The following article was submitted in a slightly shorter form to the New York Times as an op-ed article. The Times declined to publish it. I thought you might be interested in reading it.

By Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan
Archbishop of New York

October is the month we relish the highpoint of our national pastime, especially when one of our own New York teams is in the World Series!

Sadly, America has another national pastime, this one not pleasant at all: anti-catholicism.

It is not hyperbole to call prejudice against the Catholic Church a national pastime. Scholars such as Arthur Schlesinger Sr. referred to it as “the deepest bias in the history of the American people,” while John Higham described it as “the most luxuriant, tenacious tradition of paranoiac agitation in American history.” “The anti-semitism of the left,” is how Paul Viereck reads it, and Professor Philip Jenkins sub-titles his book on the topic “the last acceptable prejudice.”

If you want recent evidence of this unfairness against the Catholic Church, look no further than a few of these following examples of occurrences over the last couple weeks:

  • On October 14, in the pages of the New York Times, reporter Paul Vitello exposed the sad extent of child sexual abuse in Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community. According to the article, there were forty cases of such abuse in this tiny community last year alone. Yet the Times did not demand what it has called for incessantly when addressing the same kind of abuse by a tiny minority of priests: release of names of abusers, rollback of statute of limitations, external investigations, release of all records, and total transparency. Instead, an attorney is quoted urging law enforcement officials to recognize “religious sensitivities,” and no criticism was offered of the DA’s office for allowing Orthodox rabbis to settle these cases “internally.” Given the Catholic Church’s own recent horrible experience, I am hardly in any position to criticize our Orthodox Jewish neighbors, and have no wish to do so . . . but I can criticize this kind of “selective outrage.”

Of course, this selective outrage probably should not surprise us at all, as we have seen many other examples of the phenomenon in recent years when it comes to the issue of sexual abuse. To cite but two: In 2004, Professor Carol Shakeshaft documented the wide-spread problem of sexual abuse of minors in our nation’s public schools (the study can be found here). In 2007, the Associated Press issued a series of investigative reports that also showed the numerous examples of sexual abuse by educators against public school students. Both the Shakeshaft study and the AP reports were essentially ignored, as papers such as the New York Times only seem to have priests in their crosshairs.

  • On October 16, Laurie Goodstein of the Times offered a front page, above-the-fold story on the sad episode of a Franciscan priest who had fathered a child. Even taking into account that the relationship with the mother was consensual and between two adults, and that the Franciscans have attempted to deal justly with the errant priest’s responsibilities to his son, this action is still sinful, scandalous, and indefensible. However, one still has to wonder why a quarter-century old story of a sin by a priest is now suddenly more pressing and newsworthy than the war in Afghanistan, health care, and starvation–genocide in Sudan. No other cleric from religions other than Catholic ever seems to merit such attention.
  • Five days later, October 21, the Times gave its major headline to the decision by the Vatican to welcome Anglicans who had requested union with Rome. Fair enough. Unfair, though, was the article’s observation that the Holy See lured and bid for the Anglicans. Of course, the reality is simply that for years thousands of Anglicans have been asking Rome to be accepted into the Catholic Church with a special sensitivity for their own tradition. As Cardinal Walter Kasper, the Vatican’s chief ecumenist, observed, “We are not fishing in the Anglican pond.” Not enough for the Times; for them, this was another case of the conniving Vatican luring and bidding unsuspecting, good people, greedily capitalizing on the current internal tensions in Anglicanism.
  • Finally, the most combustible example of all came Sunday with an intemperate and scurrilous piece by Maureen Dowd on the opinion pages of the Times. In a diatribe that rightly never would have passed muster with the editors had it so criticized an Islamic, Jewish, or African-American religious issue, she digs deep into the nativist handbook to use every anti-Catholic caricature possible, from the Inquisition to the Holocaust, condoms, obsession with sex, pedophile priests, and oppression of women, all the while slashing Pope Benedict XVI for his shoes, his forced conscription — along with every other German teenage boy — into the German army, his outreach to former Catholics, and his recent welcome to Anglicans.

True enough, the matter that triggered her spasm — the current visitation of women religious by Vatican representatives — is well-worth discussing, and hardly exempt from legitimate questioning. But her prejudice, while maybe appropriate for the Know-Nothing newspaper of the 1850’s, the Menace, has no place in a major publication today.

