Statement on the Appointment of Bishop Dennis Sullivan as Bishop of Camden

Today, Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI announced the appointment of Bishop Dennis Sullivan to the Diocese of Camden.  Bishop Sullivan has served the Archdiocese of New York superbly as parochial vicar, pastor, and auxiliary bishop/vicar general. I am delighted by the Holy Father’s confidence in him in choosing to have him shepherd the Diocese of Camden.

Here is the statement that I released to the press today:


Our Holy Father has chosen one of the finest bishops I know to be the new Bishop of Camden.

Since my arrival in New York nearly four years ago, Bishop Dennis J. Sullivan has been an invaluable help to me, as my predecessor, Cardinal Edward Egan, predicted he would.  As Vicar General, he has been my right hand, and I came to rely on his vast and intimate knowledge of the parishes, priests, religious and people of the Archdiocese of New York.  While happily living together at the Cardinal’s residence, and working together at the Cardinal Cooke Catholic Center, Bishop Sullivan always generously shared with me his wise counsel and insights, based on his more than 40 years of priesthood in this archdiocese he proudly calls home.

One thing I came to expect above all else from Bishop Sullivan was that he would approach every situation with the heart and mind of a pastor, always asking how we can do more for the people, and reminding us that the Church is not the chancery or a building, but the people of God. His many years of service on the Lower East Side of Manhattan have given him a special closeness and dedication to the immigrant community, particularly the Latino and Asian population, who continue to be a vital and vibrant part of the Church in New York.

While I know that Bishop Sullivan will be missed in this archdiocese that he has superbly served, the people of Camden will quickly come to know and love their new bishop, as he comes to know and love them in return.


Here is the statement that Edward Cardinal Egan released:


The appointment of His Excellency, the Most Reverend Dennis J. Sullivan as Bishop of the Diocese of Camden is a singular blessing for the people of God of that splendid community of faith.  It is also a loss for the Archdiocese of New York, which Bishop Sullivan has served with extraordinary distinction as Pastor, Auxiliary Bishop, and Vicar General.  The Bishop and I worked together at the Catholic Center and lived together at the Cardinal’s residence for many very happy years.  For me his total commitment to the clergy, religious, and faithful of the Archdiocese, especially those of Latin American and Asian heritage and those most in need, was always a source of genuine inspiration and admiration as well.  Having had the honor of consecrating him a Bishop and naming him Vicar General, I look forward to assisting Bishop Sullivan in any way I can over the years that lie ahead, particularly through my prayers for him and the people he will be shepherding.

To Bishop Sullivan I express my heartfelt thanks and congratulations as he accepts a new responsibility of service from our beloved Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI.


2 Responses to “Statement on the Appointment of Bishop Dennis Sullivan as Bishop of Camden”

  1. Elaine Schenk, M.Id says:

    Ad Multos Annos, Bishop Sullivan! Go with God–you will be a blessing for Camden.

  2. Jane Yavis says:

    As a Member of the Diocese of Camden, I welcome Bishop Sullivan with open arms. It’s a great diocese.
    As a member of the Catholic Church of America,,,,,,I would ask why the President of the Catholic League chose NOT to print a word about the appointment but on the same day slammed the Media for not printing a story about Nuns who took their vows in ENGLAND.
    Go to Catholic League Site,,,,, At a time when so many are suffering should a man make $425K/yr to use our church for his purposes???