Apostolic Visitation

As some of you may recall, our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, has asked me to undertake an apostolic visitation of the Irish seminaries.  I am leaving on Friday, January 14 to begin a week-long visitation of the Irish College in Rome, and, after a few days of other business in Rome, I will be off to Ireland to visit the seminaries there.  Please God, I will return to the Archdiocese of New York on February 9.  I would ask for everyone to keep me in your prayers during these coming weeks, and please know that I will remember all of you in mine.


5 Responses to “Apostolic Visitation”

  1. David Keating says:

    I am an Irishman living in the US for 13 years but I am greatly saddened by what has happened to the Church in Ireland. Much of what is inherent in the Irish character -hospitality, love of neighbor, commitment to community, humorous self-deprecation (humility) comes from the Church. Ireland is now lost in so many ways and road back is so long I sometimes depair that what was lost will never be found again. But of course I will always hope and trust in Our Lord. Your task is so important, so great, I will pray for you everyday while you are away.


  2. Fr. Ferrous Monaghan says:

    I’m glad you are part of the visitation. I pray it will bear good fruit for the Church in Ireland. Godspeed.

  3. Denise Sienkiewicz says:

    Dear Your Excellency,

    We will continue to keep you in our prayers as you begin you journey continuing in God’s work. Mom and dad send their love and best wishes as well. Denise

  4. Steve Harper says:

    We will certainly be praying for you Your Grace. Please God a real renewal and new spring time will take place in the Irish Church. I am from Ireland and it is very sad to see what has happened the Church in Ireland. The people are crying out for leadership and direction.

  5. Andrew Piacente says:

    Ireland’s problems are miniscule compared to the NY Archdiocese and the rest of the AM Church. God help us. Our Lady must shed rivers of tears.