I do not mean to suggest that anti-catholicism is confined to the pages New York Times. Unfortunately, abundant examples can be found in many different venues. I will not even begin to try and list the many cases of anti-catholicism in the so-called entertainment media, as they are so prevalent they sometimes seem almost routine and obligatory. Elsewhere, last week, Representative Patrick Kennedy made some incredibly inaccurate and uncalled-for remarks concerning the Catholic bishops, as mentioned in this blog on Monday. Also, the New York State Legislature has levied a special payroll tax to help the Metropolitan Transportation Authority fund its deficit. This legislation calls for the public schools to be reimbursed the cost of the tax; Catholic schools, and other private schools, will not receive the reimbursement, costing each of the schools thousands – in some cases tens of thousands – of dollars, money that the parents and schools can hardly afford. (Nor can the archdiocese, which already underwrites the schools by $30 million annually.) Is it not an issue of basic fairness for ALL school-children and their parents to be treated equally?

The Catholic Church is not above criticism. We Catholics do a fair amount of it ourselves. We welcome and expect it. All we ask is that such critique be fair, rational, and accurate, what we would expect for anybody. The suspicion and bias against the Church is a national pastime that should be “rained out” for good.

I guess my own background in American history should caution me not to hold my breath.

Then again, yesterday was the Feast of Saint Jude, the patron saint of impossible causes.

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304 Responses to “Anti-Catholicism”

  1. Mark Jones says:

    My heart breaks when I think of the pain and terror the innocent children raped by our priests (and the priests of all denominations) endured. As Christians we should not attempt to silence the few voices that speak out for our victims. I am so very ashamed of my Church.

  2. Lavinia Tai says:

    We have politicians who leap from one party to another for their own selfish purposes and now even priests are taking part in this kind of opera show. Are the Catholics really fishing in the Anglican pond or are the fishes in the Anglican pond leaping into the Catholic pond because the pasture here is greener? No tensions or power struggle. Celibate priests are not interested in materialism and they don’t have to ensure that their children are offered a high position in the church. That’s why there is no struggle for power and no tensions. I don’t understand why our Catholic Church is constantly being attacked when it is the most genuine Church in the world. Our celibate priests are a true reflection of the life of Christ (with the exception of some black sheep which is inevitable as there are black sheep everywhere). Why don’t those people who attack the Catholic Church first look at their own churches. Are their pastors living the life of Christ? Married men are concerned with material things and they always put their family before the church. A friend of mine told me that her pastor is exceptionally nice to people who always buy presents for his son and wife. Why isn’t anyone complaning how materialistic the pastors are? My firend brought me to her church a few times but I just couldn’t feel the presence of Christ in this pastor. I just couldn’t concentrate on what he preached because he isn’t living the life of Christ. That’s why I will never leave the Catholic Church. It is in the Catholic Church that I can really experience the presence of Christ through our priests who live the life of Christ. May the Catholic Church prevail!

  3. Margaret Yo says:

    Clearly, anti-catholic hate speech needs to be confronted, and all who do so in a rational, balanced way is to be applauded. I am grateful for Archbishop Dolan’s contribution in this. However, truth-speech must not be lumped in with or buried in what is considered anti-catholic hate-speech. Children not protected from pedophile priests by a church hierarchy that did not live up to its moral obligation to do so is an issue that cries out for justice and believing so does not one an anti-catholic make. Ditto for women’s ‘place’ in the church. We know wrong when we see it, and saying what it is is the right thing to do.

  4. Bronx says:

    Did we read the same article? Or is the Archbishop from that school of thought that finds all criticism anti-Catholic? That way the substance of an argument can be ignored.

  5. John Feretich says:

    Archbishop Dolan: Excellent first step. Now lets get you and your intelligent and well thought out topic on the front pages of some major newspapers and TV News shows. Blogs are a beginning. We need a face once again and a voice once again in mainstream media speaking for Catholics. If we act like a minority we are preceived as one. Its not about who is number one. We are not concerned with such things. However we do need to be re-recognized as a corner stone on which the city was built and continues to thrive thanks to. Catholics from all over Europe were the salt of NYC. The pillars in the neighborhoods were our schools and churches. Now we are being fired at from the likes of Kennedys and Dowds??? We need to regain momentum. Archbishop Dolan – Please lead the way ….

