Sweet Victory

Today, at the meeting of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, my good friend, Justin Cardinal Rigali, graciously made good on our World Series wager. Victory never tasted so good!

Photo by Emily Marlow

photo by Emily Marlow


photo by Emily Marlow

photo by Emily Marlow

photo by Emily Marlow

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2 Responses to “Sweet Victory”

  1. Oscar Ortiz says:

    TastyKakes are awesome! i would place a bet on anything if it involved Tastykakes. Congrats on winning the wager!

  2. Neil Sloan says:

    Your Excellency,
    My wife is from Philadelphia and I am a New Yorker. We loved the wager! TastyKakes are great! But I am a Mets fan, not a Yankees fan. I hope sometime soon you get to experience your first Subway Series in NY and you can place a wager with Bishop DiMarzio!