Religious Freedom: The Cornerstone of American Government

Today, the Wall Street Journal published an op-ed article that I wrote on President Obama’s healthcare reform law and protecting our religious freedom. I thought you might want to read it. Here is an excerpt:

Scarcely two weeks ago, in its Hosanna-Tabor decision upholding the right of churches to make ministerial hiring decisions, the Supreme Court unanimously and enthusiastically reaffirmed these longstanding and foundational principles of religious freedom. The court made clear that they include the right of religious institutions to control their internal affairs.

Yet the Obama administration has veered in the opposite direction. It has refused to exempt religious institutions that serve the common good—including Catholic schools, charities and hospitals—from its sweeping new health-care mandate that requires employers to purchase contraception, including abortion-producing drugs, and sterilization coverage for their employees.

Last August, when the administration first proposed this nationwide mandate for contraception and sterilization coverage, it also proposed a “religious employer” exemption. But this was so narrow that it would apply only to religious organizations engaged primarily in serving people of the same religion. As Catholic Charities USA’s president, the Rev. Larry Snyder, notes, even Jesus and His disciples would not qualify for the exemption in that case, because they were committed to serve those of other faiths.

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65 Responses to “Religious Freedom: The Cornerstone of American Government”

  1. Amy says:

    Thank you, Cardinal Dolan! Keep speaking up. The Church needs this. The world needs this. You and all bishops and priests are in our prayers daily. Thank you for being a bold voice!
    Peace and all good.

  2. Helen Shank says:

    Archbishop Dolan is a very intelligent man and it would bode wise if President Obama
    would listen to what he says. Thank you Archbishop Dolan for your leadership. We
    are very lucky to have you as our leader. Thank you.

  3. Mary says:

    We know the President is lawless and has no regard for Christianity, the Catholic Church or the freedoms of our country guaranteed in the Constitution. Many souls will be lost if he is re-elected. Will we hear the Truth from our pulpits. Will our Bishops shepherd us even in the face of persecution. Like the people of Ninevah, tell us the Truth.

  4. Alison Carter says:

    Thank you so much for your clear and consistent voice. Thank you for not buckling under the pressure of the attacks on Holy Mother Church. Thank you for being a good shepherd to your people, and a source of encouragement to your brother bishops.
    Bless you. We are praying for you and all our clergy.

  5. Irwin says:

    Amen!!!!!!! Can’t wait until Obama is gone!!!!

  6. Damien M. Schiff says:

    Most Reverend Eminence,
    Just two small points. First, the First Amendment was not placed first in the Bill of Rights because of the supposed preeminence of the rights it protects. In fact, what is today the First Amendment was actually the third of a larger list of amendments originally proposed. Second, although I agree with your position re the importance of an exemption for Catholic institutions, what about those secular institutions run by Catholic laymen? Won’t their freedoms be violated too, and thus shouldn’t there be a religious exemption for all Catholic employers?
    Kissing the Sacred Purple,
    D. Schiff

  7. Judith Shepard says:

    God bless you!

  8. Suz says:

    If you accept federal funds then you are subject to the same requirements as any other federal contractor. The court upheld your right to control inner hiring decisions if you are a private employer, but once you accept public funds you are subject to the same rules that govern everyone else who accepts federal funds. Dogma is not a valid exemption. The alternative is to retain your right to self govern your employee benefits package by not accepting federal funds, just like everyone else. This has nothing to do with religious freedom and everything to do with equality. Your employees are still free to choose not to avail themselves of those benefits if they agree with your doctrine.

  9. Jeanne Johnstone says:

    This law is clearly a violation of freedom of religion and I am appalled if we allow this to pass. When do we stop this madman from infringing on our Constitutional rights. All Americans no matter what their opinion is about religion or abortion must fight for our Constitutional rights to be protected or we will lose much more.

  10. Tom Garson says:

    Dear Archbishop Dolan,
    Don’t you think it is perhaps time for the Catholic bishops of the United States to begin taking bolder steps to combat the current administration’s attempts to stifle our religious freedoms? If just one large diocese was to seriously state they it would close all of its hospitals and schools by some definite date if these new rules were not rescinded, I think we would see quick action. Most Americans would be proud of such a principled stand. I know this is not the most original thought in the world, but is there some reason that you see why it is not viable?

    Congratulations on your elevation to Cardinal and God bless you and your work.

  11. Catherine says:

    What should we do to fight this, Archbishop Dolan?