  6. K.M.R., Dallas TX says:

    This article is wonderful, and long overdue. I hope that Catholics everywhere take the cue and stand up for their faith and dignity as rational, Christ loving people. The one thing that I would add is that, while Catholicism is often the object of discrimination and blind negativity, Christianity as a whole increasingly receives the same treatment by the media. I am disgusted at the things I hear and see from people who make fun of people for their faith in Christ – even on national TV – when attacking any other living religion in such a manner would be a public scandal. The secular world will always try to belittle people of faith and will continue to make light of what it cannot accommodate into its culture of materialism, sex and greed. I would urge all Christians, Catholic or otherwise, to stand together and loudly profess our faith in Christ, in word and in deed. That is the strongest statement we can make against this onslaught of prejudice. Thank you again for your article!

  7. Matthew says:

    An ordinary of the Church with resolve, brains and a PR sensitively and moxie that seems to be completely absent in his fellow bishops — at least here in the USA. Thanks ABp. Tim.

  8. Barbara says:

    I don’t expect you to read through all the comments, but from what I’ve heard of Bishop Dolan, he seems like a pretty nice guy.

  9. Jeff Sobowski says:

    Stop whining. There are thousands of burnt souls from clergy sexual abuse still laying beside the side of the road that you walk by that are bleeding. Stop and pick them up and your whining will turn to real tears.

  10. Margaret Mary says:

    In a way it is sad to see the decline of a paper that did at one time produce all the news fit to print.In lieu of news we get carefully selected articles whose bias is all too obvious or lately long essays from people who seem to seem to think their personal revelations are of interest. They are not. Actually I would include Ms. Dowd in this since she is clearly a very bitter lady. But I commend you for having a blog. People did feel sick about sexual abuse and in my parish our priests knew full well how we felt but in no way did it detract from their careful and caring stewardship of our spiritual lives.The Times is skidding toward oblivion and the very fact that your blog provides an enormous range of responses is a measure of how people have turned to the Internet to express opinions we basically only communicated to a few people. Welcome to New York by the way!

  11. R. Hassett says:

    A timely statement for all us to pay attention to. In the 1940’s the American Bishop’s produced a booklet “Nazi War Against the Catholic Church” on the progression of the anti Catholic agenda by the National Socialists under Hitler, which covered the media attack against the Clergy on sexual abuse charges and the wide spread disproportionate coverage given to the individual cases. It also included a sample of the persecutions of the Catholic Church clergy and laymen in many of the invaded Nations. This book was given to American Service men departing for the war in Europe. I hope today,s Bishops in the USA and Canada, both individually and collectively will not wait as long as Bishop Von Galen to lead the Catholic Church in asserting our Christian values and exercising our political aspirations, before we are subjected to similar persecutions tomorrow. History does repeat it self. May God continue to bless all your Holy Works.

  12. caroline bardenhagen says:

    You nailed it, Your Excellency! Thank you for sticking up for Holy Church. God Bless and Take Care.

  13. az says:

    Archbishop Dolan, thank you so much for standing up and being heard, well almost. I guess the spineless editors at the New York Times want to censure any thoughts different from their own. Regarding some of these posts, once again we hear the cries of sexual abuse and how ashamed many liberals and atheists are of the Catholic church because of those who prayed upon children, and rightfully so, we all are ashamed. But, it seems impossible for many liberals and atheists to have any discussion without immediately going to the subject of Priest molestation, condemning instead all Catholics and ignoring the issue at hand. Funny thing is, liberals and atheists never bring up the thousands of school teachers who have molested our children, or the Hollywood icons who have been caught with underage children-instead they champion them as people who just need help, or worse, call them “Kings of Pop.” Don’t blame Christianity and Catholicism for the awful mistakes of human beings…after all, just about every religion’s leaders and followers at one time or another have been responsible for some sort of atrocity or misdoing. To use some liberal’s and atheist’s logic, all teachers are horrible and evil, education should be wiped from the earth because so many teachers have been caught molesting or raping their students. Perhaps, however, if we just understood the 1000’s of lefty teachers that have molested their children, or the freakish Hollywood lefties who have raped or molested innocent boys and girls, if we just helped them and rehabilitated them, everything will be fine, right? I for one am proud to be a Catholic- some of you liberals and atheists need to find a new argument.

