The Democratic Party has declared war on the Catholic Church. Mr. Obama is not willing to come to a peace agreement with the Church but continues to attack our freedom of religion. He is determined to undermine the Church until it is no longer a powerful force in this country; a poerful force for what is good in this country. There comes a time when everyone needs to choose sides and the Church is doing itself and its members no good by maintaining ties with an administration that is so anti-Christian and most vehemently anti-Catholic.

    I and many others are angered and outraged by the Catholic Universities and organizations that continue to invite Mr. Obama onto their premises and speak to highly vulnerable students and to use his presence for ‘fundraising’ activities, both the organization and Mr. Obama’s. There is a showdown coming.

    We can no longer be a Catholic Church that supports a Democratic Party that looks more like the Hitler regime of the 30’s. Our hierarchy of the Catholic Church needs to make this plain to Church members (especially the cafeteria Catholics who persist in being pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage). We can no longer sit on the sidelines and be silent as to what the Democratic Party has become.

    The Democratic Party is not the party that fought to abolish slavery-the Republican Party is, the Democratic Party is not the party that is trying to abolish abortion on demand-the Republican Party is, the Democratic Party is not the party that is trying to hold the line on ‘gay marriage’ and defend traditional family values-the Republicans Party is and it is not the Democratic Party that is trying to protect the Constitution and Bill of Rights, it is the Republican Party that is. So, why cannot the Catholic Church publicly denounce this party that is so against everything the Catholic Church stands for?

    It is time the Catholic Church behaves more like its early warriors. If we do not, as the Bishop in Chicago stated, “I’ll die in by bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor with die in the town square.” The Catholic Church did not do enough in Germany in the 30’s; will we also be judged as not doing enough in 2012 to turn our country around to the freedoms given to us by God?


    L. Sears

  4. RobertC says:

    I want to thank Your Eminence for the happiness and zeal which you bring to your role as Archbishop of the NY Archdiocese.

    I would just ask you to consider one point regarding the current orientation of the Church with regards to politicians who are determined to pursue the policies of the Culture of Death even to the point of forcing the Church and all Catholics to pay for intrinsically evil things like contraception and abortion.

    For the past fifty years we have pursued a policy of friendly dialogue towards those pushing these policies. The ecclesiastical authorities have for the most part chosen to ignore Canon 915 in the hopes of reaching a reasonable rapprochement/modus vivendi with such political leaders.

    We were told that it is important to keep the lines of communication open and that these matters are really best dealt with privately between a bishop and his subject.

    Now, fifty years later, with the Church in a very weakened and precarious position, both ad intra and ad extra, may we ask Your Eminence this question:

    How has this policy of accomodation and dialogue worked out? Can we reasonably believe that the Catholic pro-abortion politicians who have not been catechized, admonished and disciplined are closer to saving their souls as a result? Can we also reasonably believe that those faithful who vote for them because of the silence of their shepherds are closer to going to achieving salvation as a result of these policies?

    In other words, Your Eminence, as we look around what Dietrich von Hildebrand called the “devastated vineyard” which is the Church in her current debilitated state, is it not time for an honest reappraisal of the policies of dialogue, accomodation and perpetual backslapping between the leaders of Church and State?

    I would respectfully remind you that St. John Fisher went to the gallows for objecting to one invalid annulment. Cardinal Mindzenty was willing to be tortured and imprisoned rather than remain silent against the onslaught of Communism in Hungary. The Archbishop of Krakow, Prince Sapieha, served visiting Nazi General Hans Frank a slice of black bread and ersatz coffee when he came to dinner. The Archbishop of Warsaw, Cardinal Wyszinski, was willing to go into exile for three years rather than let the State encroach further upon the rights of God and the Church. Finally, Pope Pius XII shut the Vatican down and left town when Hitler came calling in Rome.

    It’s late in the game, Your Eminence, and quite frankly, the reason I point to these examples of another approach to State-sponsored evil is because I must respectfully state that your decision to roll out the red carpet for President Obama when he comes to the Al Smith Dinner sends the wrong message at the worst possible time to the world.

