Letter to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Here is a copy of my letter to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo following his State of the State Address on his support for the Reproductive Health Act.

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21 Responses to “Letter to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo”

  1. DottyDay says:

    From the tone of this letter, it looks to me like the demonic Reproductive Health Act will be law by June 2013. I pray not.

  2. Rudd says:

    Thanks for your personal courage!
    You are a real fighter for humanity and american future life !

  3. Mary says:

    I pray the governor’s heart is opened to life. As for the minimum wage issue, I do not see, economically, how raising or even having a minimum wage cures poverty. It just raises the bar because all things go up when minimum wage goes up. The cure to poverty is not the government, it is us, the people of God feeding the hungry and clothing the naked.

  4. MAUREEN says:

    Your Excellency,
    I applaude you on this letter and hopefully Go. Cuomo will realize that your words to “provide an environment for all
    women and girls in which they are not made to feel as though their only alternative is to abort,something which goes against all human instinct, and which all too often leads to lifelong feelings of regret, guilt and pain for them, and for the baby’s father as well” brings him closer to knowing that these are the words of a loving Shepherd. My prayer is that he hear these words with his heart and makes the right decision.
    Your excellency, I attend weekly Mass in my parish and I also love to be in the Cathedral for Mass before the “big parade” I am a little taken back when I see elected officials walk in talking to people [ shouldn’t they know that they are in a Sacred place] and then they are in the front pew and then see them receive Our Lord in Communion.You and I both know that this is an act. Is there anyway to put them on the spot or make this less visible to the media.? I know I shouldn’t pay attention to this but I do.My Education in the ARCHNY Catholic Schools and my chosen profession to teach in one of these schools tells me that this is between them and Our Lord but it’s hard sometimes.
    May 2013 bring you only the richest of blessings!

  5. Sixtus Maximus says:

    Thank you, Cardinal Dolan for addressing to Gov. Cuomo issues that are breaking our hearts. It’s only the tip of the iceberg. Atrocities around the would that does violence to the dignity of humanity. God’s most wonderful creation. The Holocaust of Abortion is killing God’s creation while in the womb of the mother. This is done by the tens of millions for decades. Really the Massacre of Innocents. We will have to atone for these grave crimes against God. We can do penance, acts of charity, First Fridays for Jesus’ Sacred Heart, First Saturdays for Our Mother Mary. Above pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Make more Churches have Perpetual Adoration which is lacking in this country which brings an emence amount of graces to the Holy Church! Pray unceasingly Cardinal Dolan. Please accept my most respectful regards. Praise Jesus and Mary.

  6. Amen. it is disgraceful that the number of abortions are on the increase in the U.S. Thank you Cardinal Dolan for taking a stand and being our voice in Albany.

  7. Mr Joseph G Mulvihill says:

    Excellent letter!

  8. James Kiley says:

    Thanks for publishing your letter father.
    Alot to be said for the biblical quote “Father forgive them for they no not what they do.”

  9. Patrick Geary says:

    Well said, Cardinal. Great to see that you are fighting vigorously for the rights of the unborn.This is getting more difficult in an increasingly secular culture. In fact I would say it is becoming increasingly anti christian. Here in Ireland the government is drawing up legislation to introduce abortion, albeit in very limited circumstances. As in other countries this is generally the thin end of the wedge. We will continue to fight against its introduction. With the Labour party in power as part of a coalition government and the introduction of abortion as a policy of theirs and part of the programme of government, the fight will be very difficult. If it becomes law we will fight to limit abortion as much as is possible.God bless you in your good work and may the Holy Spirit guide all of us in our work for the Lord.

  10. Your Eminence,
    I enjoyed reading your letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

    I want to tell you that I very much appreciate the work of the Sisters of Life helping women who are contemplating abortion. I am on their list of volunteers and have helped them a few times.

    However I am a political conservative and support the protection of the right to own a weapon under the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution. I am concerned about the state of the care of mental patients in our country. Powerful psychological drugs are prescribed which have some dangerous side effects which can stimulate violence. I’m concerned that these highly profitable drugs may not be regulated enough. And too many mental patients have been de-institutionalized.
    Thank you for your great leadership.
    God Bless You,
    William M Fredericks
    Ossining NY (St. Anns Parish)

  11. Thank you for standing up for life by addressing the issue of abortion with Gov. Cuomo. May God bless you in your work.

  12. Mary Ellen Werner says:

    Kudos for a magnificent letter! I echo your sentiments!