  14. vinnie says:

    Dolan ends up by talking about his background in American history. It is a shame he hasn’t studied the history of the Catholic Church. If he had, he would know that the church has a well documented fifteen hundred year history of priests sexually abusing children with the hierarchy covering it up. St. Peter Damian’s Letter 31, “The Book of Gomorrah,” written in the Eleventh Century deals exclusively with the rampant sexual abuse of children as well as the libertine habits of priests at the time. He lamented the failure of the hierarchy to take a stand. One would have to believe that if a church, that boasts some of the greatest minds of history, hasn’t figured out in over a millennium how to stop the sexual abuse of children by its priests than maybe they don’t want to and therefore deserve the derision they receive. Jesus said, “Take the log out of your own eye before you attempt to remove the splinter from your neighbors.” Since Dolan wants to cry FOUL, maybe he can explain his own foul in dealing with the victims. The good bishop recently visited Croton on Hudson which is the only parish in the country to have back to back pastors removed for the sexual abuse of children. Both pastors have been defrocked. The dioceses of Palm Beach had back to back bishops removed for sexual abuse, but Holy Name was the only parish where that happened to pastors. One would think that a man so concerned about his church would have extended an invitation to meet with the families of victims and seek redress while he was there dedicating a new altar. He made reference to the matter during his homily, but that was all he did. What a guy! The most amazing thing about this is the hypocrisy. The lesson bishop Dolan needs to learn is that he should drop the “they’re as bad as we are routine” and start striving to raise the bar instead of lowering it. If he wants his church to be a shining star, he should start by cleaning out the garbage. The day I pick up the NY Times and read that he has publicly criticized Cardinal Law for his actions and inactions in Boston or publicly criticized Cardinal Levada for his god-awful defense of bishop Ziemann, then maybe I will believe there is some sincerity.

  15. B.Newman says:

    Thank you Archbishop Dolan. I found your submitted letter to the Times very encouraging. We lay people are exposed to unfair and inaccurate slurs thrown at the Church (that is us)almost daily in the media and in our day to day experience with people.Sometimes it comes from disgruntled Catholics unfortunatley. The silence of the Bishops has been mostly deafening. A charge not answered is a charge that will not go away, but will become accepted conventional wisdom. Calling out anti-Catholicism will never make you popular with the Times but that may not be a bad thing. Please submit the letter to other media outlets and follow it up as frequently as possible when other examples of poor and blatant anti-Catholic reporting comes up. It is very encouraging to those of us who do try to defend the Church.

  16. Doug Sirman says:

    Hmmm, on the first bullet point, the good Archbishop is producing nothing but baked wind. He’s comparing one story about one year of one community of a city with the press-treatment of the proven behavior of the majority of bishops for the last 60 years, and he doesn’t even get that right. The article clearly states that there were 26 arrests this year, not the “forty cases of such abuse” that he claims. According to the story, there are 40 people willing to testify, which means the orthodox community is obviously not using the same legal teams as our sweet mother, The Church. Additionally, he implies the Times was behaving in a persecutory manner toward the church regarding a “tiny minority of priests.” This demonstrates that, Once Again, we have a Bishop willing to only tell a tiny, and conveniently self-serving fraction of the truth about the scandal by claiming it was about child-molesting priests and not the majority of Bishops who were willing to sacrifice an indefinite number of other people’s children as long as they didn’t have to do their damned jobs. Golly. I hope I have that kind of integrity someday. Now, to his credit, he doesn’t accuse the orthodox community of conducting an ongoing campaign of lies, willful obstruction of justice, or legally attacking victims to intimidate them, or using spiritual authority to silence them…but that would raise such uncomfortable questions about the Bishops long-standing behavior of giving only lip-service to justice while behaving like overzealous mafiosi, now wouldn’t it? Quelle Horror! We want to distance ourselves from those kinds of things as quickly as possible. The second bullet is iffy, and 3 and 4 are pretty much on his side. Why would he lead with the deception? I suppose he can claim he’s concerned with being “truthy” rather than “accurate” or “correct” or “honest” or “virtuous.” Then you read the disclaimer, in image form, on the right: “…The Archdiocese of New York is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied in the blog.” If questioned about anything he’s said or done, it sounds like Dolan’s going to be just like most other Bishops: he won’t be able to recall.

