Statement on Democratic Convention

This morning, the Archdiocese of New York released a statement to the press regarding next week’s Democratic National Convention. I would like to share the press release with you.



“Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York, has accepted an invitation to deliver the closing prayer at next week’s Democratic National Convention.  As was previously announced, he will also be offering the closing prayer at the Republican Convention on Thursday of this week.

It was made clear to the Democratic Convention organizers, as it was to the Republicans, that the Cardinal was coming solely as a pastor, only to pray, not to endorse any party, platform, or candidate.  The Cardinal consulted Bishop Peter Jugis of the Diocese of Charlotte, who gave the Cardinal his consent to take part in the convention that will be taking place in his diocese.”



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53 Responses to “Statement on Democratic Convention”

  1. Kenneth Michaels says:

    Thank you.

  2. Nate Easley says:

    Why has Welfare become such a hot issue in this presidential election? Truth be told, it hasn’t–except to a Republican party that has stooped to all new lows of race baiting.

    President Obama has not “gutted” Welfare. He has not ended the Welfare “work requirement.” In fact, he has granted a waiver to 5 state governors, affording them greater flexibility in implementing the “work requirement.” Ironcially, President Obama, in granting such flexibility to these few states, has done exactly what Republicans have wanted to do for years. President Obama’s action was, in effect, a concession to the hard core right-wing position on “states’ rights.”

    As with other actions and policies of President Obama–the Affordable Care Act is one good example–when the Republicans wanted to implement such programs, they claimed them to be the salvation of “Democracy as we know it.” But once implemented or even proposed by either President Obama or the Democratic Party in general, all such programs were vilified as the works of Satan.

    Can you not see the hypocrisy?

    Romney’s campaign ads claiming that President Obama has “gutted” our Welfare program and exclaiming that President Obama wants to turn the United States into a welfare state in which a bunch of lazy black folks can sit on their porches, collect welfare checks and buy drugs and booze all day are patently false. Anyone with an IQ of more than 10 can see this. The Catholic Bishops, so eager to mount the bully pulpit and compare President Obama to Stalin and Hitler know that the Romney ads are false. Every day our Bishops hear Romney repeat the same lies in his speeches, but not one Bishop has stood up to criticize Romney. Why is that?

    Mitt Romney’s first campaign ad against President Obama was a lie. The Romney people edited the sound of President Obama quoting John McCain saying, “If we talk about the economy, nothing will change.” President Obama was telling people that we have to talk about the economy, that we must engage in an honest debate about the economy. But if you listen to the Romney ad, none of that comes through.

    Romney knew his ad was a lie. He knows it still.

    Romney knows that his ads about President Obama removing the “work requirement” from Welfare are lies. Each time he stands before a crowd and tells Americans that same lie, Romney knows and understands his dishonest. Yet he perseveres in his dishonesty. And this is the man that Cahtolics want as their president?

    One more thing: President Obama did not “steal” $716 billion from Medicare, as Romney repeatedly claims. Every legitimate fact-checking organization and every newspaper in America have criticized Romney for his dishonesty in making these claims about Medicare and about Welfare. But Romney persists in his lying.

    He knows he’s lying. We know he’s lying. But he continues.

    What’s worse, although no one has talked about Welfare as a campaign issue in years, Romney chose to resurrect it in order to appeal to the lowest instincts of some Americans. Romney, knowing he has alienated Black Americans, Latino Americans, Asian Americans, Women, the poor, the sick, the most vulnerable in this nation, is desperate–as his campaign admits–for votes of middle-class white voters who harbor racial prejudice and hatred. And Romney has the audacity to claim the President is waging a campaign of anger and devisiveness?

    Keep in mind that Mitt Romney’s campaign strategy has been to remain vague on the issues–lest someone criticize his ideas and policies (what’s he afraid of?)–and to vilify the President as being un-American, “foreign.,” and something other than the rest of us. And now he’s lowered the bar of decency to participate in a hateful brand of race-baiting politics. If he’s the person you want as president, then you’ll truly get the government you deserve.

  3. Gina says:

    Wow! That’s awesome!!!!! Lord Jesus send your Holy Spirit upon the Republicans and Democrats!!!!!

  4. Katherine says:

    Cardinal Dolan,

    I pray your public appearance at the conventions and the Al Smith dinner will not contribute to the moral confusion that is destroying our country and more importantly, endangering souls.

    We’re on the road to tyranny because sin and moral confusion. Please use these opportunitites to shine the light of truth, no matter who it burns. We need to hear it.

