Fair Coverage

My gratitude goes out to Kathryn Jean Lopez at National Review for her piece regarding my time in Milwaukee:

This week, before his departure for Rome for the last day of the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI and the subsequent conclave, New York’s Timothy Cardinal Dolan spoke under oath about his previous assignment in Milwaukee…

Cardinal Dolan, who began meeting with victims of abuse immediately after his appointment to Milwaukee, doesn’t deserve to be lumped in with anyone who has made excuses for sins and crimes of the past. And yet the narrative this week insinuates that the current president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is “dogged” by questions about his concern for children, suggesting implication in hundreds of cases, which is simply not so.

You can read more here.

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One Response to “Fair Coverage”

  1. Scott Johnson says:

    Dear cardinal Dolan,

    I truly love your enthusiasm. It is my sincerest hope that you nor any of your brothers will limit your considerations for pope to just those who are cardinals. I often think that has been some of the issue. It is obvious to me that we live in a very critical moment….a defining one….for in his next pontificate the gauntlet will be thrown down of whether the Curia and the pope see it necessary to bow on some level to the growing secular thoughts of the world at large ….or be willing to stand on the shore of Truth in all its worldly contradictions. The decisions made will likely determine how the faith is continued or even on some level remains a bark on which a man can climb aboard to ride amongst a stormy sea!