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Reflections from September 11

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Yesterday morning, I commemorated the Tenth Anniversary of September 11th at the 9:30 a.m. Memorial Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I would like to share my homily with all of you.

Here is an excerpt:

They say there are no atheists in foxholes.  I’ve heard it said as well that there were no atheists on 9/11 here in New York.  That’s why we decided to gather for this greatest of all prayers, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, at these very moments when bells are ringing throughout the United States, when people are united in their parishes, their churches, their synagogues, and their mosques, their heads bowed in reverent silence, recalling – -recalling with somberness, recalling with gratitude and recalling with prayers the events of 10 years ago today at these very moments when the second of the Twin Towers was attacked.  And that’s why I’m grateful for your presence this Sunday morning.  Cardinal Egan, thank you for being here.  You were on the front lines that day and we are glad you are with us this morning.  You and I are going to be together down at Saint Peter’s on Barclay Street, one of our historic Catholic churches, which was actually damaged that day by part of the buildings falling and that served as a place of refuge and care for those who were wounded and outreach to those who were mourning and searching.  It was a real sanctuary that day.

You can read the whole homily here. An audio clip of the homily is available online, click here to listen.

I would also like to share Edward Cardinal Egan’s homily from the 12:30 p.m. Memorial Mass at Saint Peter’s at Barclay Street, which is less than a block away from the World Trade Center site.

Here is an excerpt:

Ten years have passed since the terrorists attacked us.  We were taken by surprise.  We were shocked.  We were wounded.  We were grievously wounded.  Evil had had its moment of triumph in Lower Manhattan.

This is, therefore, an anniversary that stings and sears the soul.  It thrusts us back into an experience of infamy such as none of us would ever have imagined.  Thousands of good and decent citizens of Greater New York were brutally murdered.  An ugly chasm was dug into the heart of our City; and in the hearts of countless mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, wives and husbands, children and grandchildren, friends and co-workers, there even now aches the nagging pain of loss for persons dearly loved and sorely needed.

You can read the whole homily here.

Statement on the September 11th Protest

Friday, September 10th, 2010

On the eve of the ninth anniversary of September 11th, I’d like to share with you the statement I released to the news media today.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 10, 2010


In response to reports of planned protests for the anniversary of September 11th, Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan issued the following statement:

“September 11th has become a holy day in our community and our nation, as we pause to remember with reverence and prayer those who lost their lives at the World Trade Center, at the Pentagon, and in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and the families and friends who still grieve for them.  This seems to me to be a fitting way for us to not only remember those who died, but to honor their memory as well.

The news reports that various groups and individuals are planning protests to mark this year’s 9/11 anniversary are worrisome.  We must never allow September 11th to become a time for protest and division.  Instead, this day must remain a time for promoting peace and mutual respect.

It is my hope that September 11th will be a day when we resolve to continue working on those issues which divide us, and lay the foundation for a new and deeper understanding among us all.”