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Religious Freedom

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

A few weeks ago, I came across this fine editorial in Our Sunday Visitor about the potential threat to religious freedom. The editorial board shared two examples in this insightful piece.

Here is an excerpt:

The issue of religious freedom until now mostly has been a tangent to the debate over civil unions and same-sex marriage. After all, the immediate issue at hand was the institution of marriage itself and the protection it deserves under law as a fundamental building block of civil society.

Those who fretted about potential threats to religious freedom — that religious groups who hold that sexual activity is reserved to a man and a woman committed to lifelong fidelity and open to the procreation and education of children might be forced to curtail their charitable and religious activities unless they acquiesced to the views of those who hold a radically different position — may not have been given the hearing they deserved. After all, at the time their complaint seemed speculative, and there were other issues that were much more immediately pressing.

You can read the whole editorial here.