Honored & Humbled

Time Magazine just named me as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. While the only list I really think about is the scroll of heaven, I must admit appreciation at this selection, and being counted among such influential people.  The only “influence” I might have comes from faith, prayer, family, friends, and the ones I serve.

7 Responses to “Honored & Humbled”

  1. Irene says:

    Is the list in order of influence or is it random? That is, are you more or less influential than Anonymous and Pippa Middleton? :-) Congratulations

  2. Janet says:

    I hope you understand that a LOT of us voted for you on this because we greatly appreciate your strong and caring leadership. Thank you for everything.

  3. Gregory Jewell says:

    I don’t think anyone was surprised by Cardinal’s Dolans being named to the top
    100 list. It is truly a joy all of us Catholic’s can be proud of and we just pray for
    him in his leadership of our church. May God watch over him and guide him
    in his ministery.

  4. AndyP/Doria2 says:

    I voted for you too.

  5. Matt says:

    Does that mean you are more influential than the Pope? It’s a good thing those lists are not the standard of truth in the world.

  6. Glenn A Crisafi says:

    Cardinal Dolan’s coat of arms reflects his beliefs and his shield is that of a faithfull warrior and above all a great peace maker. Lord, to whom shall we go. The Cardinal is well desrving and will receive the greatest blessing of all!

  7. ETH says:

    Be careful dear friends. The Times is like satan himself. Any positive comments from this magazine have to be closely studied.