The Importance of Pope Francis’ Trip to the Holy Land

The USCCB Media Blog is previewing the upcoming visit by Pope Francis to the Holy Land.  Yesterday they carried a piece by me on the visit deepening the friendship between Catholics and Jews.  Today, Bishop Richard Pates of Des Moines blogs on bringing hope to a hopeless situation.  They will have more entries in the days to come. Stay tuned!

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One Response to “The Importance of Pope Francis’ Trip to the Holy Land”

  1. