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Behind Every Successful Student is a Catholic School

Monday, June 25th, 2012

I would like to share with you two excellent columns written by New York Post’s Michael Goodwin on Catholic Schools.

Here is an excerpt from his column:

So it goes in New York’s tiresome public-school wars. Meanwhile, there’s another city school system that doesn’t make headlines. It just keeps chugging forward, quietly carrying its students to remarkable success at about half the cost of the public system. Teachers are unionized, yet the schools succeed without endless confrontation.

New York’s Catholic schools are the little engine that could. Their success doesn’t make news because there’s nothing shocking about it. It happens routinely, year after year, student after student.

Some 80 percent of Catholic high-school freshmen graduate in four years. Nearly all take the SAT test, and their average scores are higher than the public system’s, where the rate of test takers is far lower. About 96 percent of Catholic-school grads go to college, the bulk to four-year institutions.

You can read his whole column here.

In his second column, Goodwin writes about the public’s reaction to his previous column.

Here is an excerpt:

Readers, including public-school teachers, don’t deny that Catholic schools do a better job of educating minority children who come from poor families, and at far less cost than public schools. They concede that those kids, about 40 percent of whom are not Catholic, are more likely to succeed in life as a result.

But most believe that success or failure happens before those children ever walk through the school door. The way they see it, behind every failing child are failing parents.

You can read the whole column here.