    If you can find Father Corapi, get some tips from him on cutting through the fog with a clear, strong voice unapologetically speaking the truth as taught by the Catholic Church. Fr. Corapi’s voice cut through the fog 2 years ago and reached my ears and sparked my interest in learning and living my Catholic faith.

    Isaiah 55:11 “So shall my word be, which shall go forth from my mouth: it shall not return to me void, but it shall do whatsoever I please, and shall prosper in the things for which I sent it.”

    Spread the gospel and do your best!

    In Jesus and Mary,


  5. MaryGreene says:

    Are there no wolves in your world? The Al Smith invite. The celebration of Joe Biden as Catholic. And now praying at political conventions and telling us you’re neutral. There is no neutrality in the face of intrinsic evil. There is no civility in the face of intrinsic evil. Evil is evil. Take care of your flock. We’re the ones who’ll be devoured by the wolves that you are busy dancing with. Neutral my eye.

  6. Kent says:

    Cardinal Dolan:
    The faithful of Charlotte are very glad you are coming to our city! Please be assured of our prayers for you and accept our gratitude for your efforts on behalf of Religious Freedom.

  7. MARK says:

    Your Eminence –

    Please take Michael Voris’ practical advice and black out the media entirely from the Al Smith Dinner. This will send a powerful message that your motivation is strictly pastoral while removing all possibilities of the media using you to convince confused Catholics that you support aspects of this administration’s evil agenda.

    In JMJ

  8. Ronald Nolan says:

    Christ Himself refused to be drawn into the politics of his day. “Render unto Ceasar the things that are Caesar’s…”. I have sat at Mass for weeks in my inner city Detroit Parish and listened to the priests take the line now espoused by the Catholic Bishops. I will not be told how to vote. This is creating a crisis of conscience for me. I need ministry, not politics. I pray for those who oppress the poor, the sick, the elderly by both commission and omission. I pray for my Church.

    Ronald Nolan
    Detroit Michigan

  9. Michael DeGennaro says:

    Your Eminence i know you are trying to be even handed,but the time for even handedness has been long gone.Liberal Catholics have to be told that they are sinning by supporting the murder of innocents.By your attending the democrat convention you are giving them a choice(Pro Choice).Catholics will think it’s alright to support candidates that support Abortion.I know you are well intentioned but you are making a serious mistake.Obama will take your coming there as see abortion can have a difference of opinion,after all he is coming before our convention.Liberal Catholics should be told that supporting and voting for abortion candidates is 100% wrong.Please do not compromise with the purveyors of death,i beg you.
    Sincerely,Michael J. DeGennaro

  10. J. Easter says:

    I’ll be praying that the Holy Spirit guides you in choosing your words, Cardinal Dolan. Many millions of your flock will be watching… what a great opportunity to Shepherd!

  11. Mary Dyar says:

    I wonder if as another remark stated if the Cardinal is in danger of confusing the Faithful.
    We should pray for a political party that includes abortion in its platform as desirable, but I am not sure we as Catholics should make an official appearance at their Conventionc

  12. Kenneth Michaels says:


    I understand that you are asking the candidates to sign a civility pledge being promoted by Carl Anderson. As a member of the Knights, I can tell you that the Knights of Columbus is one of the most uncivil, anti-Democratic, bigoted organizations that I have encountered. I recently received minutes of a meeting which called for, under the heading “Good of the Order,” to drive the “incumbents (referring to President Obama) out of office.

  13. Joe says:

    Cardinal Dolan,

    I have been a huge supporter of yours and have recognized you as a man placed at a specific point in history for a very specific purpose. These are trying times and I am so disappointed that you will be sharing the platform with a party that is pro-death and pro-homosexual marriage.

    With all do respect, you are only muddying the waters that are already filled with liberal minded priests and nuns who misguide the sheep of their flocks into thinking this slanted agenda is both acceptable and the norm.

    Remember Sir Winston Churchill who said “You have enemies? Good! That means you have stood for something, sometime in your life”. Stand tall Cardinal Dolan. You are our shepard.

    Stay the course and state the truth. Represent the truth and let the liberal members of the Catholic faith know the intrinsic evils of pro-abortion and pro-homosexual beliefs cannot run parallel with our beliefs….period.

