NYPost: Meet the new pope — same as the old pope

Another good article from the New York Post. Kyle Smith reflects on coverage of the Church:

It’s hard for liberals (and maybe some conservatives) to wrap their heads around this, but Catholic doctrine doesn’t line up neatly with American views of left and right. The church is steadfastly pro-life on abortion (we associate that with conservatives) but equally pro-life on capital punishment (a view we call liberal). Nor has the Vatican altered its commitment to uplifting the poor or its related suspicion of capitalism.

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One Response to “NYPost: Meet the new pope — same as the old pope”

  1. Jcar says:

    Well said. The church is too ancient and there is too much history for her to conform to modern ideologies of conservatism or liberalism. Relative to the church, we are all still wearing diapers in age, wisdom, and maturity, metaphorically speaking of course. Take as an example what some well known conservative talking heads are saying. They say his a liberal. To them I say “nonsense”. How can we call a liberal, a man that follows a doctrine and sits on a chair established by our Lord himself. The very fact that he leads a 2000 year old organization makes the words liberal or conservative seem rude and cheap