  12. Ron Mulvaney says:

    Kudos, Archbishop and Cardinal-elect. Your thoughts are very well expressed! Maybe the Obama Administration will rescind its rule. Let’s hope and pray.

    Ron Mulvaney

  13. George says:

    A special word of recognition to Sr. Keenan, Fr. Jenkins, Douglas Kmeic and the other pro-Obama catholics who who gave support to this Constitution shredding, Catholic hating nightmare of a president.

  14. AndyP/Doria2 says:

    Finally, our heirarchy has noticed that we have been hoodwinked by politicians who are our enemies. This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt the we are fighting against principalites.

    The lord of this world spares no effort to take as many souls to perdition as he possibly can, and his tactics include the idea that compromise is possible between the world and Christian Tradition and teaching. Certain of the mega-churches are infected, from the top-down, and we have deluded brethren in the Catholic Church. This proves even more succinctly that there can be no compromise and no surrender.

    I took the above from an article I read somewhere this morning. Can’t remember where but it took the words right out of my mouth.

    Maybe now we can revise our USCCB voting guide and use the pulpits in our country to really teach the folks what is really happening.

    I know our Lord has already won the battle. Problem is, too many of our fellow Catholic do not.

  15. MKD says:

    Right to choice as treating pregnancy as a disease. The problem is that conservatives wish to portray themselves as superior moral beings, and dems as baby murderers, when nobody wants anyone to have an abortion. Republicans eat their cake and have it too, by not passing legislation banning abortion and overturning roe and casey (when they have the presidency and Congress), but using it as a calling card to prove their moral superiority, while undercutting the poor and any subsidizing of them, and providing tax breaks for fast food lobbyists (disease anyone?) and other unhealthy company’s lobbies that in turn feed the drug and insurance companies. They took advantage of the not-lobbyist-represented middle class too, and are now feeling a backlash because the middle class is better educated and have more power. The Church should not be lumped in with with this conservative consortium, as they care about and love the poor, whereas most republicans basically say you must have your baby, but after that we’ll let you both starve because of your lack of work ethic. Obviously abortion is never the answer to the problem, but neither are certain policies that continue a cycle of greed and deceit. The good of this health care reform far outweighs the bad, and these types of issues should be tackled at the base or foundation (progressive policies for poor single pregnant women and better education for anyone seeking an abortion, including financial and spiritual guidance), not at the headline making top.

  16. Mary says:

    Archbishop, please stop the presses on “Faithful Citizenship.” Save the money. We don’t need conscience guides in 2012. We need your pastoral guidance.

    We have only to look at the stiff-necked, anti-Church, anti-God, anti-life politician that 54% of Catholics voted for in 2008 and pray to God Almighty on our knees with all our hearts that we Catholics will not repeat the mistake of 2008. We need your pastoral guidance.

    Four more years and the Supreme Court will be tipped for a generation, if not forever. We need your pastoral guidance.

    We are a culture on one wheel. The Catholic Church is the only source of Truth around. We need your direct, unqualified direction. We need to be told not to vote for more of this. We need your pastoral guidance.

  17. Mike r says:

    President Obama and his Administration have laid down the gauntlet with this decision. This needs to be THE wake-up call certainly to Catholics, but I hope also to other decent and moral people of other faiths and even to those with no faith. This is an assault on our freedoms and our ability to practice the key tenents of our faith. Since this battle cannot be won in the political area alone, I urge Bishop Dolan to set aside time during Sunday Mass to invoke the intercession of St. Michael to be our safeguard against the wickedness of this decision.

  18. Helen Reilly says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Cardinal Dolan, for speaking out on this. Thank you for standing firm in faith on so many issues. Catholics, and other Christians as well, need someone to stand up and lead, someone to be their shepherd.

  19. Isaac Olson says:

    God bless you and Mary keep you, Archbishop Dolan! The Catholic faithful of the US are proudly standing and praying with you! Keep up the good work.

  20. SMSC says:,6854

    Can’t respond to that over there, so responding here. I’m sure it will be ignored, but felt it had to be said.

    Jesus and HIS Church are One.

    Jesus and THE Church are not.

    Christ’s Church consists of His followers on earth. Christ’s Church is not a man-made institution. To equate the institution of the Catholic Church with Jesus Christ is incorrect, but it proves to me once again that the arrogant, proud, power-hungry men of the Catholic Church don’t give a hot damn about Christ OR His Church. All they care about is their position, their power and their pride.

