Insights from Bill McGurn

Although this appeared in the Wall Street Journal a few days ago, I thought you might want to read an insightful piece written by Bill McGurn on abortion.

Here is an excerpt:

Are babies better than abortions?

That’s not a question we are accustomed to hearing. For the most part, abortion—America’s most divisive issue—plays out as a question of competing rights. So it will be this weekend as pro-life and pro-choice legions each mark the 38th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s landmark Roe v. Wade decision on abortion.

Yet a simple figure released earlier this month by the Chiaroscuro Foundation, a private nonprofit organization, provokes a different question. After crunching the latest statistics from New York City’s Health Department, the foundation reported that 41% of pregnancies (excluding miscarriage) in New York ended in abortion. That’s double the national rate.

You can read the full article here.

4 Responses to “Insights from Bill McGurn”

  1. Andrew Piacente says:

    Thank you Lord for Cardinals like Cardinal Burke who actually walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

    As long as our worldly shepherds care more about the friendship of the rich and powerful instead of the friendship of the child in the womb who literally gets ripped to shreds, these are all empty words

  2. Recently in Arizona Bishop Olmstead of Phoenix separated Catholic identity from a hospital due, according to news reports, to their having aborted a child to save the mother. However, I have not seen whether medical verification was sent to this Bishop for him to make an informed decision.

    I have a concern that the hospital was using the HIPAA laws to deliberately keep the Bishop confused about the truth of this case. I had to learn HIPAA laws to teach them to caseworkers in the PA Dept. of Welfare for which I was a supervisor. Slowly I began to understand that an important pro-abortion agenda was behind this law.

    Just before the law was written, many questioned Planned Parenthood about why they failed to report abusers of underage pregnant girls who went to them for abortions. (The very issue for which our church paid dearly in loss of respect and authority.) Thanks to aspects of HIPAA statutes abortion clinics can with impunity abort and send back to sexually abusive predators in their neighborhoods or in their own homes these vulnerable young girls. The hypocrisy of (rightfully so) attacking the offenders in our church while enabling further abuse to occur thanks to abortion providers’ immunity under the HIPAA laws is quite horrifying to me.

    Tomorrow my pastor must go to a local hospital which inhibits his provicding the sacraments to Catholic patients because of some interpretation of this law. He must defend his right to do what a Catholic wants to be comforted in times of sickness. I have printed parts of the law which I am certain will allow him to continue serving our people. But I believe it may take a lawsuit to codify our rights.

    Please inform Bishop Dolan of this situation. Thank you, Mrs. Judith A. Carroll

  3. Pascendi says:

    Abortion is the natural cultural outcome of contraception and sodomy. When bishops & faithful pay lip service at best to Humanae Vitae for 40 years… the destruction of Christendom becomes inevitable.

    This is what is happening in Europe and it will happen here. Demographic and spiritual implosion It’s too late in the West. The narcissist ‘genie is out of the bottle’.

    Personally, I believe it will get worse until a specific consecration of Russia is completed. The rise of Western Marxism (masquerading as liberalism… representing the errors of Russia as Our Lady indicated), and it’s odd alliance with radical Islam, combined with our own materialist unbelief will destroy Christianity and make the Catholic Church microscopic in the West. Only she can help us. But the ecclesiastical leaders must truly humble themselves if her assistance is going to be a ‘teaching moment’ for human kind.

    I hope and pray that my kids live to see this consecration done (precisely as she asked) and without regard for ‘PC ecumania’.

    Right now… the Church is still in post conciliar denial. The documents of the council (V-II) are beautiful. Too bad the faithful had to wait for the Internet to get a chance to really read and learn them in continuity with the pre counciliar documents. When we finally get around to the Fifth Marian Dogma… perhaps we can avert a ‘Lepanto Moment’. Ther story of Lepanto! That is where we are headed if our Church leaders don;t figure this out in a hurry.

    Ave Maria, ora pro nobis.

    Robert Fox, Long Island.

  4. Mary says:


    Thank you for this shocking alert of how HIPAA is being used to persecute Catholics.

    In my skeptical view of the law, I thought HIPAA was primarily meant to protect abortion and Aids. “We see girls as young as thirteen and everything is confidential,” the Planned Parenthood staffer assures the sex trafficker in the just released undercover video taken at a Bronx Planned Parenthood clinic.

    But now you report an unexpected wickedness. One that cries out for legal intervention. And spiritual intervention. Protection from the wolves. Please keep us posted as to what develops. God love us. God help us.