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Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

On Christmas Day, the New York Daily News published an op-ed article that I wrote on the persecution of Christians. I thought you might want to read it.

Here is an excerpt from my op-ed:

This coming weekend, Christians throughout our land will jam churches to celebrate the birthday of Jesus, accepting the angels’ invitation from the midnight skies over Bethlehem to “come, let us adore Him!,” the infant they believe to be their Lord and savior.

They’ll be praying and singing, laughing and hugging, wishing each other peace and joy as they leave church to return home for gifts and a festive meal with family and friends.

They will do it all in security and safety. Not so throughout a growing swath of the rest of the world. If recent ominous events are predictors, Christians in Egypt, China, Iraq, India, parts of Africa and Indonesia — just to name a few places — will keep to the shadows this holy day as they leave for church, avoiding people, walking to church by a back route, hurrying into a darkened church, with their prayers hardly of joy over the birth of the Prince of Peace.

Also printed in this morning in the New York Daily News was an op-ed about the tragic Christmas Day bombings in Nigeria.  Here is an excerpt:

Christians are under attack around the world, for nothing more than their desire to worship God as they choose.

The Nigeria violence marked the second year in a row that the Boko Haram Islamists — who seek to impose strict Sharia law across the nation of 165 million — have turned a day of peace into one of horror.

You can read the whole op-ed here.