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I know, I should drop it.  “You just have to get used to it,” so many of you have counselled me.  “It’s been that way forever, and it’s so ingrained they don’t even know they’re doing it.  So, let it go.”

I’m talking about the common, casual way The New York Times offends Catholic sensitivity, something they would never think of doing — rightly so — to the Jewish, Black, Islamic, or gay communities.

Two simple yet telling examples from one edition, last Friday, October 15.

First there’s the insulting photograph of the nun on page C20, this for yet another tiresome production making fun of Catholic consecrated women.  This “gleeful” tale is described as “fresh and funny” in the caption beneath the quarter-page photo (not an advertisement).  Granted, prurient curiosity about the lives of Catholic sisters has been part of the nativist, “know-nothing” agenda since mobs burned the Ursuline convent in Boston in the 1840’s, and since the huckster Rebecca Reed’s Awful Disclosures made the rounds in the 19th century.  But still now cheap laughs at the expense of a bigoted view of the most noble women around?

Maybe I’m especially sensitive since I  just came from the excellent exhibit on the contributions of Catholic nuns now out on Ellis Island.  These are the women who tended to the homeless immigrants and refugees, who died nursing the abandoned in the cholera epidemic, who ran hospitals and universities decades before women did so in the non-Catholic sphere, who marched in Selma and today teach our poorest in our inner-city schools. These are the nuns mocked and held-up for snickering in our city’s newspaper.

Now turn to C29.  This glowingly reviewed not-to-be missed “art” exhibit comes to us from Harvard, and is a display of posters from ACT UP.  Remember them?  They invaded St. Patrick’s Cathedral to disrupt prayer, trampled on the Holy Eucharist, insulted Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger when he was here for a conference, and yelled four letter words while exposing themselves to families and children leaving Mass at the Cathedral.  The man they most detested was Cardinal John O’Connor, who, by the way, spent many evenings caring quietly for AIDS patients, and, when everyone else ran from them, opened units for them at the Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center and St. Clare’s Hospital.  Too bad for him.  One of the posters in this “must see” exhibit is of Cardinal O’Connor, in the form of a condom, referred to as a “scumbag,” the “art” there in full view in the photograph above the gushing review in our city’s daily.

Thanks for your patience with me.  I guess I’m still new enough here in New York City that the insults of The New York Times against the Church still bother me.  I know I should get over it.  As we say in Missouri, it’s like “spitting into a tornado.”


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  1. Carol Fazioli says:

    Thank you! I do read the NYT and am always appalled at the both blatant and subtle ways this “paper of record” mocks, criticizes and misrepresents the Catholic Church. If possible, I often write to the reporter to lodge my displeasure. I read about your own blog’s posting on this issue in the Post and am so glad I found it covered in the New York area. Finally someone is speaking out about this supposedly unbiased newspaper that does take every jab possible at the Church but would never dare to do so for any other religion or group. As a Church, we would never defend any person or newspaper’s decision to do so, but have to defend ourselves against this disregard for fair representation.

    Carol Fazioli
    Lansdale, PA

  2. *Thank you* for stating the obvious about The New York Times’ offensive attitude toward Catholicism. It’s – nice – to ‘just … get used to it,’ but “nice” won’t, in my opinion, educate The N.Y.T., and others who may not realize that Catholics are people.

    ‘Real’ people, that is. Ones whose opinions count, and who shouldn’t be ridiculed.

    Also, thank you for the reminder of who nuns are – and what they’ve done over the generations.

  3. Mike M. says:

    Keep up your defense of the church your grace. God is on your side so who can be against save the evil one and his followers.

  4. tressa says:

    Dear Archbishop Dolan,

    Please I beg you, never give up your fight for the Catholic Church. We are under attack by the liberal media and I may say this administration. The NY Times, is a left wing rag that I wouldn’t use for my beautiful dogs elimination process, that is how much I despise them. They use their editorials to tear apart our religion while coddling the Muslims and any other religion who has made deals with this administration. Dear Archbishop Dolan, please do not be silent on this issue. Continue to speak out…We need the higherarchy of the Catholic Church to object and be heard. When I saw that this President refused to speak at Notre Dame under the sign on the crucifix and demanded it be covered, I knew that the Catholic Church was going to be cannon fodder for the left wing radicals…When Notre Dame complied with his demands, I was outraged…I don’t see him demanding that the Muslim flag be taken down if it is in his presence…or for him not to take off his shoes when he entered a mosque…..What hypocracy. Also I resent my tax money going to so called art that demeans Catholics, The Blessed Mother, a Crucifix…it is a total disgrace. Political correctness has gone haywire, but in only one direction. The NY Times is not correct in their dealings with Catholicism….they are out to destroy our religion and we are in the fight of our lives. Thanks again for your speaking out for us.

  5. Katherine says:

    I appreciate the theatre reviews in the Times. If the Divine Sister is not overly anti-clerical or anti-Catholic, I might go see it, even though the Archbishop finds it objectionable for the Times to even review it.

    On the other hand, on the same day in the New York Post, ther was a story of the Venus Erotica Fair along with some photos of the event. While this did not merit any statement of objection of the Archbishop, I will not be attending nor allowing my children to attend.