    It says, loud and clear, that the business-as-usual that has failed us so miserably in the last fifty years continues, but Your Eminence, you must understand that had any of the heroic bishops of the Church mentioned above acted in similar fashion in their time of trial,
    their exalted place in salvation history would be quite different.

    Nobody remembers Cardinal Wolsey with much affection or respect, or, similarly, the bishops of Hungary taking the oath of allegiance to the Communist government as Cardinal Mindzenty languished in prison.

    This is the moment that Your Eminence will be called accountable for and I want to assure you of our prayers and love, as we hope and pray that you will be able to give a witness worthy of St. John Fisher, a witness that will no doubt bring upon you the scorn of the world, but one that will also earn you a place among the great servants of God.

    God bless you always,


  5. francis says:

    Dear Fr. Cardinal Dolan,
    Please don’t invite Pres. Obama!
    Please remember our fights for the good of the Catholic Church.
    Please don’t forget we are for the truth and those against us is not for us.
    Remember the flood in the Philippines during RH Bill it is God’s way of not having it passed.
    Don’t let it happen here.

  6. Sue Joan says:

    Dearest Cardinal Dolan, again, I am compelled to write you and thank you, first for this wonderful, beautiful article about our accountability which so needed to be said and then, you said it so beautifully, it brought tears to my eyes and second for your courage in standing strong and allowing Obama at that dinner because you know, dearest friend of God, if ANYONE can hit BHO in the gut and work toward his conversion, YOU (and the Holy Spirit) can! I have already written a lengthy letter to the pro life movement, telling them, they should not protest this and instead should (as you are also doing), educate the people because “the more people know about abortion, the less they are in favor of it!” Thank you for your wonderful example, your beautiful service to Our Lord and His church and for being you, whom many of us admire greatly and love deeply. In Christ’s Love, Sue J

  7. Thomas says:

    “I want to be accountable to you, so here are the points they raised:

    First, the reply noted our efforts to defend marriage from attempts to weaken it, especially through last summer’s sadly successful state law which presumed to change the immutable definition of marriage as the lifelong, faithful, lifegiving union of one man and one woman.” – What “efforts” did you use to defend marriage? You and the rest of the bishops remained totally silent. You did nothing to defend marriage or the teachings of the Church. You do honor the “Catholic” govenor and his mistress (who he is openly living in sin with) on a regular basis have not said anything about him passing the law. You continue to cause scandal by honoring him and all the other “Catholic” politicians who promote abortion, gay “marriage” etc, as well as honoring radical nuns who are meeting to determine whether or not they will obey the Vicar of Christ. And for this you are being congratulated by the Vatican? When Obama uses you in a commercial the day after you honor himat the Al Smith dinner and is eventually re-elected and then finalizes the persecution of the Church are you going to be applauded for that also?

  8. Ciaran Buckley says:

    Cardinal Dolan

    You are an inspiring writer and speaker- I watched the video of your speach on the is’s and oughts- really thought provoking

    But I cannot reconcile this and what you have just written with your attending the Al Smith Dinner with President Obama. You don’t seem to be putting your own words into practise- something you demand of us- your flock.

    I know politicing is important but it does not have to be this visible. If you cannot uninvite the President then ought you not show accountability, the character and high standards you speak about here and decline the invitation yourself?
    You have the First Amendment right and the Catholic duty to make a stance against someone who supports abortion and contraception as this President does.

    I pray that God and not politics guide you.

  9. David Leis says:

    Cardinal Dolan,

    Your article on accountability is good. But I note that as you say, on the day of judgment, there will be no excuses and rationalizing. Therefore, I ask, how can you possibly allow the archdiocese to have any involvement or benefit from an event like the Alfred E. Smith dinner when the proponent of attacks on the church that you identify in your columm will be there? I am talking about the President and his attacks on religious freedom, human life, and support of gay marriage. You are accountable to God, yes, and because of your position, to the Church in the broadest context. Those of us in middle America are in shock. And not only Catholics but Christians of every stripe.

