Thanksgiving: Prayer of Petition

This morning, the New York Post published my op-ed about my special prayer for Thanksgiving. I would like to share it with you.

Here is an excerpt:

I praise God for the radiant virtue so evident in our community since the wreckage of the hurricane. You will pardon me, I hope, and I trust that you’ll understand, if I say that I am especially proud of our Catholic family’s generous outreach, although I rejoice in the ecumenical extent of the area’s compassion.

While Thursday will find many of our neighbors still without homes and provisions, I trust they can at least whisper a prayer of praise for the essentials of life that no wind or wave can wipe out — love, faith, hope, life itself, family, friends, a future and a community that has let them know they are not alone.

Let me glorify God as well for the gift of our country. No matter if your issues, party or candidates won or lost two weeks ago: How singularly blessed we are as citizens of a country that is governed from, by and for the people. Almost weekly do we read or hear of nations where elections — if they even have them — are occasions of mobs, armies, violence, tear gas and near-anarchy. Not here . . . thank God!

You can read the whole op-ed here.

May you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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One Response to “Thanksgiving: Prayer of Petition”

  1. MaryGreene says:

    Our society has gone mad. We are, if we use the election results as a guide, majority mad. With the loyal support of roughly 50% of Catholics (who should know better) we can expect a daily dose of wickedness, chaos, and mayhem. Each day brings a new astonishment: On Thanksgiving, for the fourth straight year, the President deliberately and willfully left God out of his Thanksgiving message! That will really bring God’s blessing to us, don’t you think? Today, Jamie Foxx, in a commercial preview for the Soul Train Awards, presented on BET, gave thanks to “our Lord and Savior Barack Obama”. What’s next? Putting his face on coins and removing In God We Trust?

    Please, I beg you to take off the 1950’s glasses. Get Catholicism out of the political, and bring us back to the truly good old days when we were a moral and spiritual force because we knew and wanted Truth. We want the sacraments. We want God.