  13. Kenneth McGuire says:

    Dear Cardinal,
    I too, watched a portion of Mr. Cuomo’s speech. Lets’ not misunderstand our opponent. He is pro abortion, supports gay marriage and an adulterer. Gunlaws restrict good citizens and reward the criminals. The 2nd amendment is our last defense against tyranny. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro and many other dictatorial thugs confiscated firearms and the rest is history. Mr.Cuomo supports Obama in restricting the 1st amendment. It is up to men of goodwill, of whom you are, to continue the resistance against the trampling of our constitution.

  14. Kevin says:

    A higher minimum wage will lower employment for the most impoverished (McDonald’s will make do with less workers). The Church wants greater employment as well as more family-friendly wages, but seldom recognizes that there is often a tradeoff between the two.

    This naive approach to economics makes it easier for the faithful to justify voting for anti-life Democrats who happen to have the same naive views on social policy. Endorsing Democratic social policies is quite the Faustian bargain!

  15. Thomas Murphy says:

    Well done Cardinal ,with the Irish name, Dolan. 40 years after Roe v Wade, the blind ,deaf and lying Irish politicians are about to legislate to introduce abortion in my unfortunate Ireland in spite of it being the safest country for an expectant mother to give birth. The Church has been effectively silenced by the so called liberal national media. They attack the church over the child abuse scandals and the hypocrites simultaneously bay for the blood of unborn children. May God forgive them and have mercy on thei souls.

  16. Dr. Lily Rebmann says:

    Your letter is nice, however, it is not good enough. It is time. You know what you really have to do. Anything less at this point is shameful to you and the faithful who are praying for true courage from their leaders.

  17. Bill Gaughan says:

    Cardinal Dolan,
    When is enough enough? You have taken the high road and they have laughed at you. I admire your efforts, but if we don’t do anything different, we can expect nothing to change.

    There are thousands of unborn babies who have only us to protect them. What we have done so far is nowhere enough. Tell us the laity what we can do and we must respond. But Cardinal please don’t let them dupe you again like they did on gay marriage.

    Perhaps excommunicating Cuomo on the steps a local jail and offering to turn yourself in because we cannot and will not comply would do the trick. But please do something different. I will pray a rosary daily so that God gives you the guidance to do what must be done, and the rest of us the courage to follow you.

  18. Your Eminence,
    Peace of our Lord and Savior be with you. I must say that your letter has taken my breath away. This is an exact quote, “As we have discussed in the past, we obviously disagree on the question of the legality of abortion…” My dear Cardinal, this is a direct slap in the face of Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Holy Innocents, and the body of Christ on earth, the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. The Governor claims to be Catholic. Anyone who utters the ideas he purports should have their mouth washed out with soap, publicly, and then, you must recognize he is an enemy to the flock that you are professed to tend. Your Eminence, please remember the abortion is a non-negotiable intrinsic evil. Stand up for those who are faithful day in and day out to the teachings of the Church. Stand up for every innocent soul being murdered as I key these words in–those souls created by God who have no voice but yours and mine. If you truly believe my comments to be out of line with our Church, please help me to see why you would not address this as our Protector of Life. I also ask that if you feel I am out of line, could you please forward a copy of my reply to Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, your Shepherd and mine asking his guidance for us, for I am sorry for all souls under your care at this moment. I hold all in prayer. I pray for the Governor, too, but more importantly, all of those he is allowing to die on his watch. Sincerely, Yours in Christ, Mariann Gonzalez

  19. Robert Bange says:

    As I peruse Newsday daily and see how Gov. Cuomo has put himself in the limelight on every issue, I fully expect that we will see him running for President in the near future. Because of his stance on the various Right to Life issues, I think is is time to seriously oppose him and actively consider excommunication. He, and many so-called Catholics have got to be held accountable. They can’t continue to have it both ways.

  20. Maria Byrd says:

    In the years to come the Faith which Christ came into the world to give the world will remain intact, and the Church He founded will be strong, where and to the extent that priests have been aware of their responsibility as spokesmen for Christ in the modern world. All other elements of the Church, and there are many, are useful or even necessary. But in the last analysis, or from another viewpoint, in the first instance the Church stands or falls in any place or among any people on one condition that the truth of Christ’s revelation is being proclaimed. And the first divinely appointed proclaimer’s of this truth are priests.

    The Church’s future is in their hands or better is on their lips. And with Saint Paul, they should say “Woe to us if we do not proclaim the Gospel, the Full Gospel of Jesus Christ.” In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

    Servant of God John Anthony Hardon SJ

  21. John says:

    Great work…keep up the good fight!