  17. Alexander Richardson says:

    Yes. it is time for Catholics to defend their faith from attack with the fierceness that other religions do. Why don’t we boycott and protest papers like the New York Times, or publishers of hate material like the Da Vinci Code that think they have a free ticket to abuse and lie about Catholicism? The only reason other religions are not attacked is the people who do it know they will face trouble and protest. They consider Catholicism a soft target, and will continue to “bully” until they are challenged. One result is the people who post here who believe some of the lies – that Catholicism is any worse than any other group with regard to abuse and the so-called “cover-up” ie in-house dealing with allegations. If lies aren’t strongly answered, people believe them

  18. Theresa Garcia says:

    Thank you so very much Archbishop Dolan for your defense of the Church against this latest attack. Hoping that more religious and faithful will speak out with a loud voice against these senseless and malicious utterings of an uneducated and vile nature.

  19. Cindy Craig says:

    Bravo, Archbishop Dolan! Those of us down in the “trenches” of living a Catholic life in a society pervaded with anti-Catholicism rejoice to have a leader who speaks out!

  20. Ginger from California says:

    God bless you Archbishop Dolan! Thank you for shining the light of truth on these blatant hit-and-run attacks perpetrated by the lazy, destructive media. Your flock (local & long distance) thanks God for your witness and much needed leadership. Count on our prayers from California!!

  21. Scott Shanks says:

    Keep up the good work, Bishop!!! New York is very fortunate to have you. As an Orthodox Anglican from Wisconsin, it’s refreshing to see Christianity defended so passionately.

  22. DLT in DC says:

    Thanks for taking your gloves off and speaking out against such inanity. Please don’t stop. You are in the prayers of the Catholic faithful.

  23. Traditional Catholic says:

    Archbishop, Thankyou for standing up for Catholics. Excellent point about the Orthodox Jewish Community. All Catholics should boycott the New York Times, it is prejudiced against Traditional Catholics. I have been going to the Latin Tridentine Mass for two months now and I would encourage my fellow Catholics to attend a Tridentine Mass.

  24. Peg says:

    Our church is never so grand as when it defies the spirit of the age! Go Archbp. Go!

  25. Kevin Donnelly says:

    Kudos to Archbishop Tim Dolan! The evil that is perpetrated in the media against the Catholic religion is out of control. We must confront and expose it for its true nature which is to attack that which is ultimately good. Keep It Up!

  26. Jay H says:

    Your Excellency: While I agree completely with your assessment, I think it’s important that we Catholics not get caught in the trap of a victim mentality. We can point out where others are hypocritical or wrong without impugning motives to bigotry, as we cannot know the motives of those who criticize our beloved Church. I think there is also a danger in saying that “America” has a national pastime of anti-Catholicism. I think this goes too far. Are there bigots out there? Absolutely. But some would interpret this statement as critical of America, and I know that is not your intent. Those who disparage us “know not what they do.” They speak based on ignorance or use an unfortunate experience as a prism with which to view the entire Church. We, the Church, are capable of great things and do great things. Thank you again, Your Excellency, for shining the light of truth upon falsehood and ignorance.

  27. Lisa Graas says:

    Archbishop Dolan, no matter how they come after you, no matter how they revile you, remember the faithful to whom you bring so much joy. We are praying for you and we rejoice in your vocation. We applaud you for speaking out against anti-Catholicism and for promoting the Faith whenever and wherever possible. You are a champion of the Church and we love you.

  28. Dan Callahan says:

    Thank God for Archbishop Dolan! Finally a man who is political but not afraid of politicians and being politically correct.

  29. Jeanne Thom-Wisconsin says:

    Archbishop Dolan, It takes a lot of courage to speak out today because the forces of evil are so prevalant, and I commend you for that courage! I wish all the bishops would rally around you to take a firm stand on the Catholic bias that we encounter from our secular media. However, they must do a better job in giving guidelines than they did with “Faithful Citizenship”, and hopefully they will have the courage to revise it. You are definitely giving the example of leading your episcopal brothers, and we pray they will “see and follow”. You will be in my prayers. America needs men of this type of courage and conviction. ALL for Christ!

