People’s Climate March

The world we live in, all of creation, is a gift from God and a great sign of His love for us.  Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, has repeatedly stressed the responsibility we have been given by God to care for that creation.  As the Pope said recently, “When we exploit [creation], we destroy the sign of His love. Destroying creation is like saying to God, ‘I don’t like it’, and this is not good, it is a sin. Care for creation is care for God’s gift to us, and it means saying to God, ‘thank you, I am the custodian of creation, but to enable it to progress, never to destroy your gift….This must be our attitude in relation to creation, to protect it, because if we destroy creation, creation will destroy us! Do not forget this.”

I understand from Sister Carol De Angelo, a member of the Sisters of Charity here in New York, and Mr. Patrick Carolan, Executive Director of the Franciscan Action Network, that this Sunday, September 21, there will be a People’s Climate March here in New York City, and that various faith groups are coming together to participate.  It would be wonderful if there were a strong Catholic presence at the march, to indicate our prayerful support of God’s creation.

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24 Responses to “People’s Climate March”

  1. DottieDay says:

    “When we exploit [creation], we destroy the sign of His love. Destroying creation is like saying to God, ‘I don’t like it’, and this is not good, it is a sin….”

    Climate? You’re telling us to go march for climate? Climate activism is cupcake activism.
    If you want “prayerful support of God’s creation,” tell us to go to their nearest Planned Parenthood with a rosary and pray outside there for God’s creations who will be killed that very day within a few hundred feet of them. These unborn gifts will have limbs torn off and heads severed. That deadly choice will destroy them and damage the souls of parents, abortionists, escorts, friends, mothers, fathers, grandparents — everyone involved. Our Church should be on fire for souls being lost to the culture of human destruction. Not to climate politics.

  2. Nathan Schneider says:

    Thank you for sharing this news, Cardinal Dolan. Catholics interested in activities related to the climate march can see my blog post for America magazine.

  3. Eric says:

    Thanks for standing up to support one of the most important moral issues of our day!

  4. Dan S. says:

    Huge congratulations to Cardinal Dolan for taking a brave stand against the injustices of climate change–floods, droughts, extreme weather, water scarcity, record heat waves–which often fall heaviest on the poorest among us. The devastating effects are already being felt all around the world, from the Rockaways to Bangladesh, and may grow catastrophic if we don’t act soon. Cardinal Dolan is standing up for the future of God’s creation, and for the principles of Christian charity. If protecting the one planet that God made habitable for humanity qualifies as “cupcake activism”, then bring on the cupcakes. Saving the planet is God’s work, and Cardinal Dolan has taken an important step.

  5. PatrickI says:

    Thank you Bishop Dolan for bringing this issue to our attention. Many prayers to open Catholic’s hearts and minds to this issue.

  6. Nancy Lorence says:

    To Dottie Day: It doesn’t have to be one or the other….the “cupcake activism”, as you call it, over concern for climate change, vs activism on behalf of the unborn. Why do we participate in our activism? We are ALL at risk because of Climate Change. Here in NYC and before that in New Orleans, hurricanes – much more frequent with the heating up of ocean surfaces – have challenged us while in the SW drought is the challenge threatening all forms of life, including the vegetables we eat. We are marching because we value life and care for God’s creation in all of its manifestations.

  7. Florence Mallon S.C. says:

    Thank YOU Cardinal Dolan for encouraging us to respect Creation. with prayers for you and
    ALL YOU Do.

  8. Katherine Bini says:

    Dear Cardinal Dolan:
    Our Catholic teachings tell us to protect the earth. Thank you asking for a strong Catholic presence at the Peoples Climate March this Sunday, September 21, 2014. By Marching we will be praying with our feet.
    Katherine Bini

  9. Stewart Schwartz says:

    these are some of the various faith groups that are coming together to participate.,Communist Party USA,Metro NY Committees of Correspondence for Democracy &Socialism,All-African People’s Revolutionary Party,Democratic Socialists of America,Dignity/New York,Freedom Socialist Party ,Freedom Road Socialist Organization,International Socialist Organization,Leonard Peltier,Socialist Party USA,Socialist Alternative ,Socialist Action.

