Holy Week Message

Here is a segment I did for AOL explaining Holy Week.


3 Responses to “Holy Week Message”

  1. Pooler says:

    Awesome message! I’m ready for Holy Week! Ready to “pass over”! God bless!

  2. AndyP/Doria2 says:

    You never miss a chance to include our Jewish friends in your messages Your Eminence and I know you can’t answer every question put to you here or you would be spending your life on this blog BUT, I ask again, can’t an article be written explaining where the Catholic teaching was changed whereby we were to baptize all nations in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?

    Where, in our glorious history was it mandated that spreading the Word to all ceased?

    Why do we not show the genuine love of our Saviour to our Jewish neighbors and introduce them to the greatest gift ever given to mankind – The Most Holy Eucharist? Why do we deny them this slavific grace?

    IMO, this would go a long way in clearing up the mass confusion experienced by many many Catholics, 23% of whom don’t even attend Mass anymore mainly because of ambiguous teaching such as this.

    How do I explain this to my children?

  3. AndyP/Doria2 says:

    I menat only 23% even bother to attend Mass in the below post