Reconciliation Monday

Here is a letter expressing my gratitude to all of the priests for their efforts on Reconciliation Monday. Since our priests don’t always get the recognition they deserve, thank your parish priests for all that they do the next time you see them.

To: My brother priests
From: +Timothy M. Dolan
Re: Yesterday’s “Reconciliation Monday”
Date: Tuesday of Holy Week

Brothers: I’ll tell you in person at this afternoon’s Chrism Mass, but, great work on yesterday’s Reconciliation Monday!

Reports are coming in from the frontlines, from many of you, of a solid stream of penitents from 3-9 p.m., some fellas in the confessional until much later.

One priest reports he had to have a sandwich brought to him in the confessional because the line was too long to leave!

And apparently a lot of people returned to the sacrament after a long time.

If my own experience at the cathedral was indicative, it was a great success.

Granted, the evidence up until now is only anecdotal, but it looks consistent enough to declare this a big success.

Sadly, we did get a few reports about parishes with doors locked or no priests available, but, we knew some would, as usual, not participate. Their number seems negligible.

And, as one of you commented, the publicity was so well done that, even those who did not approach the sacrament at least were positively reminded of its value.

Should we start planning for Advent?

Thank you! Couldn’t have happened without you faithful confessors!

Renewed Holy Week good wishes!


One Response to “Reconciliation Monday”

  1. AndyP/Doria2 says:

    How important can this Sacrament possibly be if we do not offer it to our non Catholic friends? Missionaries, martyrs, and other holy people preached this message on pain of death. Why would they do that if we are forbidden from doing so today.

    How can we keep these things only to ourselves? Why are we not shouting these things from the rooftops, rooftops of synogogues and minarets, and rooftops of storefront communtes who claim to worship our Lord.

    How can we keep this solely to ourselves?

    HOSEA 4:6