  14. Michale F. Lavanga says:

    I am disappointed that you felt it neessary to give the blessing at the Democratic Convention. As a practicing Catholic, I’m trying to reconcile the teaching of the Church with the actions of the Church leaders. I don’t understand how the leader of the American Church can attend the Convention of a party whose platform includes support for abortion, late term abortion and partial birth abortion. Isn’t this the Democratic administration that wants the Church to violate it’s teaching by demanding they pay for contraceptives in their employee insurance plans?
    If you wanted to show impartiality, maybe you should have refused to attend the Republican Convention.

    Michael F. Lavanga

  15. Rosemary Martin says:

    I am appalled that a Catholic Cardinal would pray at a Democratic Convention. The Deoocratic platform supports abortion and homosexuals contrary to the teaching of the church founded by Jesus Christ. May God have mercy on your soul. Your are suppose to tend God’s sheep not lead them astray.

  16. marynmom says:

    Cardinal Dolan, To “liberal” “Catholics” this will look like “permission” to vote for Obama. BTW there is no such thing as a “liberal Catholic” as the news media has been calling them — you are either Catholic and abide by Catholic doctrines or you’re not. I do not see this as a good thing. Perhaps it would have been better not to be at either convention. IMHO

  17. John says:

    I am saddened when I read comments on this and other posts about how simply sitting down to eat with a particular candidate or praying with / for him or her somehow sends the wrong message. Literally every president this nation has ever had engaged in some sort of violent conflict, sending American men and women to die and often causing the death of civilians around the world. The policies of almost every president in our history have resulted in many evils in this world, but at home and abroad, from the exploitation of working people to the literal destruction of the Eden the Bible sent us here to cultivate. To suggest that one presidential candidate is an embodiment of all things unholy because a small set of his policies may lead to more evil than good in this world, while ignoring the proverbial beam in the eye of the other candidate flies in the face of the teachings we are supposed to follow.

    Given that, we are faced with two choices – withdraw altogether or engage in a dialogue to bring about a more loving world. The Cardinal continues to impress me over and over again by choosing the latter.

  18. DaLee Lambert says:

    Your Eminence:

    The Democratic Party platform and performance these past years is anti-religion. Your appearance at the convention to “pray” is indeed a political endorsement even if you claim it is not. People are sheep and look to their shepherd. You are being used. Your appearance there would be an abomination before God. You will not change anyone’s mind in that party about life issues.

    Pray for the Democrats during Mass, the Sorrowful Mysteries, and Divine Office, but do not endorse the murderers of innocents. What a powerful message you would send. By showing up at the Democratic Convention you WILL be viewed as endorsing their agenda.

    Real leaders have to be truthful. Hold the line of truth for life.

    DaLee Lambert

  19. Jack says:

    The most prominent members of the Democratic party approve abortion; the healthcare plan was approved by their party forces Catholics to provide items that prevent or abort conception. By attending the convention, Cardinal Dolan gives his silent approval for these actions. He may not “endorse” any candidate, but he makes it easier for Catholics who are wavering, to vote for Democratic.

  20. A blessing in TRUTH – GOD SHOWS NO PARTIALITY, therefore, put on the armor of God!

    Vivian Cuadras

  21. Cardinal Dolan, you’re acceptance to speak at the DNC is unfortunate. You state that you will not endorse any platform, does this mean that you do not condemn the actions of the liberals and their pro-murder platform? They have made it very clear that they are the party of death, a party that offers the intrinsic evil of abortion as its sacrifice. They have instituted a mandate against the Catholic Church that will make the questioning of our morals a standard to live, be taxed, fined, and possibly imprisoned by. The cultural climate of today is not what it was ten or twenty years ago. Praying for the pro-murder liberals to have a change of heart is something that we can all do, but to stand shoulder to shoulder and offer a prayer for them acting in the name of neutrality? Well, Cardinal Dolan, that is simply wrong. The Catholic Church is not one that stands neutral when it comes to the taking of innocent life at any stage, and you know this. We cannot afford to be a-political, we cannot shrug our shoulders and say “This isn’t so bad.” The truth is evident, the times are difficult, and your stance of neutrality is weak and lacking substance. The Catholic Church may be the olive branch of the world, but we are not the doormat of oppression. Your stance of neutrality, however courageous it might seem, is a stance that can do nothing but bring confusion into the lot. The lines are drawn Cardinal Dolan, you cannot stand on both sides. The liberals know this, and they are using you. Do not think for one instant that you are not being used as a pawn to garner the vote from a weak Catholic electorate. As you know most Catholics in this country are not orthodox by any means, they are laissez faire at best, and lack any real conviction at their worst. They follow the easy and secular route because it is tried, and your actions have made that route a little easier for them to defend and follow. Your innocent flock are being shepherded off a cliff, and you are praying for the wolves. You have made all of our efforts against the HHS Mandate and pro-abortion left seem futile and fleeting. You have rowed your dinghy up to the gun-drawn bow of the liberal vessel, and you have waved your dainty white flag in the ignorant hope that they will offer peace, and accommodation to our cause. Why can you not stand and find common ground with the conservative Republican party? The only capable political party in this nation that stands for the right to life, born and unborn. Why is it so difficult to condemn the liberal ideology, intrinsic evil, and to call a spade a spade? You must reconsider your efforts to attend the DNC and your invitation of President Obama to the Al Smith Dinner, they are actions that can only do harm to Catholic Church in the United States.