    And that’s all I ever need to know about you people. I thank you for showing this to me once again. Never fails — as soon as I think about coming back to the Catholic Church, God reveals the truth about you people.

  21. I expressed great caution regarding the detals of Obamacare as it was rushed through the legislative process. I guessed that the 2,000 or so pages were sure to contain great surprises. Now we are beginning to see why it was so rushed without careful, honest disclosure. We can only hope that a change in administration will right these wrongs.

  22. Nathan J. Wood says:

    Dear Archbishop Dolan,


    This is not acceptable. Yes, it will cost money for rich and many more poor Americans. Worse, it will cause the life or lack of life to be removed. Next will be abortion?
    I sent my stand the President and will continue to send email and regular mail monthly.

    Thank You, sir, for your pushing for repeal of this terrible law.

    Nathan J. Wood

  23. Christine Zainer MD says:

    Unless the message that “Contraception is bad…and bad for us” is promulgated, the “religious freedom” arguments will lose. Of course, fight this unjust HHS/Obama mandate in the courts but don’t miss this opportunity for a PR blitz in the court of public opinion to engage the culture and teach why contraception is morally evil and unmask its many negative effects, individually and collectively. Civilization depends on your manly witness. This is not hyperbole. There are no “good contraceptives” and never will be. So called “reproductive freedom” that divorces sex from babies doesn’t exist and never will. Religious freedom will be lost if you remain silent on the evils of contraception. Coraggio!

  24. Kevin says:

    Great article. I hope this goes to the courts right away and is not delayed until after the election.

  25. Linda Bassett says:

    I am praying God’s will be done in the upcoming election. According to what I understand in His Word, I am supposed to pray for our leaders. I am being obedient and doing that. I don’t know what God has planned for this country but I do know that we better get on our knees daily and pray He doesn’t give up on America!

  26. John G. says:

    Dear Cardinal-Elect Dolan,

    Would you consider a Pastoral Letter to all Catholics in the United States to advise them of the “problem”?

  27. The religious employer exemption sounds like a provision specifically intended to exclude Catholic Charities. With the current administration in power, this pains me but does not surprise me.

    Hope the rules can be revised soon.

  28. Sharon and Jim Hansen says:

    God Bless You, Archbishop Dolan!
    As practicing Catholics we go about our daily living, caring for our families and we see what is happening to “freedom of religion”. You are able to have a great influence on this country in this matter. Thank you for insisting that this will not happen. We are praying for you and we pray for our country every day. STAND STRONG AS YOU REPRESENT ALL OF US.
    The Hansen Family

  29. Mary Pesarchick says:

    Thank you, Cardinal-elect Dolan for your very strong, clear teaching on this matter. We lay Catholics have been crying out for this from our heirarchy for such a long time. I only hope that it is not too late and that Catholics, complacent for so long as our freedoms of speech and religion have been gradually taken from us, will listen and stand up to fight.

  30. Mary says:

    In April 2009 you got a 2 minute standing ovation from a packed St. Patrick’s Cathedral when as the newly installed Archbishop of NY you promised the Church’s protection for the unborn like a mother bear protects her cubs.

    Archbishop Dolan, it’s time to get your mama bear suit out of the closet.

    The same elected ones who demand no religion in the public square are replacing true religion with a shallow secular pulpit given to zealous sermonizing about women’s right to choose, bullying and the latest : thou shalt not be unfair! Who was it that said: When a Man stops believing in God he doesn’t then believe in nothing, he believes anything. And secular drivel is truly “anything.”

    How did we get to a time when a secular bureaucrat like Kathleen Sebelius is given charge of ordering the details of the 2000+ shrinkwrapped pages of Obamacare, which is slowly revealing just what the state’s definition of “care” is. The devil is truly in the details.

    So you’re the guy in the mama bear suit, our Cardinal, our chief of bishops, our front line. Not being a great warrior myself, might I suggest we do a Tim Tebow Catholic-style. Set aside one Sunday soon as a day of consecration in our Churches to Our Blessed Mother, the patroness of the United States, asking for her prayers to her Divine Son so that we may be courageous, clear and committed to our faith and successful in the struggle we are in. …you know best what to say and do. Many of us stand ready to follow you into battle.

    God love you and your brother bishops for bringing us forward.

  31. A M Bryce says:

    Thank you, Archbishop Dolan! We do need more of these blunt and crystal clear statements from all levels of the church, including us lay people. We need to be told clearly and frequently. We also need to know what actions might be necessary to remain faithful if the government actions stand.

