Stand Up for Life, Stand Up for Women

Last Wednesday, S.E. Cupp wrote a great story in the New York Daily News about abortion. I would like to share it with you.

Here is an excerpt:

This past weekend, I was down in Washington and had a chance to talk to some Republican lawmakers and strategists on Capitol Hill about the trouncing we took in the presidential election.

Over and over again, the fear that the conservative pro-life position may have contributed to our loss came up. Their solution? We have to stop talking about it.

But this cannot be an option. The respect for life is a moral imperative that defines conservatism as much as fiscal responsibility. Conservatism cannot abandon it and remain uncompromised.

Over time, liberalism has normalized abortion, first insisting it should be “safe, legal and rare,” then painting pro-life advocates as fanatics who should be ostracized for foisting their puritanism on the public.

Conservatives need to reclaim the conversation — which they can’t do without talking about it.

You can read the whole op-ed here.

5 Responses to “Stand Up for Life, Stand Up for Women”

  1. Karen Moore says:

    Bishop Dolan, the Republicans need to accept responsibility for the fact that most of them are not truly pro-life — they are pro-birth. They feel passionately about protecting the rights of the unborn child but then contribute little to protecting the rights of that child after birth. For me, pro-life theology is a complete mantra encorporating the right to birth, to safe and effective housing, to adequate food and clean water, good education, protection from rampant gun violence, protection of our enviroment, etc. Since the Republican Party chose to focus only on the pre-birth portion of this theology and present an monolithic argument, many of us committed Catholics were left with no option except to vote for President Obama, who does, indeed, endorse and support most of the pro-life issues.

  2. Barbara Pinnola says:

    I think the Pro-Life strategy should be changed. Since the Pro-Choice strategy is making abortion a woman issue (which it is not) but does attract that mind-set greatly, then make the Pro-Life strategy a woman issue. You can make it a woman issue by using the logo “Women in the Womb.” Save the “Woman in the Womb.” There are women in countries abroad who will abort babies because the sonagram identifies them as female. Perhaps it is happening in this country, too. Investigate and report it. If it is, I bet that you will see all of the women fighting for the “Women in the Womb.” Naturally, we want to protect the male in the womb, too. The strategy is worth a try. (The book, “Half the Sky” by Nicholas D. Kristof, speaks of this selective female abortion.)

  3. Tina says:

    Prayers and blessings to you, Cardinal Dolan! I’m commenting here because I am not sure how else to email you. In regards to the canonization of Dorothy Day, I am overjoyed, though I wonder if she would care too much :) Please remember that what makes her so important in the history of our Church is not simply being opposed to abortion. Dorothy is important because she recognized that the dignity of life extends LONG past birth. She saw dignity in all people and treated them accordingly. We must acknowledge that we are supporting someone who was opposed to abortion, as well as all war, violence, discrimination, and disenfranchisement. We should hold her up as a model because her life asks us to walk a hard and radical road. God bless!!

  4. Cherie says:

    God Bless You Cardinal Dolan!! What you wrote,”The respect for life is a moral imperative that defines conservatism as much as fiscal responsibility. Conservatism cannot abandon it and remain uncompromised” is exactly the problem- there seems to be, among Conservative politicians and pundits alike, a kind of situational morality, which is confusing and unappealing in it’s lukewarmish-ness. Instead of taking the middle ground to appease people, i.e. abortion is ok in cases of rape or incest, what if Republicans acknowledged that an unwanted pregnancy would indeed be a hard cross to bear, but then took the opportunity to express truths that define why abortion is wrong in the first place. Triumphing over tragedy and taking personal responsibility is a kind of mantra in the GOP and what better way to give expression to that belief than to express respect for life, no matter the circumstances of conception. The GOP hasn’t done well at communicating the difference between women’s rights and what are really their desires.

  5. Cherie says:

    In addition: I totally and 100% disagree with Ms Moores comments about what constitutes ‘pro-life’, and so had no choice but to vote for the president. With respect, that’s nonsense, sophistry and disingenuous. Pro life means that abortion is a grave sin, and if committed Catholics think otherwise, perhaps the Church needs to do a better job communicating? Or we need to listen better…It’s heartbreaking to me to read this kind of rationale. Christ have mercy.