    Where is your integrity, the courage to hold yourself responsible as you say, to realize you have let the Church down in this matter? Please, for the good of the Church at large, either withdraw the President’s invitation (you can do it – Clinton was not invited for his stand) or withdraw all archdiocese participation and benefit.

    Accountability. Standing before Jesus Christ on judgment day. What will be the excuse?

  10. Robert Fox says:

    Dear Cardinal Dolan:

    I am accountable to my children as a Catholic man, father and husband. This is why, despite much of the happy talk between here, New York and Rome I remind my family that our Catholic leaders have largely become unhinged from reality. They agree with me. I explain to them that diocesan priestly candidates dwindle as do the sizes of parishes precisely due to the liturgical and theological wasteland that conciliarist Catholicism has brought us.

    A good read for you would be an excellent and non-polyemicist book called “The Rhine Flows Into the Tiber”

    I would also recommend anything written by a Catholic in good standing named Michael Davies (may he rest in peace).

    Yes… you are accountable. And you are officiating in your formal capacities at a grand nexus in the history of the Church.

    I’m no expert, but thus far, I feel that as my “generalissimo” you have let me and my family and the flock as a whole… down. I know numerous Catholic dads here in Rockville Centre whould agree with me on that.

    I continue to pray for you as I am aware of the saying regarding the pavement on the “floor of hell”. Some attribute this to St. Athanasius while others say it was uttered first by St. John Chrysostom. In any case, I take it seriously… not just by my words… but by actions… despite my own faults and the need for frequent confession.

    In any case… Canon 915 is a serious matter. The Eucharist is the center of the universe. When we institutionalize sacrelige… and fail to even appear to fight it… we cause scandal.

    vty Bob Fox & family

  11. Rita Glavin says:

    Dear Cardinal Timothy Dolan,
    I would just like to offer my support and prayers for your ministry and also for your current decision that is outraging many prolife Catholics regarding the President Obama invitation. I understand so well their upset but I have to say I trust that what you are doing is exactly what Jesus would do. In His gracious mercy He did seek out and eat with people who needed Him. Cardinal Dolan the Lord I believe is with you. I live in Canada and I pray so much for my brothers and sisters in the US and for the current sitituation going on as well as of course our own situations here in Canada. I have prayed for you and been delighted with the joy and gracious mercy I see in you, since I first encountered your Ordination to Archbiship on EWTN. May you be richy blessed and may all my brothers and sisters in the US be blessed as well. And may we all seek the Father’s Will above ours always.
    Rita Hope Glavin

  12. Robert Fox says:

    Let me put things another way, lest I become too harsh in my speech dear Cardinal Dolan:

    As a Catholic man I speak for my family and also for numerous other Catholic men when I say we are no longer interested as Catholics in working for “containment” of the problems in our culture. I want and will work for complete “roll-back”. This is not to say that people like me live under some illusion that there were ever a “good old days” in the Church. That would be utter nonsense to think such a time existed. But there WERE times in history when people and priests KNEW what they believed… and KNEW the faith and ACTED upon this.

    All Catholics had the weekly iconography in image, sound, smells, worship which transmitted the sacerdotal truths on all levels. They heard this truth through the confessional screen… in the chant, they saw this truth while watching their fellow neighbors kneel with them at the same altar rail. The reality of this mystery surrounded them… and it even affected the non-Catholic to the point where we were hated for it by a very few, admired by some, respected by many and loved by our own and those who might join us.

    The masculinity of our liturgies undergirded the certainty of the profession of our faith and the struggle to protect and defend the dignity of womanhood, children, marriage, freedom and true economic subsidiarity.

    I notice… when I look back on the black & white images of great Church men that many of them were skinny, serious and masculine in their demeanor. This was likely a direct result of the ascetical disciplines they followed combined with the heavy burden of protecting Our Eucharistic Lord in a world which did not understand Him.