    If Obamacare isn’t thrown out by the US Supreme Court, what concrete actions can we take to circumvent this unjust “law” without closing our cherished institutions? Here is one suggestions:
    Start a non-profit, Church administered new type of health care support mechanism that is not founded on an employer/employee model (maybe call it a mutual aid plan rather than a health insurance plan.) Open it up to whoever has any type of connection to the church – parishioner, minister, employee, etc. The church, not the government’ could then control the types of health care that would be covered, excluding all that is against church teachings not just contraception and abortion, but also IVF, sterilization, embryonic stem cell treatments, fetal-tissue based vaccines, etc.

  32. Marti Comyns says:

    Please, please get the Catholic churches to band together, signing petitions, just do something. Begin an action -everyone will jump on board. Just like you are informing us today, we need to take action. The more people, the heeigher the numbers and number of states inviloved the better. The Lord will bless our efforts. On the wings of prayers will He help us to stop this madness. What are we waiting for; a Charleton heston? Wil one man out there please start the fire burning….
    the Comyns family

  33. Janet Muenzenberger says:

    Finally the US Catholic Bishops are speaking in opposition to the administration. Where were all the Bishops when the Demoncrats were shoving this down our throats? I did not here one word in opposition. Maybe I missed the words, letters, news conferences, etc. Where were the comments when Obama was running for the presidency the first time? Don’t get me wrong I am ecstatic that you are all speaking up now, but it may be TOO LITTLE TOO LATE. Is the American Catholic Church willing to decouple itself from the entanglement with the federal government? That is what it might take in order to win this battle and it is a battle.

  34. Tom Doyle says:

    This is not about abortion or contraception it is about our right of religious freedom.
    This is a slap in tghe face to all religions. The use of Executive Orders is also a slap in the face of Congress. Will his next executive order be that pork be served in all Synagogues.

  35. Michael Henthorn says:

    Dear Archbishop,

    We have heard you, shepherd. You lead; we will follow.

  36. Michael Henthorn says:

    Dear Archbishop:

    Thank you, shepherd. I am following.

  37. AndyP/Doria2 says:

    Pray for SMSC folks. There is much confusion out there but one who leaves the only true Church, a Church established by our Lord Himself needs all the Holy Spirit led guidance available.

    SMSC willingly gave up the Body and Blood. Willingly!

    Our Lord said if one does not eat His flesh and drink His blood there is no life in him. Sad – Very sad.

  38. Michael T says:

    I am christian but not Catholic. My wife and children are Catholic. One of several reasons that I do not make the conversion is that the clergy and specifically the senior clergy (American Council of Bishops) have refused in the past to make clear and direct political statements regarding political candidates to their flocks. This travestty of a President and his administration was voted upon by 54+% of Catholics, and similar percentage of those of the Jewish Faith, because they did not recieve a clear indication from religious leadership (in both religions) to the contrary. Anyone with an ounce of forsight could have called this outcome, both the abandonment of the alliance with Isreal and the direct attack on rlilious freedom in general, fom a political party that PROMOTES abortion, yet year after year we find out that Catholics and our Jewish bretherin vote Dem…???!!!

  39. Mary says:

    From a wall photo posted on Facebook today @


    Pass it on!!

  40. AndyP/Doria2 says:

    Michael T is on the money, but one does not leave Jesus because of Judas. Join us Michael, and receive our Lord Bodily every Sunday, or every day if one so chooses.

  41. It is time we took a stand. Archbishop Dolan is a fearless leader

  42. Dawn Marie Ceja says:

    God bless you Cardinal Dolan, “well done good and faithful servant”, we are so blessed to have such faithful leaders as yourself in the Church. I have an appeal to make to you, and pray that you can communicate to your brother Bishops and Cardinals this inspiration that I received today, which has always been a desire of mine. It is IMPERATIVE in these times, to reinstate the St. Michael Prayer after every mass as mandatory, at least here in America. I urge all of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to start doing this, and please communicate to your Bishops this need as well.

    Thank you and God greatly bless you

  43. Kate Wright says:

    Dear Cardinal-designate Dolan,

    Bless you, and thank you!

    Many of our persecuted friends in China ask me, “What is taking America so long to find us?” Our Catholic message of LIFE is universal. I tell my friends….you are not “made in China” you are made in the image and likeness of God!