  10. My Dear DottieDay, I agree with you here, “Our Church should be on fire for souls being lost to the culture of human destruction. Not to climate politics.” This is about more than politics. This is about faith too. Since I live, work and minister in Central Appalachia, we see every day the results of the culture of human destruction on all aspects of life, even pre-womb to tomb and generations beyond, caused by our ongoing dependence on fossil fuel extraction. The work on Climate awareness is vital to all life and a call to each of us since the beginning of Creation. We are all interconnected, whether we like it or not. Surely there are many groups with whom you can connect for this march. Please join them. Don’t presume there are no others like you, yet who are also deciding to March in the People’s Climate March.

  11. Mariann says:

    Ditto Dottie Day! False activism…nonsense…foolhardy…ad infinitum. The root of this farce newly named climate change (prior to this past 15 years of global cooling having messed with their “global warming” identity) was the fall of the wall…communism exposed. Those who identified it way back when it began called it “watermelon” meaning green on the outside and red on the inside. Cardinal Dolan, please forget their foolishness. It is a huge money maker for dishonest and diabolical creatures who need to focus on man’s end…working out our salvation and bringing others to the One True Faith. May God bless you and help you to focus on souls and not false activism.

  12. Carol De Angelo says:

    Thank you, Cardinal Dolan, for your blog reminding us of God’s gift of Creation to us, our call to be responsible and care for this great gift and sign of God’s love, and for the invitation to be a Catholic presence in the March on Sunday. For those interested in coming, faith groups are gathering on West 58th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues. The Catholic group will meet on that block – closest to 8th – but everyone has to enter block from 9th Avenue.
    Whether we walk in the March or not, we can participate in many ways … we can pray for those who face the effects of climate change daily; we can urge leaders to make necessary laws and policy; we can stand in awe before the beauty of God’s Creation and give thanks; we can take actions that reduce, reuse, recycle, renew.

  13. David Crane says:

    Your Eminence,
    Please do some deeper investigation into the subject of global warming/climate change. The long and short of it is the entire field of climate science is corrupt and not trustworthy. In addition, it has become a world-wide social movement comprised of groups in whose company Holy Mother Church cannot be found: population control, radical environmental, one-world government, Marxist, etc. Catholics should be boycotting this event, not joining it.

  14. Marilyn H says:

    Amen DottieDay. Please, your eminence, we need your leadership on these things. The climate change group focuses on blaming humanity for natural weather occurrences. We are already suffering from their propaganda. The working class is taking the brunt of this while our “elites” march around with their favorite cause of the day. Please, please don’t get sucked into the New York progressive agenda. You are in my daily prayers.

  15. Carolann says:

    You could not have said it better. I would strongly encourage all to view the you-tube video GLOBAL WARMING UNMASKED. It is an excellent piece detailing the dangerous tie between the political Climate Change crowd and Eugenics.
    The Climate Change Elitie do not have the best interests of the population. It’s just the opposite.
    It’s not the Catachism definition of being good stewards.
    Please watch the video

  16. Allen Rogers says:

    Cardinal Dolan I am appalled that an intelligent man like you would buy into the fraud of “Man-Made” Global Warming. Burning fossil fuels does add a little CO2 to the atmosphere, but “mother nature” contributes 96% compared to our small 4%. Don’t you know that CO2 is a very small component of all Greenhouse Gasses, because it only makes up 4%, with water vapor making up about 95%? Don’t you know that there have been several times in the past when the global temperatures were 1-3 degrees warmer than now, and the CO2 levels were lower? These include the Medieval Warm Period, the Roman Climate Optimum and the Egyptian Warm Period, among others? Don’t you also know that during a period when the earth was in an Ice Age, CO2 levels were about 8-9 times higher than now and the temperatures were much colder? If CO2 was indeed the “Global Thermostat Control Knob” that the alarmists want the sheep to believe, how can all this be? It is a fraud because CO2 is about the ‘best’ thing the politicians and alarmists can latch onto as “man causing the problem” and if we just give them total control of our money and lives, they will ‘save us’. Global temperatures have NOT gone up for the past 18 years, even as CO2 levels continue to climb. CO2 is NOT a pollutant, but a necessary gas for plants to live and by plants creating oxygen, for us to live. Humans can easily live in atmospheres of 8000 parts per million – slightly more than the present 400 parts per million we now have. This is not about preventing evil companies and people from “destroying” God’s creation – It is about evil people wanting total control of the sheep you are supposed to be Shepparding .