    I think this man’s thoughts (spoken to Catholic News Service) speak for all my friends:

    To restore all things in Christ, we must start with the Mass. Save the liturgy and you will save the world.

    Have a nice weekend…. and apologies if I am a bit harsh at times… but we tire of our leaders working for containment and status quo. The time for glad handing and smiles is over.

    Servus, Bob

  13. Always glad to read your column Your Eminence! Newark has had continuing large numbers of seminarians, nearly 15 a year. You should talk to your brother, our Archbisop, John Joseph Myers, who seems to be doing very well at attracking, developing and deserning vocations.

    Bro. Dan Sollecito, SFO

  14. Liam Ronan says:

    In the Gospel of Matthew at &:6 Jesus warns his apostles and disciples “Do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you.”
    Further, at Matthew 10:16 Our Good Lord warns his apostles and disciples “Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”
    I respectfully submit, Your Eminence, that your invitation to President Obama to appear with you at the 67th Annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner Thursday, October 18, 2012 is, if not scandalous, naive at best and will be the occasion for the widespread dilution of all your heretofore powerful statements against President Obama’s HHS mandate. For the love of God, Your Eminence, wake up and smell the coffee, rethink your position, rescind your invitation, and avoid the wolves if you don’t intend to attack them.

  15. Nancy says:

    I am concerned about your dinner with the President. Just wanted a place to let you know. Praying for you and all you do in witnessing to the people of God….all of them.

  16. David Nordmark says:

    “Some would say ‘We should not have invited the next guest speaker’, a man who is attacking the innocent at every turn. This man deliberately exceeds the boundaries of the constitution in his violation of the freedom of religious liberty. This speaker, our invited guest of this Catholic Foundation sponsored event, this guest speaker being provided such honor and privilege is a man who has ceaselessly attacked the basic tenants of our faith. We have lent the name of Catholicism to a man who is in turn lending support in every capacity to the intrinsic evil weaving its tentacles into the fabric of our American society and in so doing, perpetuating the murders of the most innocent both at home and around the world.

    Here is a man who is sparing no expense to attack the Sacrament of Marriage under the guise, the lie, that our faith demands we tolerate this sin. The demand is of marriage to mean less than it does. The lie of not setting aside this Sacrament displaying a lack of love, a vociferation of contempt for our fellow man. [And] Though we may ultimately gain relief from the Health and Human Services mandate requiring religious institutions, as well as all American citizens who are employed, to support abortion [Grendal] and abortaficients and contraception [Grendal’s Mother] , we know it unlikely such shelter will be found for our sheep. How unfortunate this turn of affairs, this lack of regard for the protections of concience, has become. This night, we will put all of this aside, these fundamental differences and responsibilities, in an effort to show honor to one man. ‘This is no partisan effort’, after all. Let us laugh tonight. Scandalous actions be damned, we will show our love, not as a father might show his love, but in the brotherhood of tolerance and fellowship. To that end, let us now raise our glasses in welcome the President of these United States, Barak Obama.”

    As we appear concerned with the office of President ahead of defence of our faith, I present a starting point for the introduction speech this Thursday, October 18th, 2012.

  17. Tom L. says:

    Cardinal Dolan, I hope and pray that you will hold yourself accountable for allowing President Obama to attend the Al Smith Dinner. I truly believe you are a good and humble servant of Our Lord, and I understand the fallout from disinviting someone in his position would be considerable. However, I trust you will do the right thing and either disinvite Obama, or at least publicly renounce him and his policies that threaten the very nature of the Catholic Church and our freedom to openly practice our great faith. You and your archdiocese will remain in my prayers.

  18. Steve Maurice says:

    Cardinal Dolan,

    What you write in your article is all very true. That is why the decision to invite President Obama to the Al Smith Dinner is such a serious matter, and accountability is exactly what is lacking in the response to the controversy from Ed Mechmann in his blog. The reasons he puts forth in an attempt to justify the invitation are all devoid of any accountability due to the disclaimer he points out at the end. The disavowal of any authority seriously damages the credibility of his positions, and leaves the faithful with serious questions about the prudence and sincerity of Church leadership.

    The excuses regarding the dinner not being a religious event and that politicians of all stripes have been invited in the past ring particularly hollow in light of his following quote. Regarding President Obama, Mr. Mechmann states, “he is consistently anti-life and is ardent in his promotion and support of abortion, he is in favor of re-defining marriage, he opposes parental choice in education, his Administration is a consistent enemy of religious freedom, and there is good reason to believe that he has dealt with our bishops in less than good faith.” He then goes on to claim that it is an act of Christian charity to invite such an individual among the faithful and give him a platform from which to promote himself as a friend of the Church.

    Apparently, Mr. Mechmann is accountable to no one and is allowed to express errant teaching on the Archdiocese website that confuses the faithful. Even the poorly catechized know that when He said, “Love your enemy,” Jesus was not instructing that we should allow our advesary inside our defenses as he attempts to scatter the sheep. Yet that is what we are led by Mr. Mechmann to believe is an act of charity, and so to invite a man whom we know does not have the best interests of the Church at heart is construed to be a noble action. All the while faithful Catholics who do not agree are told “to take a deep breath, relax a second, and think carefully about this,” as if they are merely petulant children.

    Ultimately, dear Cardinal, you are the one who will be held accountable for how this controversy is resolved. True charity to both President Obama and the Catholic faithful demands that the invitation be publicly rescinded. To do otherwise will lead the president to believe that his positions against the sanctity of life and marriage can be overlooked by the Church, and it will cause great scandal among the faithful to see the Archbishop of New York fraternizing and joking with the man who would gladly force the Church to violate its own moral teachings. For the sake of the president’s soul and the souls of your flock, not to mention the integrity and authority of the Church, there really is no other responsible choice but to charitably ask President Obama not to attend.

    I can understand that it will be embarrassing to do so, but you will have the support and admiration of the faithful when you do. More importantly, you will have the blessings of the Holy Spirit upon your decisive action. Please do not deceive yourself that this can end well any other way. Many of the faithful have not yet gotten over the scandal caused by Notre Dame bestowing honor upon the president and giving him the podium of a once-great Catholic university to make his duplicitous speech about the protection of conscience rights while his administration was working behind the scenes to enshrine the dismantling of those rights in law. Now seeing America’s most prominent Church leader welcoming the president to a gala Catholic fundraiser, dining with him, and laughing at his jokes will sadly be the last nail in the coffin of the Church’s teaching authority for many.

    In your article you state: “Finally, are we not accountable to history? Those who come after us will bless us or curse us for the choices we make now, and will have to live with the consequences of our actions, good and bad.” Please take your own words to heart and undo the scandal that has already begun with the invitation. Please, for the sake of the Church and Her faithful, and also for your own, be courageous and do not succumb to the temptations of expediency and false charity. May God bless you and guide you in your decision.

    Steve Maurice

  19. Maria says:

    Your Eminence:


    “If there is one thing we had better understand, it is that if we’re going to follow Christ, we will not, comma, we will not, be accepted by the world. To follow Christ means to share in the experiences of Christ. We all want to be accepted; we all want to be respected; we all want to be loved; we all want to be cared for; we all want – what do we want? We want the people with whom and among whom we live, to be one of them. We dread rejection. I don’t mean violent rejection by being thrown into prison or killed but we dread the thousands of ways in which people can reject us; a turning of the face, a closing of the eyes, a frown; yet it is human respect that keeps so many, otherwise, good believing Catholics from being true followers of Jesus Christ. I know, I know.

    Lord Jesus, you the living God, did nothing but practice heroic charity. You taught nothing but Divine Truth yet, the world into which you came, with only a few exceptions, rejected you, did not accept you and for two thousand years, we have had the symbol of how God is accepted by the world – your Cross.