  22. Thomas S. Dallmer says:

    Your Eminence,
    I would respectfully suggest that neutrality is not an option for you when speaking at either the Republican or Democratic national conventions. As a Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church you are bound to speak the truth and silence is out of the question concerning such topics as abortion, social injustice and other public issues.
    If you are not prepared to present the unvarnished Catholic truth I suggest you stay clear of either venue. Failing to do so in either location will surely scandalize the Catholic faithful.
    This election is not merely a contest between Republicans and Democrats. It is a contest between democracy and socialism.

  23. Don says:

    Dear Cardinal Dolan,

    As a life-long Catholic, who believes in the Church’s magisterium and doctrines, I am writing to you to please reconsider attending the Democratic Convention and offering a prayer there. I think that doing so will be scandalous because it will signify to most people that the American Catholic Church agrees with the platform of this party, especially abortion and birth-control issues.

    We, American Catholics, are in a fight for our religious rights and heritage in this nation, and your presence will cloud the issue for us and our fellow citizens. I do not understand how on one hand, you speak for Catholic rights and identity, while on the other hand, you agree to pray at the convention of those who seek to destroy our religious rights and freedoms, and protect abortion.

    With all due respect, Cardinal Dolan, you just cannot be there!!! You will be offering incense to the pagan gods of falsehood and murder, in my humble opinion. [You will be offering incense to the pagan gods at the altars of falsehood and murder.]

    God bless you and God bless America, because We need His Help!!!

  24. Don says:

    Dear Cardinal Dolan,

    As a life-long Catholic, who believes in the Church’s magisterium and doctrines, I am writing to you to please reconsider attending the Democratic Convention and offering a prayer there. I think that doing so will be scandalous because it will signify to most people that the American Catholic Church agrees with the platform of this party, especially abortion and birth-control issues.

    We, American Catholics, are in a fight for our religious rights and heritage in this nation, and your presence will cloud the issue for us and our fellow citizens. I do not understand how on one hand, you speak for Catholic rights and identity, while on the other hand, you agree to pray at the convention of those who seek to destroy our religious rights and freedoms, and protect abortion.

    With all due respect, Cardinal Dolan, you just cannot be there!!! You will be offering incense to the pagan gods at the altars of falsehood and murder.

    God bless you and God bless America, because We need His Help!!!

  25. Maria says:

    Your Excellency,
    Please reconsider. Your participation in the Democratic National Convention will only confuse Catholics across this county. The platform of the Democratic Party contains too many stands that are contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church (abortion on demand, gay marriage, mandates to Catholic employers to provide abortion and birth control). Many Catholics do not follow the teachings of the Church on these issues and your participation in a convention of people who mock and oppose Church teaching will only lend credibility to their platform. It does not matter that you are “only there to pray.” How naive are you? How can you not see the hidden agenda? Sadly in 2008 many Catholics voted for the most pro-abortion president this country has every had. Some did so out of ignorance due to a lack of clear teaching by the bishops and the priests on the primacy of the right to life in prioritizing voting issues. Obama should not have gotten one single Catholic vote! The Catholic bishops, you included, are to blame for the attacks on religious liberty and the moral decline of this nation. The UCCB cooperated with Obama to pass Obamacare. You did so because you were promised that Catholic institutions would not be forced to violate their beliefs. Obama lied, and you believed him. As the saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.” You should have had more wisdom than to trust Obama but now you have no excuse. Your decision to grace the DNC with your presence and offer a blessing right after the most pro-abortion president gives his propaganda speech is tantamount to blessing all his actions against the Church and religious liberty. The Democrats must be salivating at your endorsement of Obama and his policies including his attacks on religious freedom. This foolishness cannot happen! The Catholic bishops need to start shepherding the flock including having the wisdom and courage to avoid lending any credibility to those who oppose church teaching. After I finish this comment I intend to try to leave the following comment for the His Holiness Pope Benedict: “Please help us. Our shepherds have lost their way.”

