Cheap Shots

I am grateful to the New York Daily News for their editorial in today’s paper that chastises Susan Sarandon, because she “defamed” our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, with her “grotesque characterization” that he is a Nazi.  The Daily News also correctly notes that she did this because, “it is clear, she despises the church’s moral teachings.”

Here is the editorial from the Daily News:

Fresh from rallying the troops at Occupy Wall Street, actress Susan Sarandon defamed Pope Benedict, spiritual leader of the world’s 1 billion Catholics, as a “Nazi.”

She did it twice, in fact, persisting in the grotesque characterization even after an interviewer chided her for making such a remark. Sarandon meant what she said because, it is clear, she despises the church’s moral teachings.

And that, for her, justifies placing the Pope in the category of a mass-murdering perpetrator of evil beyond description.

His short-lived membership as a teen in the Hitler Youth, recognized by Jewish leaders as a mandate of German society at the time, is but a pretext for Sarandon’s slander.

The Catholic League and the Anti-Defamation League united in condemnation. The world now awaits the sort of outcry that greeted Hank Williams after he mentioned the name of Adolf Hitler inartfully close to that of President Obama.

Williams was fired from his gig belting out the “Monday Night Football” song. Doubtless Sarandon faces no such opprobrium because so very often the Catholic Church is considered fair game for anything.

I am grateful as well for the comments made by the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights and the Anti-Defamation League, the world’s leading organization fighting anti-Semitism, for their comments condemning Sarandon’s hateful remarks.

Sadly, the Daily News is also probably right that Sarandon will face no public fall-out for her remarks, “because so very often the Catholic Church is considered fair game for anything.”

However, with support from the Daily News, the Catholic League and the ADL, we might one day be able to turn that tide.

14 Responses to “Cheap Shots”

  1. Danielle Murdock says:

    I contacted the alumni office of The Catholic University of America (the Alma Mater I share with Ms. Sarandon), suggesting that they remove her name from the many instances it appears on their website. I am not proud to share this alumni status with her, and I hope the school feels the same way. Her remarks were shameful and I hope the only U iversity in this country chartered by the Vatican will agree.

  2. David Hennessy says:

    Excellency, one of the major reasons there will be no outcry is that Miss Sarandon’s career is pretty much over. She was once a very good actor whose career has waned. All she has left is to involve herself in causes of the extreme left. No one in their right mind would be swayed by anything that comes out of her mouth never mind this ignorance. I fear that addressing this latest stupidity only grants her the attention that is so starving for.

  3. Fr. Erik Riechers says:

    Your Grace,

    With heartfelt thanks I write these few lines. It is refreshing and encouraging to read your response to the defamatory words of Mrs. Sarandon against the Holy Father, words which do not indulge in any defamation of her person. I thank you for your witness to truth that does not trangress against charity.

  4. Mark Nel says:

    Your Excellency:

    In your last paragraph you write, “However, with support from the Daily News, the Catholic League and the ADL, we might one day be able to turn that tide.”

    I am sure that you have taken it as a given but I think that we should have added “Catholics” or “practicing Catholics” in that last paragraph.

    Many Catholics have for too long now sat back and relied on others to defend their Church and their Faith. We need renewed zeal amongst Catholics.

    Yours truly
    Mark Nel

    P.S.: For anyone who may be interested, there is a campaign on Facebook to show support for the Pope in the face of these despicable words by SS. Here is the link and you would from there need to sign into Facebook by following the link.

  5. sparks1093 says:

    Excellency, I had missed the connection between Ms. Sarandon and Mr. Williams. Thank you for juxtaposing those similar incidents.

  6. Irwin says:

    I have immediately put ANY movie of hers on my blacklist. I will NOT pay to see any more of her movies. I hope alot of others do too. Thank God for Pope Benedict!!!!!

  7. Jeanne says:

    Your Excellency:

    Thank you for posting this information. I too am grateful for the Catholic League and others who speak out for Catholics. I have been inspired and recently addressed a speaker at work about some negative comments about the Catholic Church.