    Dear Jesus, give us the wisdom to see what you are teaching us, but above all, the courage to be faithful to you, no matter what..

    As you told us, dear Savior:

    If you are ashamed of me here on earth, I will be ashamed of you in eternity.
    Give us the courage, dear Savior, not to be slaves of human respect. Amen”.

    John Hardon SJ

  20. Brian B says:

    Dear Cardinal Dolan~
    With all due respect I would like to know how you are held accountable to the faithful of the archdiocese. Are you listening to them? They have been begging you not to go ahead with the invite to the president to the Al Smith Dinner. We only hear silence. We need a response.

  21. J. Easter says:

    Speaking of accountability Your Excellency, I thought you might be interested in another blogger’s thoughts:

    I am praying for you and for all our bishops and priests, who are so accountable before the Lord!

  22. GFFM says:

    I read your blogpost with interest and with all due respect it is a bit self congratulatory, despite the efforts at recognizing criticism. I am a Catholic academic who has worked in a completely secularized university my entire career. I also teach at a Catholic seminary. I have been quite disappointed with your response to both the gay marriage agenda and HHS mandate. I realize I am in the minority. But I believe, in all honesty, that the new evangelization is much more encompassing than you are able to describe or teach. Catholics, the Church, and her shepherds should not have been satisfied with being left alone to be Catholic. It’s clear to me that the Church and her shepherds have been remiss about describing how contraception, the pill culture, the redefinition of marriage are toxic for the culture, for the family, and for the world. The New Evangilization which JP II describes means taking the Church’s compelling positions to the public square, to the voter, to the secularism which defines so much of American culture today. The USCCB is always on the defensive and rarely on the offensive. Secondly, religious freedom is not something the government grants to us or bestows on us. It is a God-given right and guaranteed and affirmed for us in the Constitution. I am pleased the bishops speak with one voice on this issue, but the effort needs to be sustained, abiding, and constant. You and your brother bishops and priests must be willing to sacrifice and suffer, and go to jail if necessary. Cardinal George has said as much.

  23. Lynn Wilson says:

    I see one theme here, so why are you not being the leader of your flock. Ask Pres. Obama to stay home to not attend the Al Smith dinner. I will pray for your soul, because of priest like you in the church you make it harder for us all to get to heaven.
    You say one thing and do another. If one of my children did something like this I would not let them out of thier room. And I wouldn’t let them go to the dinner with the some one person who put this whole nation in danger of losing it’s soul.

  24. David Rushing says:

    Cardinal Dolan,
    The recent events concerning the “Al Smith Dinner” has caused many of the faithful, INCLUDING MYSELF, to question our shepherd’s and the decisions you make on our behalf. There is an easy solution to this scandal of inviting a Pro-Abortion President to speak at the dinner, just un-invite both candidates!! This has been done in the past and I’m sure both presidential candidates will understand why its being done. I have a person who you might want to consider as a speaker, John Michael Talbot, his knowledge, whit and musical talent would be much more deserving than a Pro-Abortion President and the faithful would be more encouraged by a prayerful decision such as this :) Please Cardinal Dolan, do not let this Pro-Abortion President be honored at this dinner.
    David Rushing ( Just a sheep looking for a shepherd that won’t lead me off a cliff )

  25. Tom Kuipers says:

    Cardinal Dolan, how could you invite Obama to the Al Smith dinner? Your strong leadership to uphold our faith, stand for God, and defend our religious liberty has been so inspiring, but this is just a punch in the gut. How can you fail us so badly? This literally breaks my heart. You will be used by Obama and the media to legitimize himself in the eyes of Catholics. The most evil administration this country has ever seen, and you do this right before the election? May God have mercy on all of our souls . . .

  26. Irene says:

    I am a member of this Archdiocese and I fully support the decision to invite our President to the Al Smith fundraiser. To do otherwise would be quite inappropriate.

    I also very strongly object to the partisan political comments that are routinely posted on this website. I and many other people read these blogs with the hope of growing in faith; the partisan poliitcking gets very much in the way of that.