  26. Lois & John Pempsell says:

    Cardinal Dolan:
    Your appearance at the DNC gives a tone of approval for the DNC platform which approves of abortion and same sex marriage. As a result, some of our Roman Catholic friends feel the democratic platform is approved by the Catholic Church because of your appearance at the DNC. As you know, there will be may pro-abortion Catholics attending this convention. As a result of your taking part, being it is only prayer, they will assume you approve the platform.

  27. Robert says:

    Your Eminence, when the trumpet gives and uncertain sound, who will prepare himself for battle. I should have thought your experience with the President and his administration and the numerous Catholics in name only–ie. wolves in sheeps clothin–would have shown the folly of treating the two major parties as currently constituted to be morally and prudentially foolish. This decision is a huge disappointment and does not bode well for your fight against the HHS Mandate and the ongoing crusade for Life, Dignity, holy matrimony and religious liberty. This is like Notre Dame’s awarding its dotor honoris causa degree to a man who favors the unrestrcited abortion license and counterfeit marriage, who ignores the constitutional limits on exective power and who utters one falsehood after another, each more brazen than the one that preceded it.

    Your decision disappoints.

  28. elizabeth connelly says:

    I find this decision so very disturbing. Having been educated in Catholic schools on the elementary, secondary and post secondary levels, I voluntarily left the Church, as I knew I was at odds with its most basic tenets. I miss it. I am duty bound by my faith in the Lord to try not to be hypocritical and recant beliefs that, in a darker time, might have led to excommunication and even death. Yet, you choose to bless a group that would have you commit such hypocrisy!?! I could see if you would attend to speak and try to show them the error of their ways but to bless them?

  29. Midge Everett says:

    As a 68 year old cradle Catholic, I’ve seen hypocrasy in many faces and places and I’m saddened to see it yet again, this time in you. For you go “grace” the Democrats at their convention says to me that you endorse their platform – and completely neutralizes the issue of abortion because your presence says abortion is okay with you and threfore with the Catholic Church, that it’s okay to kill innocent babies and that I should have to pay for contraception for others. I’m embarrassed and ashamed that such a high ranking “leader” in our Catholic faith community would acknowledge their platform by standing on their stage.

  30. Thomas S. Dallmer says:

    Your Eminence,
    I would respectfully suggest that neutrality is not an option for you when speaking at either the Republican or Democratic national conventions. As a Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church you are bound to speak the truth and silence is out of the question concerning such topics as abortion, social injustice and other public issues.
    If you are not prepared to present the unvarnished Catholic truth I suggest you stay clear of either venue. Failing to do so in either location will surely scandalize the Catholic faithful.
    This election is not merely a contest between Republicans and Democrats. It is a contest between democracy and socialism.

  31. Thomas Dwyer says:

    The headlines are blaring that the Cardinal is to appear, along with Sr. Simone Cambell, at the Democratic National Convention. What does this mean to the Catholic in the pew?
    Just consider the Democratic party platform. It is the antithesis of Catholic teaching.
    What is the reason for consorting with the enemies of Christ and His Church? Jesus was no political lapdog slapping the back of those who kill the unborn and promote antifamily and anti gospel values. Is this true leadership or just political pandering? What would John the Baptist do? Cardinal Dolan, I as a Catholic no longer respect you and find no wonder that the faithful are confused and scattered for they have a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing.

  32. This is like Jesus going among the moneychangers in the temple AFTER he overturned the tables and straightening them up again.

    I thought of a new slogan for our precious faith – REAL CATHOLICS VOTE FOR ROMNEY -Real Catholics know that the Democratic platform on abortion is morally, intrinsically evil in the eyes of the Catholic church and more importantly in God’s eye. Such evil cannot be equated with the benefit of health care for the poor or any other do-goodism.

    Cardinal Dolan is creating confusion by His participation. What does he mean he’s not endorsing any platform!! As our shepherd he is to endorse the pro-life principles of the Republican platform and encourage his priests to do the same.

  33. Don says:

    Dear Cardinal Dolan,

    As a life-long Catholic, who believes in the Church’s doctrines and magisterium, I am writing to you to ask you to reconsider attending the Democratic Convention next week, and offering a prayer there. I believe that doing so will be scandalous and will give the impression that the American Catholic Church agrees with the platform of this party, especially on issue of abortion, birth control, and same-sex marriage.