  30. Brad Utpadel says:

    Thank you Archbishop Dolan! Your words will be spread across the land of 10,000 lakes. It seems like the most vindictive voice comes from those who are “cafeteria Catholics” or “fallen away” like Dowd. Their status some how gives them the right to become the hypocrisy police. Somehow if they hate the church the world gives them credibility and that should be their first sign that they are on the wrong side. Archbishop Dolan thank you for leading the way and showing a little outrage that has inspired me. Peace in Christ from Minnesota.

  31. Matt Hayes says:

    Your excellency, people have been waiting decades for someone from WITHIN the church to lead the charge on this. And David (who has commented above), the answer to your question is yes. Some of Dowd’s piece is misleading and some of it is just untrue. Do you really think it is appropriate to use the term “über-conservative” to describe the pope, particular when the term is followed by a sentence that mentions his membership in the Hitler Youth, which is — almost unbelievably — followed by Dowd’s deliberately inaccurate description of the Richard Williamson episode? It is a smear, plain and simple. It’s not intended to illuminate the reader or even to add emphasis to Dowd’s own opinion, it is intended to inflame the reader by playing on his prejudices, and to that extent it is no different from a columnist mentioning in his critique of an influential rabbi that he once observed the man stop to pick up a penny from a sidewalk. Ugly, isn’t it?

  32. Jose Navarro says:

    Thanks, Archbishop!!

  33. Olegario says:

    Bishop Dolan, I am not a Catholic but I am a believing Christian. I agree that the media,print and visual, has taken to attack the only faith that they can attack and get away with it. They would never dare to speak out against Islam or any of the other faiths. We have been fair game for far to long. It is time to say enough.

  34. Rebecca Isaac says:

    Bravo, our dear Archbishop! So glad you came East!!! Let’s hope that all other Bishops, esp. in the USCCB, enjoy the courage, wisdom and knowledge to defend the Body of Christ, so unmercifully under attack from the likes of the New York Times and its “motley, misguided crew”! May the Holy Spirit continue to power your valiant response to the “evils” of the day, as you seek to inspire all Catholics fighting to survive in this “impoverished” nation! In the Year of the Priest…we are so proud of you!! You have our prayers and encouragement! Abundant graces and blessings will enable you to expose and denounce the attractive, convenient (but salacious) lies seeking to “neutralize” the Eternal Truth that energizes the life of the Church!

  35. Thomas says:

    Thank you, Archbishop Dolan, for your defense of the Church and Catholic values. Many people seem to believe that the Church should not become embroiled in the dirt and grime of the secular world. But I disagree. Too often, we see men of faith retreating into the shadows, while all around them, there is human suffering and misery. Jesus didn’t hide himself away in a temple. He went out among the people, and he wasn’t afraid to speak against and overturn the metaphorical carts of evil-doers. If the Church is to have any voice at all, someone in addition to Pope Gregory needs to make it very clear where the Church stands, and fight against secular voices that want to marginalize the Church. Some of these voices will argue that, because the Church hasn’t been perfect in the past, that it doesn’t deserve to have a voice. Which is nonsense. It’s a false proposition. The Church has clearly learned a valuable lesson about clergy abuses, it has put in place much needed reforms, and shouldn’t be silenced by those who are imperfect and yet demand perfection in order to engage in public discourse.

  36. Virginia Williams says:

    Bravo, Archbishop Dolan! Call them on this at last! I read the Times every day(mostly for its coverage of the arts) but scrupulously avoid the editorials and Op-Ed pieces since I do not share the politics and liberal policies of the newspaper. However, I am still exposed to the anti-Catholic bias of the newspaper as evidenced in the “news” that it chooses to report and chooses to omit, in the prominence afforded certain stories and in the general disrespectful tone toward the Pope and the Church, my Church. In short, the paper never misses a chance to bash the Church. Please continue to speak up for us, Your Excellency, and help to make the Times understand that their anti-Catholicism is unacceptable in the 21st century! The same Times that is so very politically correct!

  37. Rosita the Prole says:

    Thank you so much for speaking out against anti-catholicism. I noticed the Times’ articles too, and I had the same thought regarding the Franciscan priest who fathered a child out of wedlock twenty years ago- how is this news? how is this front page news? The New York Times’s reputation (and circulation) has waned dramatically, and prejudice like this is why.

