Catholic Charities Visits

Yesterday, I visited two  Catholic Charities Community Services of Orange County sites.  I blessed the new clinic at 305 North Street in Middletown. I also celebrated the 20th anniversary of  Goshen’s Early Learning Center and gave a special blessing to the children attending the center. I would like to share with you some beautiful photos taken by Jeff Goulding of the Times Herald-Record.

Click here to see them.


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2 Responses to “Catholic Charities Visits”

  1. Now we are talking Cardinal!!!
    I read that you recently visited a prison too!!!
    Trust me, this is the way to “open the eyes” of the world to the Catholic faith.
    While I absolutely agree with EVERYTHING the church teaches, we will never argue anyone into the doors of St Patrick’s. I know you know that too.
    What people need is an example of Jesus’s love and then they will listen!
    The next step……………………….
    Go and say mass every once in a while at the Missionaries of Charity Home for men with AIDS in the West Village.
    The Address is 657 Washington Ave and the number is 212-645-0587. The Superior’s name is Sister Consuela, she is wonderful!!!!
    Many of the men there lived a gay life style and to borrow a phrase from your last interview when asked what you would tell the gay community. You said, “I would tell them I love them”.
    Well – It’s a good opportunity to do so there. In fact two of the men are getting baptized tomorrow in the chapel!!!
    Praise God!!!!

  2. AJ Cattapan says:

    Great photos, Your Eminence! Thanks for sharing them with us.