    My local pastor in Los Angeles has been slow to communicate LA Cardinal Gomez’s message — what is taking him so long?!

    Thank you again,
    Kate Wright

  44. Patricia says:

    1. Dear Archbishop Dolan:
    We need to act boldly and now! Here is a plan!
    We need to ask all Catholics(especially employers and employees) and people of good faith to stop work on a particular day and to gather to pray, fast and march. The NO work is important since this is about health care coverage and employers.
    This should take place within each of the major cities and near our valiant Shepherds. We need to bus the people from the parish to the site! All parishes should be required to organize this.
    Boston Cardinal O’Malley
    New York Cardinal elect Dolan
    Philadelphia Archbishop Chaput
    Washington Cardinal Wuerl
    Detroit-Archbishop Vigneron
    Chicago-Cardinal George
    Denver-Bishop Conley
    Houston-Cardinal Dinardo
    New Orleans
    St. Louis-
    Los Angeles-Archbishop Gomez
    In each place we should expect to have as many Catholics as if the Holy Father were physically present. We are listening and responding to his call to defend religious liberty. Maybe we cold video conference him in to each site! A New evangelization effort!
    Of course we should call the Mormons and Evangelicals and all other people on our side.
    The day should begin with people of faith heading to their place of worship to pray with their fellow believers. For Catholics, that means Mass.
    Then they should march with signs from their place of worship to a central place to hear speeches about the founding of this nation and religious freedom! We should celebrate religious freedom and the great gift it has provided to the United States! Maybe some revolutionary war time reenactments. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams., Charles Carrol, Bishop Carroll etc…
    Some patriotic music.
    Then we, as Catholics should end with a Eucharistic Procession through the streets and adoration This will make the injustice Visible. This is Rosa Parks!
    Will people join us? If not now, when? This is Rosa Parks. We need to act boldly and begin to awaken the giant. It is time. Let us use this HHS Mandate to our advantage. They have thrown a hard ball..Let us hit it out of the park!
    I am a non practicing attorney. I was an editor of our constitutional Law Journal at Seton Hall University. I love our First Amendment! I love my faith! I love the Holy Father! I love my Church! We need to fight and fight now or it will be too late. The German people woke up too late.
    If you need help, I’m there!
    God Speed.

  45. I am so saddened by the response of my own parish priest who said: “well, the democrat party is going write to the administration about this”. But, there has been no mention of the “Bishop’s Letter” at mass yet. This is too important to ignore. What will Obama require next year? My parish priest is a good man, but I believe we are seeing a repeat of Germany in 1933. Time will tell if I am being too dramatic, but I am afraid I am not.

  46. John G says:

    Thank you for having the USCCB issue its Pastoral Letter. It was published today in our Fort Myers Parish Bulletin and was read by the celebrant as a homily at our 5PM Mass. At the end of the reading many in the congregation applauded.

    Thank you for your courage. You have our prayers as you, the Bishops, and we the Laity (together “The Church”) attempt to have the Administration’s actions reversed and our religious liberty restored.

  47. P Robinson says:

    As a card carrying sheep, may I alert you to a small difficulty. I employ people from time to time. Family members of mine own or have owned companies. I am not a religious organization, and nor are they. You see? It’s not all about the visible institutions of the Church. Inasmuch as you care about my spiritual well-being, don’t settle for a “so long as MY hands remain clean” exemption sellout. The hypocrisy (not yours, necessarily) of making this all about an exemption for explicitly religious institutions is not lost on the irreligious.
    I know you support religious freedom for all (which is to say, freedom from undue pressure to cooperate with material evil); why muddy the waters and confuse people with references to exemptions for religious institutions? Is this, of all times, not a time for clarity of principle?
    Religious exemptions (for institutions) have never been a good thing; they are always a bribe to keep our shepherds quiet and passive in the face of evil’s march on our consciences and our lay institutions.

  48. Kate Wright says:

    Dear Cardinal-designate Dolan,

    My late father was the lawyer for the Dubuque Province throughout his lifetime. My mother was trained as a lawyer, had eight children, active in the pro-life movement. My cardiologist uncle was active in end-of-life pro-life movement. However, I reside in California where godless Leftism rules at the polls, socially, politically, morally.

    My concern is emerging opposition from within the Catholic Church by Catholic mid-hierarchy as well as “Catholic” political figures. My pastor at Good Shepherd Parish in Beverly Hills claims he “does not have time” to communicate this subject in the pulpit or even in our bulletins. I referred him to the Catholic Conference statements by 153 Catholic Bishops, and offered my writing services pro bono (market value $2,000) — which he rejected.

