Analysis on Pope Francis’ Vision

Let me share with you one of the best analysis of Pope Francis that I have read recently. This op-ed, written by Michael Coren, was published in yesterday’s New York Daily News. Just in case you missed it, here is an excerpt:

What Francis has urged, though, is a new painting. Black and white is vital, but the true picture can only be understood through a whole variety of colors. So this is a Pope of nuance and backstory, of delicacy and empathy of delivery. Truth needs to be sung rather than shouted, and he is telling the world — and particularly those who have left the Church and those who hide behind its rules instead of being liberated by them — that while we cannot compromise on truth, we must not compromise on love.

On the gay issue, for example, we are all so much more than our sexuality, and are all supremely and superbly loved by God who is our creator. Marriage is absolute, but to dislike or even hate someone because they are gay is not only wrong, it is anti-Catholic.

Francis is clearly explaining that no gay person will give any attention to a Church that appears to close doors rather than greet newcomers. They may reject the message, but at least encourage them to hear it.

That is the papal message, and while the details are indeed difficult, the overall plot is simple and clear.

You can read the whole op-ed here.

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5 Responses to “Analysis on Pope Francis’ Vision”

  1. Jeanne Frey says:

    Your analysis of the Holy Fathers statements are so welcomed Cardinal Dolan. It is clear that his message of humility,charity and especially LOVE for one another is truly remarkable in a culture that has lost its way and so needs this message of Hope! May the Lord forever keep you both in his divine care.

  2. J Carr says:

    Those of you in the media who consider yourselves modern, wise, and educated, cannot see what is plainly evident to those of us that may not be as sophisticated. When the Pope said the Church is obsessed with homosexuality, he was referring to us. We, the “media”, reflective of modern society, is the church he was talking about. Our easily impressionable and egoistic minds instead saw this as some kind of victory over the RC Church. It was as if finally, the archaic RC Church was seeing things our way and we are bringing her to her old bony knees. Try to think about this again. This Pope is a Jesuit. Jesuits are known for being fearless. He is not afraid to strike back at hostile intellectuals with so much love, they leave his presence confused. This Pope called the media which is reflective of modern society, the obsessed church out of mercy and sympathy. The way a father looks at his son that may be going down the wrong path. I am with you my son. i will lay down my life for you if it eases your pain. Am I wrong about this? Think about it. Ask yourselves. Who is really painfully obsessed with homosexuality and sex in general? Sometimes our egos get in the way of clear thought. Jesus communicated complex lessons in parables. My dear brothers, we have been corrected by our Shepard and like lambs in a flock, we are still so wondering and trying to figure out what just happened.

  3. J Carr says:

    Don’t loose faith brothers and sisters. Our Pope is fighting back with love. The enemies of the Church know not what to make of this man. He is showing us how to love our enemies and protect our flock at the same time. Remember that Popes unlike politicians fear nothing, especially evil. Lets learn about the ways of the Jesuit priest to understand how Francis mind works. In sports we call a resounding victory as putting on a clinic for those that want to learn how it’s done. We are now witnessing Francis and our Cardinals “putting on a leadership clinic” in the best of the Jesuit traditions. May God bless our Cardinals and our Pope as they steer the Church through this earthly storm. The gates of hell are on the move. Fasten your seat belts boys and hold on, be brave, and believe, the RC Church and her mighty army of saints does not lay down for the Devil and his followers

  4. Marc says:

    For those who don’t have their head in the sand here is a better analysis

  5. Mary says:

    No matter how much analysis is made, the analysis always seems to read like as anti-Benedict and for that matter, anti-JPII without mentioning them. It’s always a comparison with the recent past. In this article even though Benedict is never mentioned it seems that before Francis the Church was “black and white”, that we were shouted at instead of sung to. I found Benedict to be gentle, delicate, lyrical, loving in his messages. One would think he never talked about love! So, I think if Conservatives are going to continue to be thrown under the bus instead of being kept on the bus, analysis of our present situation ought to at least recognize that many think Benedict was scourged, crucified and now has been handed over to his enemies – by his friends. – this should be a familiar story. Pope Benedict carried the sins of the Church on his back. He was publicly scourged by the media, by many Catholics, by many Bishops and by many priests.

    The past years are branded as “bad” and the new era “good” not because of reality. It’s because it is what the crowd wants – the crowd keeps shouting “crucify” him to Benedict and building golden calves around Francis. Might someone spiritual enough out there comment about how there could be no Francis without Benedict – and I don’t mean because he resigned. I mean because he carried the Church’s sins for all of us and continues to do so. Perhaps the Lord is doing something “new” by allowing our ears to be opened to His Gospel because of someone else’s sacrifice? Then again I might be deluded.