  17. Irene says:

    Our parish BBQ is that day, but I hope to be at the next one!

  18. bob kelly says:

    Thank you, Cardinal Dolan, for your support for the Climate March! We need to let God work through us to protect our life and the lives of our future generations yet unborn. By acting now to reduce carbon emissions we can reduce the disruptive effects caused by adding heat-trapping gases to our atmosphere.

  19. Robert says:

    As a pastoral leader, the Cardinal has the responsibility of informing his people of issues that are important to the people of God. There have been many instances in the past of our Pastors participation in social activism, especially concerning issues that have had limited exposure in the media that highlight the conditions of our brothers and sisters that have been neglected or left behind by society or the Church.

    However, this is not an example of one of those cases. Anthropogenic Global Warming has received much more media and government attention than any of the previous issues, perhaps more than all of them combined. It is an ideology in itself that allies itself with many other competing ideologies and causes. The one thing it does not ally itself with is the unbiased critical search for causes, conditions of the phenomena it serves; it is perilously close to religious naturalism in its unwavering certainty. I am in agreement with DottieDay. Be careful whose cause you hitch your wagon to.

  20. Intellectone says:

    Your Eminence,

    Cardinal, it would be better if you marched as Grand Marshal for “Climate Change” instead of marching in the Saint Patrick’s Parade. Are the homosexual’s marching in the “Climate Change” parade with a ‘Banner’?

  21. I guess that the 500 busses bringing protesters from out-of-state don’t count towards spoiling the climate. The protest should have been outside the Chineese embassy as that is where a vast amount of the pollution is coming from. Or, do I suspect the agenda is to have government establish more control of us all. Just wondering.

  22. Allen Rogers says:

    CO2 is NOT a pollutant, but a necessary gas for all life. Below about 200 parts per million (PPM) of CO2, plants die. They produce oxygen and without plants, oxygen levels can drop and we can die. Humans can easily survive and thrive at levels of 8000-9000 PPM, and plants love and thrive at higher levels of CO2, which is why many ‘greenhouses’ inject CO2 inside and raise the levels to 1200-1500 PPM.

  23. Allen Rogers says:

    Sir Herschel in 1820 saw the obvious connection between sunspots and global temperatures when he observed that when there were few sunspots, global temperatures were colder and the “- – price of wheat was dear”, and when there were lots of sunspots, the ” – price of wheat was cheap”. This was recently confirmed when the Danish scientist ran his experiment at the Swiss “CERN” National Laboratory, showing that cosmic ray levels are moderated by sunspot activity and cosmic rays moderate the level of cloud cover, which moderates the amount of sunlight reaching the earth.

  24. Hersh says:

    31.000 Scientists have stated that man-made global warming is a hoax.

    These are a lot more than the 1200 or so UN “scientists” who value Socialism over truth.
    When a government wants more power over the people, they use this Climate Change Scam to impose more rules and steal more freedoms.

    Do NOT be fooled by these liars. The Earth’s temperature hasn’t raised in over 15 years. The Climate Alarmists say that if it heats up, it’s global warming.
    If it cools, it’s global warming.
    If nothing happens, it’s a pause.
    They have a roulette wheel where they win no matter where the marble lands, even if it lands on the floor!

    Most people no longer believe in the scam even though politicians and the media are promoting it in a hysterical fashion. It is a tool of Socialism or at least Government Supremacy.

    Socialist dictators have killed over 100 million people in the last century, and that’s not counting abortion.

    Please seek to value Truth above what those on the Left tell you.
    Serve God above Caesar, He would want you to follow Truth.
    We serve Jesus, not Gaia.