  27. Desmond Browne, Sr. says:

    Dear Cardinal Dolan: Others who have commented on the issue of your invitation to BHO to attend the Al Smith dinner (Linda Sears, Robert C and Thomas), have stated far more eloquently than I ever could, why your decision (as well intended as you believe it is) is wrong, and will be deliberately used by those who wish to further weaken the Church in America today. Perhaps you will consider making amends this fall, by declaring, that while you’re not telling others how to vote, that you yourself intend to vote for Mitt Romny and Paul Ryan – since they are “pro-life.” That would add a nice touch to events on Nov. 6th.

  28. Larry says:

    Michael Davies, as cited by one poster here, was the sidekick and principal lay mouthpiece for Archbishop Lefebvre, founder of SSPX. As such, his “standing” with the Church is questionable at best; I wouldn’t call it “good.” Also the term “conciliarist Catholicism” or “conciliar Church” is the SSPX-ers’ derisive term for those of us who accept Vatican II’s documents as authoritative. Otherwise, I agree with all the posters who are shocked and appalled by the invitation given to President Obama to attend the dinner.

  29. Mary Lake says:

    I agree w/ David Rushing’s comment. Uninvite both politicians.

  30. Beth Edejer says:

    Your Eminence:

    I oppose the HHS mandate and everything that Pres. Obama stand for. He is anti Church and does not bother to hide it. You have met with him before and he did promise that he will not do anything to take away our religious freedom. You have barely left his office when he did the exact opposite. There is no honest dealing with the Prince of Lies.

    Having said that however, I see your reason for inviting him to the Al Smith Dinner. Who knows, you may be still able to convert his heart.

    On another matter, I read that Mrs. Loida Nicholas-Lewis, a wealthy Filipino femenist who supports the passing of the RH Bill in the Philippines has obtained a permit for a Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on August 21 – the 29th Death Anniversary of Senator Benigno Aquino, the father of the present president of the Philippines who is doing his best (buying up the House with pork barrels) to get the RH Bill passed. They are calling the Mass for Peace but in fact will be used to advance their cause. Mrs. Loida Lewis is an avid supporter of the RH Bill. This not so different from the HHS mandate that we are facing here in the US. We know that Mrs. Lewis is a very benevolent supporter of the Cathedral and we know that whatever she asks is almost always done. However, your blog about accountability gave me courage to comment here. We are told that we should be careful where to invest and from whom we receive favors from. If it comes from an organization that is anti-Life, we should not accept it at all. Mrs. Lewis is the Melinda Gates of the Philippines. It behooves me to think that your Eminence has not checked on her background.

    I greatly admire your Eminence and I pray for your intentions daily. I believe that God gave us a great pastor in you.

    Sincerely in Christ, Our Brother,
    Beth Edejer
    Woodside, NY

  31. Schwartz says:

    Archbishop Dolan:

    Your decision to attend the Republican Convention is definitely partisan, and, unfortunately, I am ashamed about the message it sends to our country. While you hammer away at the issues of abortion, religious freedom, gay marriage, etc., you ignore the reality that the Republican Party has NEVER had a serious platform for social justice. Unfortunately, the Republican Party is the party controlled by the rich and affluent, and your presence at the convention will only serve to allow Republicans to continue ignoring the plight of minorities and the poor in our country.

  32. timothy canezro says:

    Great post Cardinal Dolan. It means a lot to us laity with the transparency afforded us in the workings of the church such as the visit to rome you cited and how they somewhat chided you on the state of the church for New York area. I will try to humbly help by praying for an increas in vocations from your archdiocese. One thing I noticed here in chicago based on a couple visits to mundelein seminary is that many of our seminarians here come from overseas. The rest from other states. Didn’t meet one local chicago seminarian there. We, as a faith filled people here in the united states need to do a better job at recognizing the religious vocational talent in our young ones and work to foster their gifts better as they are growing up.
    Thanks for the read,
    Your son forever in Christ,
    Timothy canezaro