HHS mandate’s coercive nature is fact

The following article originally appeared a couple of weeks ago while I was in Rome. Though it’s a little old I thought you might like to see what my brother bishop, Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann, has written.

During the Oct. 11 debate, Vice President Joseph Biden looked into the camera and emphatically said: “With regard to the assault on the Catholic Church, let me make it absolutely clear. No religious institution — Catholic or otherwise, including Catholic social services, Georgetown hospital, Mercy hospital, any hospital — none has to either refer contraception, none has to pay for contraception, none has to be a vehicle to get contraception in any insurance policy they provide. That is a fact. That is a fact.”

…Why would Vice President Biden look the American people in the eye and say something that is clearly not true? It is difficult to believe that the vice president does not understand the HHS mandates and what they require from religious institutions. If this were so, it certainly reflects poorly on his competency.

Of course, the only other explanation is that he purposely misled the American people. Congressman Ryan asked the vice president a very pertinent question. If the rights of institutions are not being threatened, then why are Catholic dioceses, hospitals and colleges suing the federal government in 14 different jurisdictions on this very matter? Unfortunately, the vice president did not answer the question and the moderator of the debate failed to press him on this matter.

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9 Responses to “HHS mandate’s coercive nature is fact”

  1. barbara pepe says:

    Let’s hope we get a” practicing” Catholic VP in the white house

  2. I am so glad that the bishops are fighting this coercion. Freedom slips away little by little.

  3. MaryGr says:

    The bloom is off catholic Biden? Thank you God for giving you the eyes to see and ears to hear what faithful Catholics have known all along about this self-excommunicated politician. Can we expect a letter from you to be read aloud at all Masses on Sunday much like Bishop DeMazio’s or Bishop Jenky’s? Or is this the last we have heard from our Shepherd about the vote on Tuesday. I pray the Holy Spirit and the grace of the synod will move you to shepherd the flock.

  4. Irene says:

    I am so grateful to President Obama and his Administration for all of the assistance they have given us through this terrible hurricane. FEMA, the members of the Armed Forces and all of the other federal workers who are helping us recover and rebuild. Thank you.

  5. Sue Joan says:

    Wow, thanks so much for your courageous article calling Mr Biden to task for his er…untruth! As well he SHOULD be called to task!!!! You are so awesome – I look forward to your articles – we are so lucky to have you!!!

  6. Mr. Biden’s party expects you to believe this fabrication … it is that simple. Thank goodness, most Catholics can see this secular progressive agenda for what it is. It is very important to vote this Tuesday in light of the truth of the matter.

  7. Desmond Browne, Sr. says:

    Dear Cardinal Dolan: Your Eminence, for the good of our Church and the future of our nation, please consider issuing a statement this weekend along the lines of that made recently by Billy Graham, to wit – “it is vitally important that we cast our ballots in the coming election for candidates who base their decisions on biblical principles, . . . and I urge you to vote for those who protect the sanctity of life and support the biblical definition of marriage between a man and a woman. Please vote for biblical values this November 6, and pray that America will remain one nation under God.” Thank you and God Bless you.
    Desmond F. Browne, Sr.

  8. JSue says:

    What a beautifully written essay in defense of life and the truth of the Catholic Church! Archbishop Lori has asked all Catholics in the Archdiocese of Baltimore to attend Mass on Tuesday to pray for the outcomes of the election that are in line with God’s Word and Commandments.
    Thank you for this posting.

  9. Michael Liotta says:

    The Catholic Church in the United States has entered into a legal argument with the Federal Government on whether or not that same government has the authority to dictate to religious organizations, health care coverage that is contrary to the teachings and beliefs of those institutions. The Bishops rightly argue that the first amendment of the Constitution protects religion and by extension, religious organizations, and cannot by law, without change to the first amendment, be forced to provide the following healthcare coverage – abortion, abortofacients, sterilizations and birth control.
    As much as I agree with the basis of the lawsuit, I would suggest that actions by the Catholic Bishops and Clergy since Roe v Wade has aided the government and sent mixed messages to the Catholic faithful. I would venture that since Roe v Wade, the majority of Catholic Bishops and Clergy in the United States both supported and voted for pro-abortion candidates for president and congress because they were in agreement with the political agendas of those candidates. The thought process being that although the candidate was pro-abortion the political issues (i.e. housing, food, healthcare, etc.) were of enough importance to overlook the pro-abortion stance while still condemning it.
    I would also suggest that the majority of Catholic Bishops and Clergy voted for the current President and legislators in 2008 giving control of Congress to those whose first mission was to pass the current healthcare law, which they now point to as the basis for requiring religious organizations to provide this controversial coverage.
    The Bishops strongly condemn abortion, sterilization and birth control as immoral and preach great spiritual consequences for these actions to their Catholic faithful. Yet they have and still remain loudly silent in not condemning those Catholic pro-abortion members of Congress. These are same Catholic legislators who vote pro-abortion and help to facilitate the death of over 50,000,000 fetuses since the inception of Roe v Wade. There has been no strong action taken by the Bishops against these Catholic legislators. Which pray tell me, is the greater sin? Catholics preventing unwanted pregnancy or Catholics who support the slaughter of unborn babies while having the power to prevent it?
    Now the beast has turned on the Bishops. These pro-abortion members of Congress, including those who are Catholic, have decided that they have the power to require religious organizations to provide this coverage. With this lawsuit, the Bishops are placing their trust in the legal system and the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn these requirements – this same Supreme Court that will not reverse their stance on Roe v Wade; the same Court that upheld the current healthcare law. Even if this lawsuit is won, Congress, with the help of its Catholic pro-abortion members may try to find another avenue to force the Church to provide this coverage.
    The Bishops should have only supported pro-life legislators in the past and should only support pro-life candidates going forward regardless of any candidate’s stance on other issues. The first and only consideration for the support of any political candidate should be their stance on the sanctity of life from conception to natural death. The Bishops must also condemn with the strongest of means, those Catholic legislators who continue to take a pro-abortion stance. Anything less suggests complicity.
    Michael Liotta