    I guess we all have different standards, but I am really quite comfortable in my opinion as to which of the two major dailies offended my sense of Catholic values that day.

  6. Missionary Sisters of the Holy Family says:

    Dear Archbishop Timothy Dolan, Thank you so much that you are the voice of many. We need you. We also miss you here in Wisconsin. Thank you again. God Bless You, We pray for You all the time support You in your work.

  7. carolyn pinto says:

    Father Dolan – I have never been so proud of you. I am behind you 100% for speaking out for me and my family against the disgraceful disrespect the media has for Christianity especially Roman Catholics. Do not, I repeat do not let anyone (the liberals) misguide you to accept this hatred towards our Lord and be a defender of our faith as we learn when we are confirmed. The liberals are lost people. More than ever Catholics need leadership Father, we need it desperately for the continuation of our beautiful Roman Catholic Faith and for the people that do not know Christ. Thank you Father and may the Holy Spirit continue guide you. – Carolyn Pinto

  8. Jacob Richard Ford says:

    Unfortunately for them their gods won’t be half so rewarding as yours will be in heaven your Excellency!

  9. Amy says:

    Your Excellency, when you stop being bothered by these offenses we’ll be in trouble, makes me cry to even imagine you could let yourself get there…hugs.

  10. Phyllis White says:

    Dr. Archbishop Dolan,
    I’ve never been more proud to be a Catholic convert. I am so tired of seeing my faith drug through the mud, while the Muslim faith can’t even be mentioned without my being labeled a bigot. Publishers like the New York Times can only find negative things to comment on regarding our faith, while ignoring the wonderful things we have done. Freedom of religion doesn’t mean freedom to insult and denigrate someones closely held beliefs. We need to stand up and fight for our faith in unity. Thank you Archbishop Dolan!

  11. Fr Al Baca says:

    Dear Archbishop,

    I met Cardinal O’Connor through the Sisters of Life and for a long time had admired him. How quickly the world turns on people! Thank you for defending his good name and for defending the work and heritage of our religious sisters. The reaction of folks to your assessment of the Times is almost as important a read as your original statement to the Times. It makes me sad when especially the Catholics don’t get it. Lots of inroads over the years. God bless!

    Fr Al

  12. Thank you, Archbishop Dolan, for standing against the powers of evil. I followed Fr. Groeschel’s advice and called the NY Times to protest their favorable review of blatant Catholic bashing that appears under the guise of \art\ and \freedom of expression\. You are not alone in your reaction against the Times. You have the prayers of the Faithful behind you, and the Blessed Mother will protect you always. God bless you as you defend the Faith for all of us. Again, we thank you!

  13. Sharon says:

    Archbishop Dolan, never never never “get used to it.”! Thank you for speaking out; your courage may inspire Catholics to stand up for their Faith more publicly.

  14. Rebecca says:

    Archbishop Dolan, God bless and Mother Mary keep you from never “getting used to it”! I am proud of you for addressing the Times (God forgive them) and for defending the Church (God bless you). Stand firm and remember what John Paul II said “be not afraid”! Rebecca

  15. Nichole G. says:

    Archbishop Dolan, You have our prayers from Atlanta, GA. Thanks for all you do to defend our Church in these times.

  16. Shannon M Skousgaard says:

    Dear Archbishop Dolan,

    Don’t ever get over it! Thank you for standing up for us. Way down south in Virginia we’ve taken notice, and we are enlived in our faith. I pray that you may always know the difference it makes to us to know that our shepherds lead us and are willling to care for us. I pray for you and your work, that Our Blessed Lord and His Holy Mother will bless and keep you filled with this wonderful spirit that so inspires us! Shannon

  17. James says:

    Dear Archbishop Dolan,

    I know you are a humble man and will say you are doing no more than fulfilling your duty as a Catholic Bishop. But we also know that especially today that is a great deal indeed. Thank you.

    God bless.


  18. D. Joseph Guettler says:

    Dear Archbishop Dolan,

    You have our families prayers here in Orlando.

    Keep up the great work you are entrusted to do. Only you can do this at this time and place.

    May God Bless you and your apostolate.

    The Guettler’s.

  19. Therese says:

    Archbishop Dolan,

    I am a twenty-five year old living in upper NY state working for a Catholic Parish. Sometimes I lose my \gusto\ trying to bring Jesus Christ to people of different backgrounds but whenever I have the opportunity to be at a conference you may speak at or listen to you online I am inspired. The Holy Spirit is truly working through you and I hope that you continue the good work our Lord has begun in you. Be reassured of my prayers. You are truly a Shepherd.

    God bless!

  20. Alice Ramirez says:

    I’ve heard, with great joy, that the New York Times is struggling financially because readership (and therefore advertising revenue) is way down. Good! Also nightly on the Fox News Channel’s cult-followed late night talk show, Red Eye (airing at 3am in NYC on Fox News Channel and midnight out on the west coast) the NYT is mocked every single night by means of a silly “talking” newspaper named “Pinch.” (Newspaper on a string to make it appear to talk, with voiceover by one of the two permanent participants.) Hilarious parody, which wouldn’t happen if most people still took that fish-wrap seriously.

  21. Henry says:

    Why are so many perplexed about the NY Times’ hostility to the Church? Do you think it would be just as bad if it was owned by a practicing Catholic?