    God Bless You!

  8. Mary Lu Callahan says:

    Dear Bishop,
    While the comments of Susan Sarandon were definitely seriously inappropriate, they do not merit an overreaction as they will not influence anyone but just seem silly to any thinking person. But your continued lionizing of The Catholic League and the encouragement of William Donohue as a personal pitbull for defending is any issue involving Catholics is dismaying and alarming. He is a bully, full of hyperbole and exaggerated statements. Even today the League’s page has on it his “truer” account of the events surrounding Bishop Finn although there is no attribution to any source except that he “says” it is the accurate account. Please speak for yourself and do not make The League the mouthpiece of the diocese. There is an old saying: “when you lie down with dogs…”

  9. How bad and cutting is the Sarandon comment, well, it got me to actually agree with Bill Donohue of the Catholic League who issues the following statement: “Susan Sarandon’s ignorance is willful: those who have hatred in their veins are not interested in the truth. The fact is that Joseph Ratzinger [the Pope] was conscripted at the age of 14 into the Hitler Youth, along with every other young German boy, he refused to attend meetings and defected at the first available opportunity.” This is true. Sixteen has his faults, but he is a good an holy man, Sarandon is a opportunistic liberal shill that speaks in nothing but high-level, talking points with nothing to back it up.

    Here’s what I mean, “It’s a shame you’re so afraid to say what you really think,” the interviewer said, uncomfortably, as he tried to skirt around the comment and move on. Sarandon dug in deeper, saying, “He was a Nazi Youth, I’m not talking, or making it up.” Well, she kind-of is. With a total disregard of the facts that Donohue pointed out above, she also called the Pope a “Nazi Youth” – not so. Had she done a shred of research, she would have found that Benedict was forced into the “Hitler Youth” – these are two completely and separate organizations. The NY was primarily and organization for young Arians to train for physical duties and street patrol (i.e.: turning in neighbors and family for anti-Nazi sentiments) and the HY was more in line with selecting intellectual children for officer replenishment and CIA-like activities.

  10. elizabeth says:

    I think she said it because she knew she would get a laugh and approval from the audience. The Pope is always (un)fair game. She’s an actress and thrives on applause. It’s best to let Pope Benedict speak for himself I find. I keep a collection of PB’s quotes, short ones,on various topics, to use at the appropriate moment. Because everybody knows what the Pope thinks, but they never read what he’s actually said! And when they hear it, they’re often quite surprised.

  11. Patrick says:

    I agree with MAry Lu and will say further that this is a tempest in a teapot served up by a truly mad hatter (with a fax machine) to all the gullible Catholics hungry for pointless non-issues to fret over b/c it’s easier than addressing poverty and homelessness and disease. Even NYC’s bishop is under the thrall of that madman.

  12. Alecto says:

    If the Archbishop is so concerned with the state of discourse and language out there, he needs to stop referring to people who disagree with his position on illegal immigration as “Klansmen”.

  13. Sherry says:

    I find this actresses comments to be hurtful and as a catholic I take great offense to not only the comments but her intent behind them. I heard a commercial the other day for the Disney Company and it was her doing the voice over. It really bothered me that they would continue to run an add that is linked to someone who has no truth or love in their heart and is just mean spirited. I emailed the Disney company with my feelings. I go to Disney regularly and maybe will not next year. I will not support anyone who can be so uncareing. I feel as though my own father has had lies told about him publicly. I will pray for her to feel the shame she has brought on herself and to make amends. The article stated that Sarandon will face no public fall-out for her remarks, but is that really what matters? I’m quite sure that God is not pleased with her and isn’t that really the bigger fallout?

  14. randy says:

    Donohue called survivors of the residential school system for natives in Canada, nazis for trying to get into a catholic church. The abuse the natives suffered mostly at the hands of priests and nuns is staggaring. Donohue should apologize.