    Today, I saw this clip of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, in which she publicly (willfully) opposes Catholic teaching (and implicitly, right of free conscience), but yet, claims to be stand with her “fellow” Catholics! See for yourself:

    Archbishop Dolan, please advise your Catholic Conference this is known as religious treachery.

    Best wishes,
    Kate Wright

  49. Dr. Frank Marotti says:

    Just think. In the 1970s, a handful of judges on the Supreme Court (the same institution that in the past sanctioned slavery and segregation), said that abortion is a “constitutional right.” Now, as of this year, more than 53 million innocent, “inconvenient” unborn children have been slaughtered in the U.S. This does not count the millions of potential descendants of these “terminated” children.

    Half of the “terminated” were female. A disproportionate percentage were people of color, particularly African American. Make no mistake about it, this racist eugenics is far worse than the horrors of slavery and Jim Crow segregation (from which my family suffered). We defeated Hitler only to adopt his policies under the guise of “democracy” and “human rights.” Our immoral policy is causing us to commit national suicide by destroying our precious human resources. I fear that we are becoming China with its censorship, its puppet “official” Catholic Church, and its state-sponsored terrorism against the unborn. The federal government is forcing all of us to bloody our hands with abortion, the absolutely worst crime against humanity in human history.

    Why has the government become so bold? It believes that Catholics will not REALLY do anything in response, that’s why. The government would not do this to Muslims. Nor would they risk raising the ire of the murderous wolf in sheep’s clothing, Planned Parenthood. After all, the priest who is president of Notre Dame invited the ardently pro-abortion President Obama to speak on campus. The vast majority of Notre Dame grads didn’t even protest by wearing an unborn child on their regalia. On the other hand, the book was thrown at the 88 protesters peacefully praying on Notre Dame’s campus. Elsewhere, Georgetown University covered crucifixes when President Obama spoke there. “Catholic” leaders like VP Biden and Speaker Pelosi are ok with abortion, as is NJ Senator Menendez. In reality, who can blame President Obama? He’s following the perceived path of least resistance regarding abortion. And, he’s bought off most African American and Latino leaders who do not seem very concerned about the ethnic bias of abortion.

    As Catholics, it’s about time we learned lessons from Planned Parenthood supporters. Note how successful they were in getting the Komen Foundation to reverse its course. Being meek in the face of horrible injustice is itself a horrible injustice.

    At every Catholic Mass, during the Prayers of the Faithful, we should DIRECTLY pray for unborn children, their parents, and all victims of abortion. In my experience, very few Catholic churches do this. It all starts with prayer and the Eucharist.

    “Catholic” politicians who support abortion should be publicly excommunicated. Unless they change their views in the future, they can find plenty of other faiths that will embrace their abortionist stance. Let them worship in these congregations.

    Campus ministers, especially at Catholic universities, should galvanize students to stand up for the voiceless unborn. These young people should realize that they are “abortion survivors” and that abortion has slaughtered their potential friends and spouses. They owe it to the “terminated” members of their generation to speak out for them.

    African American and Latino Catholics have a special role to play with the “politically correct” abortionist government. Let the government know in no uncertain terms that it is not ok to slaughter African American and Latino children.

    This summer, the Church and all pro-life Americans should embark upon a PEACEFUL, NONVIOLENT, PRAYERFUL series of demonstrations like those of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Call it “The Summer of Life.” IF NEED, we should fill the jails in peaceful civil disobedience and withhold the payment of our taxes, IF NECESSARY. Let the government arrest millions of Catholics. IF everybody works together, this could succeed in saving the lives of millions of unborn children. Show the government that we, like Planned Parenthood, mean business. The government is acting like a bully. We did not do enough in the face of Roe v. Wade and we now have millions slaughtered. If we do nothing now, we will be oppressed people worshipping in an American Catholic Church that is a puppet of the government. We do have the right to peacefully protest in this country. This is all that I am calling for.

    Keep being a roaring lion for the unborn Archbishop Dolan! You are in my daily prayers.

  50. AndyP/Doria2 says:

    Brilliant letter by Dr. Frank Marotti, but look at the facts. Last I heard, about 160 out of some 270 bishops have joined our Archbishop Dolan in publicly speaking on this and too many priests ignore this in their pulpits.

    THAT is our biggest problem. Lack of cohesive leadership.