Gratitude to Mathew Schmalz

Let me share with you a blog Mathew N. Schmalz wrote in the Washington Post on my inaugural address at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops General Assembly.

Here is an excerpt from his blog:

In content and in tone, Archbishop Dolan’s address was not a call to arms to fight an external threat. Instead, it was an invitation to look inward. His remarks began by focusing on the phrase “love for Jesus and His Church must be the passion of our lives.” This love must be reclaimed at a time when fewer people realize that “Jesus and His church are One.” A challenging task, as Archbishop Dolan made clear, especially since the Catholic Church is perceived as a church of “sinners.”

Instead of taking refugee in the equivalent of a rhetorical bunker, Archbishop Dolan readily admitted the sinfulness of the church’s members. Indeed, it is precisely because we are all sinners that we need the church: not just as teacher, but also as community. The talk was interspersed with references to Graham Greene and Dorothy Day, who both explored in their writings how and why the church persists in spite of, and yet because of, its failings. Dysfunctional it may be, but the church is nonetheless a family—both earthly and supernatural.

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