Protection of Religious Freedom

Today the New York Daily News published an opinion piece that I wrote on the importance of religious freedom around the world. I thought you might want to read it.

Here is an excerpt:

Faith communities are also vital participants in public debates and often help hold governments accountable to their people. From neighborhood parish schools to faith-based soup kitchens and immigrant resource centers, religious ministries are essential to the social fabric.

And religious freedom reinforces other freedoms — of conscience, of the press and of assembly, to name just a few.

You’d think that governments would encourage religious liberty as a way to help their societies advance. But as Pope Francis has said, “In the world today, freedom of religion is more often talked about rather than put into practice.” Instead, many restrict religion and feed societal animosities toward religious minorities in the name of “good order” and control.

The result is too often violence and social conflict.

You can read the whole op-ed here.

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3 Responses to “Protection of Religious Freedom”

  1. DottyDay says:

    Wanted to share this latest on Joe Biden saying that America is on the verge of going further on gay marriage. Biden, like Mrs. Pelosi, is a poster child of American catholicism gone funny.

  2. Sister C says:

    Your Eminence,

    I am a young Religious Sister whose only sibling happens to be homosexual. Tomorrow I will be visiting home (for a week), and my brother desires to have a conversation regarding the recent Supreme Court decision. While he very much desires to live his Catholic faith, he is taken aback by comments made by Church officials (he mentioned your USCCB news release). He has made this a Church vs. Gay issue. I am not sure how I am to address his concerns without losing his love and essentially his soul. I very much want and need to stand up for the truth (essentially, the issue at hand), but I am torn between a deep love for my brother and my conviction of truth, religious freedom, free will vs. rights, and natural law. I greatly need some advice. What key points would you use to speak with him? Thank you for all you do for the Church and for standing up to the beauty of truth.

  3. Gregory Lynne says:

    Cardinal Dolan: “Protection of religious freedom?” Really?
    Since USCCB member-bishops (to a man) tolerate/require a “pre-petition divorce” for annulment petitioners, I can thank them collectively that our biological children have TWO legal fathers and my wife has TWO husbands. My conscientious objection toward divorce amused the judge who denied my status as a “protected class” (religious beliefs). (Who could fault the judge when I couldn’t cite a single bishop opposed to divorce?) For decades the USCCB member-bishops have rewarded mutiny of marriage with an accepted-divorce and a specious annulment. Besides creating millions of abused children-of-divorce, numerous faithful spouses have been left, like myself, with an aborted marriage, courtesy of local pastors acting under their bishop’s supervision. NEVER have I heard the marital commandment (1 Cor. 7:10-11) being preached by any Catholic priest. Twenty-five-hundred years after Malachi (2), the Church still can’t seem to get it right–-honoring the wife of one’s youth (first marriages). According to Malachi (2), that makes for a lot of dung offered to God over the centuries!
    Better to work on the plank still in the ecclesiastical eye and believe: God (still) hates divorce.