    We, American Catholics, are in a fight for our religious rights and heritage in this nation, and your presence will cloud and confuse this issue for us, and for our fellow citizens. I do not understand how on one hand, you speak for Catholic rights and identity against this Democratic Administration, while on the other hand, you agree to pray at the convention of those who seek to destroy our religious rights and freedoms, and believe in abortion and birth control.

    With all due respect, Cardinal Dolan, please do not go to Charlotte. In my humble opinion, you would be betraying your flock and your promises to God to uphold the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!!

    God Bless you and God bless America, because We definitely need His Help!!!

  34. Maria says:

    Dear Cardinal Dolan:

    I urge you to abort your plans to be any kind of presence at the Democratic National Convention.

    Spend an hour of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament in humble, prayerful reflection regarding this. Speak little to Our Lord; instead, give thanks and praise, and then LISTEN. Is this living up to your vocation to speak for and defend moral truth?

    I use the word ‘abort’ for a reason, of course, as this administration and its party have done more to advance the culture of death than any in recent history.

    This is the administration that takes abortion to its greatest extremes ~ including the required killing of infants who happen to survive it and are born still alive.

    This is the administration that now defines peaceful pro-lifers in prayer as potential domestic terrorists.

    This is the administration that has already begun to stack the Supreme Court with pro-death justices; the next president will most likely be given the opportunity to make 2 new appointees.

    This is the administration whose forced HHS mandate will strip all Americans and all private religious institutions of any conscientious objection to these practices. The US Catholic bishops have rightfully sued it over this issue.

    And now you are willing to be a presence at their nominating convention? You cannot hide, Pilate-style, behind the finger bowl of ‘neutrality’. Your presence there, in any capacity, will send this message: one party is as good as the other.

    Catholics who are teetering on the edge of voting according to their moral compass will see you and tell themselves, “I guess it doesn’t matter that much ~ I mean, the Cardinal did the blessing for them too.” Intended or not, this will be the outcome.

    As a Vicar of Christ in your priestly vocation, your first and FOREMOST responsibility is the defense of life and the traditional definition of marriage (refer to His Holiness’ writings on the hierarchy of issues). This political party and this administration (its candidate) are directly opposed to the Church’s teachings on these issues.

    Either send no political message, or better yet, have the courage to speak for truth and send the right political message: offer your blessing to the party whose platform defends life and liberty and ONLY to them BECAUSE of their defense of these issues.

    You cannot straddle the fence on this. Your obligation is to lead the flock entrusted to you down the moral path.

    Pray for the zeal to defend your gift of faith, for “…the lukewarm I spit out of My mouth…”

    God love you.

  35. KW says:

    Thank you Cardinal Dolan for all that you do. May God bless you as you seek to lead us in following him.

    As for the Al Smith dinner controversy and everything else, I do not know what I would do if I were you. Thankfully I am not, Christ through the Holy Father has chosen you to lead us–not me–, and so, as you requested, you have my prayers in these difficult prudential decisions you must make. You also have my utmost respect in all that you do.

    God bless you!

  36. ddr says:

    I think it’s wonderful that the Cardinal will provide the convention but the only reason a Catholic clergy was invited was due to the Catholic vote that Obama wants – clearly he is at great odds with the Church as he does not respect the Church’s position and does not respect the Constitution – so to me – this is pure politics from Obama and it is disgusting. That said, I do hope the Cardinal’s prayers help us all.

  37. Tyler says:

    FYI – The Democratic platform no longer wants abortion to be rare – only safe and legal.

  38. Jason says:

    Cardinal Dolan,
    Where is your urge to preach the Gospel and speak out against the wrongs of the world? The Democratic convention is going to house many of people who oppose what the Catholic Church stands for and you are going to remain “neutral”. Christ may have even called them a “brood of vipers”. Your diplomacy must have helped you get your position because it doesn’t appear to be your orthodoxy or zeal for the faith. I pray you have a paradigm shift and recognize the problems/confusion your actions are causing.

  39. Leo Peterson says:

    Cardinal Dolan:

    Faith is a great gift, and I am blessed to be a Catholic. Your “non-support” of either party is CLEARLY “support” for more mixed messages like Pelosi and Biden like to pronounce. I have been so disappointed for the last few years by the lack of COURAGE shown by most of our leaders–now including you.