  38. Joseph Metzler says:

    Your Excellancy, Thank you for saying what many Christians are thinking & whispering but are afraid to say publicly. Hopefully, more Christians will start to publicly voice their sentiments about all the Anti-Christian bashing that has been going on in the media. Especially, in the NY Times.

  39. Enrico Calini says:

    Your Excellence, I found myself as an Italian in the US. Today the European Suprem Court decided that the Crosses in Italian schools are not legitimate, as they hurt other peoples and religions sensitivity. Which is interesting since SwissAir had to take the Cross (of the Swiss flag) off, when flying into Saudi Arabia. Forget the fact that the Benedictine and nobody else built Europe. I guess the time is coming isn’t it?

  40. DEacon Tom Cornell says:

    Anti-religious and especially anti-Catholic prejudice has been destructive of the goals of progressives, the biggest anbd most costly mistake they have ever made. Our Archbishop Dolan is a chapion of human rights. The NY Times has disgraced itself.

  41. Rob from St. Paul says:

    It’s nice to see such a gentle man communicate such an abrupt truth.

  42. Alexis Hoffman says:

    Archbishop, we are victims of our own guilt so often joked about in the media. We, as Catholics, identify our faults and failings and perpetually feel guilty about them. Even after we have repented and been granted absolution, we sometimes still carry our guilt as a reminder of our mortality. We do not feel empowered to stand up to those who take advantage of this guilt. But we must stand up and remind those who throw stones at us that while we are mere mortals, we are capable of growth and finding God’s grace through experience. We fall down, we get up, and we move forward like man has done since the Garden of Eden. Any group worth it’s salt has followed this path. It is the only thing that ensures our survival. So I ask that you let your next piece be about all of the positive things the Church has done to move forward.

  43. Peter Maloney says:

    Would that the bishops of the Catholic Church had responded with such alacrity to the sexual predators it protected and foisted on an unknowing public for generations. The Archbishop’s suggestion that the Times took a harder line against sexual predators in the Catholic Church than it did against similar malefactors in Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish Community is utter sophistry as well as a blatant smokescreen. He seems to be saying “give our predators a break,they’re no worse than others.” As to his claim that the Times is anti-Catholic, that’s patently absurd. He’s preaching to the choir at Fox News, where facts are never allowed to get in the way of an apoplectic rant and eminent Catholics like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity will give this sophistry the widest possible airplay.

  44. Kathleen says:

    Thank-you for speaking up for Catholics. We love you and you have our full support. God Bless you for defending the Catholic Church.

  45. Arlene Flaherty, OP says:

    I don’t think that those who are calling the Catholic Chruch to accountability for its abuses, are guility of anti-Catholicism. I do agree however that all religious groups who are similarly guilty but spared scurinty and should be called out as well. It is not anti-Catholicism to call the Church to integrity. But it is justice to hold all groups to the same scrutiny.

  46. Jose E. Ribe says:

    Thank you very much Archbishop Dolan for your response to the slanders of Maureen Dowd. It happens that for some people the gospel is really unconfortable because they can not marry twice, or they can not make abortion or they have to go to Church every Sunday. For these people the Church is really a headache and therefore they want to express their annoyance defameing our mother the Holy Catholic Church.

  47. Fergus Jackson says:

    Keep up the good work Archbishop Dolan !!!

  48. Eagle_eye says:

    A true shepherd actively defends the faith and I am proud to see Archbishop Dolan doing that here. Thank you Archbishop for doing your job even amidst the anti-Catholics! Prayers!

  49. Phil Brady says:

    When the Bishops refuse to “clean house” by removing priests, religious and lay ministers who live lives contrary to the Faith, our only remaining hope is that the Holy Spirit will act. Scripture tells us that, “Your sin will find you out” and SILENCE is a sin. When anti-catholic bishops are allowed to stay in power due to the SILENCE of their brother bishops, an environment is created where heresy takes hold, offending many of the faithful. Bishops who serve the Prince of Peace need to protect the flock by rooting out these “wolves in sheep’s clothing” and be less worried about a media that serves the prince of this world !

  50. Jane says:

    Dear Archbishop, Thank you for articulating these points. I recently discontinued my Times subscription, which I had kept in force for twenty years, for these reasons among others. The Times is completely biased and Ms. Dowd’s “writing” is tedious, mean-spirited and utterly predictable. We need more people to stand up for Catholicism.