Letter from Pope Benedict XVI on Tenth Anniversary of September 11th

I would like to share with you the statement Pope Benedict XVI released to the media about the Tenth Anniversary of September 11th.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 9, 2011


Pope Benedict XVI has expressed his prayerful support of the United States on the Tenth Anniversary of September 11th, in a letter sent to Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan, Archbishop of New York and President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

In his letter, dated September 11, 2011, the Pope writes that, “On this day my thoughts turn to the somber events of September 11, 2001, when so many innocent lives were lost in the brutal assault on the twin towers of the World Trade Center and the further attacks in Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania. I join you in commending the thousands of victims to the infinite mercy of Almighty God and in asking our heavenly Father to continue to console those who mourn the loss of loved ones.”

Pope Benedict also notes, “The American people are to be commended for the courage and generosity that they showed in the rescue operations and for their resilience in moving forward with hope and confidence.”


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2 Responses to “Letter from Pope Benedict XVI on Tenth Anniversary of September 11th”

  1. Mary says:

    Beautiful Papa. When you were here in 2008, in your first public appearance at the White House you ended by saying: God Bless America. And the last words you spoke at Kennedy were the same: God Bless America. Thank you Holy Father for not forgetting what was visited upon us on Sept 11 and for your love of our country. We love you too. We pray as you asked in your inaugural mass as pope: Pray for me, that I may not flee for fear of the wolves. Let us pray for one another, that the Lord will carry us and that we will learn to carry one another.

  2. walden says:

    Mayor Bloomberg, decided not invite the clergy nor the representatives of the firemen for commemoration of 9/11. Jeraldo Rivera and the liberal media are in full agreement with Archbishop Dolan, that agreed to be excluded. Why? What did the fireman did on 9/11 ? They walked on damaged buildings to save lives.There is no room for them. What about the clergy ? The politically correct clergy, The clergy that does speaks from both sides of their mouth, on issues of sexual morality, as abortion and homosexuality, those that are in full agreement with Bloomberg, they were dismissed. Their ambiguous stand exclude them. I rather be excluded when I speak truth to power than being excluded in contempt. The moral authority of Bloomberg is reduced to his money and nothing else. The pedophilia scandal has reduced the moral authority of the church, in such a way that we have nothing to teach to the world. He told us you are the Light of the world. Not now