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Pulaski Day Mass Greeting – 10.04.09

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

It is an honor and a joy for me as your archbishop to welcome so many from our beloved Polish community as they gather for Sunday Mass before the Pulaski Day Parade.

I’ll see you all at that, too, but right now I simply wanted to praise God, here in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, here at Sunday Mass, for the inspiration of durable faith — the inspiration of durable faith — brilliantly given us by Poland and her children in America.
You teach us that one’s faith is the “pearl of great price.” You trace it back to Poland, the land of Saints Stanislaus, Hedwig, Casimir, the land of Our Lady, Queen of Poland, who reigns from Jasna Gora. You trace it to a culture which preserved the faith in feastdays and music, liturgy and poetry, and learning, family and home. You have tenaciously clung to it through years of oppression by those who detested your faith and your culture; you have shared it with the world through John Paul the great, and you enriched America by bringing it here.
Your durable faith: we thank God for that inspiration, we thank God for you, sons and daughters of Poland, on this Pulaski Day.