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Undermining Parental Rights

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Recently specific aspects of the New York City sexual education curriculum have come to light. The guidelines laid out for our most precious gifts–our children–are deeply disturbing. I’d like to share with you an op-ed on the topic in the New York Times by Professor Robert George and Melissa Moschella at Princeton University:

“Imagine you have a 10- or 11-year-old child, just entering a public middle school. How would you feel if, as part of a class ostensibly about the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, he and his classmates were given “risk cards” that graphically named a variety of solitary and mutual sex acts? Or if, in another lesson, he was encouraged to disregard what you told him about sex, and to rely instead on teachers and health clinic staff members?

That prospect would horrify most parents. But such lessons are part of a middle-school curriculum that Dennis M. Walcott, the New York City schools chancellor, has recommended for his system’s newly mandated sex-education classes. There is a parental “opt out,” but it is very limited, covering classes on contraception and birth control.”

You can read the rest here.

In the New York Post, columnist Andrea Peyser also takes note of the recent revelations:

“In its infinite wisdom, the city’s Department of Education next year is mandating that kids starting in middle school sit through lessons that might be of special interest to pedophiles and other pervs…

Lose the curriculum before someone gets hurt.”

You can read the rest of the article here.

My thanks to Professor George, Ms. Moschella, and Ms. Peyser for their wisdom and insight and standing up for the rights of parents.

Insight from Professor Robert George

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Here’s an interview by National Review Online’s Kathryn Jean Lopez with Professor Robert George of Princeton on marriage:

The institution of marriage has already been deeply wounded by divorce at nearly plague levels, widespread non-marital sexual cohabitation, and other damaging factors. To redefine it out of existence in law is to make it much more difficult to restore a sound understanding of marriage on which a healthy marriage culture can be rebuilt for the good of all. It is to sacrifice the needs of the poor, who are hurt the most when a sound public understanding of marriage and sexual morality collapses. It is to give up on the truth that children need both a father and mother, and benefit from the security of their love for each other.

You can read the rest here.