    Did the early leaders become martyrs because they lacked conviction and showed weakness. Just yesterday, a non-Catholic said to me, “Your church will be dead and gone within the next 30 years.” I believe he was simply observing that secularism is wining, and I further believe that he gets the impression that my Church is weakened beyond repair.

    I pray that YOU and others find the courage to define the family and the right to life or the unbory.

  40. MC says:

    Your Eminence, thank you for your witness to both political parties. The Church does not endorse political parties, platforms, or candidates. The Church only endorses the Gospel of Jesus Christ and prays for those who seek public service. True, one party may be more accommodating of the Gospel message than the other, but that does not mean that we stop praying for both. May the Holy Spirit shed its light upon the Democratic National Convention and soften the hearts of all participants to listen to its voice of wisdom. They sure could use it.

  41. Carolyn Ann says:

    Cardinal Dolan,

    I was surprised to hear that you would be praying at the Democratic Convention after the treatment of the Catholic faith by the current administration. While I agree prayer is needed for this group, I think it could be done in the sanctity of the church or in daily prayer. I feel mixed signals are being sent by your attendance especially to young people. You will be taken stage with the leaders of this party, some Catholic, that are in full support with Unrestricted Abortion, Gay Marriage and Contraception. They also lied to your face and misrepresented their position on these matters in order to get their Healthcare Bill passed. These Catholic leaders even go so far as to misrepresent the teachings of the Catholic Church to accomplish their secular agenda. I will wait to see what you have to say regarding these matters and sincerely hope that you will make your views perfectly clear.

  42. mary meyers says:

    Dear Cardinal Dolan;
    Because the dissident nun is speaking, perhaps on the same day as your benediction, I believe the democrats are setting a trap to delude Catholic Democrats on who speaks for the Church. I am sure you have thought of all this already. I will be praying for you for success that day, and all your days as our shepherd.


  43. Margaret Weber says:

    Cardinal Dolan,
    Your presence at the Democrat convention negates anything said against Obama and his oppression of Religious freedom. Your presence at the convention endorses Obama and his oppression of Religious freedom. You should have refused the invitation and spoken out as to why you refused the invitation. But instead, your cowardly act confuses Catholics and that confusion will get the fraud in the White House elected again. If the leaders of Catholics spoke out against Obama before he was elected, we would not have Religious oppression now. Once again, you and all weak knee bishops betrayed you flock.

  44. Bryan Walsch says:

    Perhaps Democrats, having had an opportunity to see and hear Cardinal Dolan, will understand that it is not “extreme” to preserve human life (both born and unborn), nor is it extreme to expect that our leaders adhere to the United States Constitution. It is indeed reasonable for all of us to ensure that elected officials do not prohibit the free exercise of religion, by forcing any religion to provide and/or pay for the cost of abortions.

    I know Cardinal Dolan is not praying at the Democrat convention as a means to persuade Democrats to change their desire to abort human life, and require that all of us chip-in to pay for the cost of abortions. However, his presence and his ability to relate to people of all kinds, will go a long way towards ending the notion that those of us that work to keep our unborn safe and healthy, are somehow “extreme”.

  45. M L Carson says:

    I am aghast that Archbishop Dolan will give a closing prayer at the Democratic National Convention! His presence is tacit support of a Democratic Party that protects abortion, one of the greatest evils of our society, and a President who has voted for the right of a parent to murder a child that is born alive after an attempted abortion. Even those who argue that a child does not become a human being until birth are hard-put to justify what most certainly should be considered murder in anyone’s eyes. Add to that the President’s unlawful suberversion of a church’s right to uphold their teachings, and it becomes unconscionable for the Archbishop to attend this consortium. There is no honor here in being “fair and balanced” because the Archbishop prayed at the Republican Convention. The Archbishop needs to rebuke evil as Jesus would.

  46. Marty says:

    Cardinal Dolan:

    If you think for one second that your appearance will not be viewed as a political event in support of the democrat party and its platform (or at least an indication that there’s nothing evil about it), you are misguided, to say the least. All you need do is look at the democrat’s own PR pronouncements directly and through their surrogates. All you need do is accept the undeniable reality that Americans are not going to read your self-serving rationalizations, they are going to see your presence as sanctioning their vote for the party of death when, in truth, no practicing Catholic can in good conscience support any person who adopts the democrat party’s platform. I do not consider myself the “best” Catholic or even a particularly “good” Catholic, but there are certain fundamental truths that cannot and should not ever be denied or concealed. Without the right to life, there is nothing. When you bless the political convention of a party that celebrates a right to abortion – even partial birth abortion – you are giving tacit acknowledgment that it’s okay for Catholics to support the democrat party despite its firm support and advocacy of abortion. Any explanations and assertions that that you do not support the democrat party’s abortion position, that you can despise the sin but not the sinner (how facile and juvenile), that your appearance is not a political event, are nothing more than the sophistry of a coward. Language too strong? I don’t think so. Am I angry? You bet I am! You and the Catholic Church are engaged in a defining battle with the government and democrat party whose outcome is going to determine the future of the Church in the US, whether you like it or not, and it’s time to stop pretending otherwise. Stand up and be counted when it matters, Cardinal Dolan.

  47. Maurice Inkel Jr says:

    Dear Cardinal Dolan,

    I sent you an email the other day via the diocesan website for media inquires before I knew about this blog.

    I too would like to add my voice to those who prayerfully request you reconsider conducting the benediction at the DNC converntion. I understand better than most, the confusion such actions cause among Catholics that don’t really follow politics and or religion that much, and among non-Catholic Christians such as my wife and our friends from her church.

    There is no doubt in my mind that unless you intend to make this a St. John Chrysostom — Eudoxia moment, many, including many Catholics, will view your appearance as a clear signal that what each party’s goals are morally equivalent. That somehow any amoral positions held by one are basically balanced by other good positions. This is absolutely NOT TRUE. Well meaning people can disagree on how to accomplish some goals, but with others it is the goal that is absolutely wrong including promoting the homosexual life style and most especially abortion.

    I don’t mean to sound insolent in anyway, but I am truely confused myself as to why our bishops don’t stand up and speak and act in unequivical terms. Public figures claiming to be good practicing Catholics not only speaking, but acting against the teachings of the Church, Pres. Obama at Notre Dame, Nuns on the Bus politicing, etc. One only needs to read the polls in Our Sunday Visitor to see how confused the sheep are.

    We need shepherds now more than ever.

    With My Thoughts and Prayers,


  48. Irene says:

    I think the concern of some about “confusing the faithful” is a little misplaced (unless perhaps, you’re speaking about yourself personally?) I think we’re adults and we can filter through rhetoric, whatever the source.

  49. Mary says:

    Dear Cardinal Dolan,
    I prayerfully request that you reconsider your appearance at the DNC. Your appearance will be construed as an endorsement of abortion, same-sex marriage, and attacks on religious liberty and rights of conscience. Catholics who are wavering in their faith will be confused by their shepherd. Members of your flock will be led astray by your connection with this pro-abortion platform and administration. They will see this not just as a sign of how they should vote, but a confirmation that you can be Catholic and pro-abortion, Catholic and for same-sex marriage, Catholic and pay for contraception in your health insurance, and Catholic and not worried about the attacks on our religious liberty. As a lay person serving in the pro-life ministry since 1992, I cannot convert hearts or lead others to Christ’s truth with the authority of a priest, much less a Cardinal. The DNC voted to remove God from their platform. It took three votes to get a mention of Him reinstated. Yet, the idol of abortion is held high and firmly defended by this adminstration and this party. The sound bites and video clips from this appearance will be used to promote the anti-life, anti-traditional marriage, and anti-established religion agenda of those who seek to destroy our nation, because look who’s there with them and on their side now. For the salvation of souls and the end of abortion, please do not make an appearanceat the DNC. Pray for the conversion of hearts at a different location and lead your flock by making the truth of Christ’s Church clear that you cannot be Catholic and pro-abortion. Our faith is non-negotiable. It is not neutral. We must take a stand and stand with Christ.

  50. Scott says:

    What a confusing message you have put before us at the DNC. 80 Million Catholics and others where offended this summer with the HHS mandates and our leader of church in this US goes and says a prayer?? Anyone tuning in not understanding the whole picture will think “Hey if he is there, maybe it is okay to vote for our current administration. I couldn’t even bring my self to call the president our “Leader”. Now I am struggling with Cardinal Dolan. You should of used this invitation to speak as a platform to get the point accross for the mlllions of faithful about where we stand on abortion, contreceptives, etc. How unfortunate you choose the wreckless path of silence. Desperate times don’t always call for desperate measures, but it does call for the right response when an opportunitiy is given. If you don’t believe me just remember how God used Moses against the pharoahs of Egypt. What a shame this was not to be taken advantage of for all to hear. I hope you being at the DNC doesn’t help this thug keep in Washington.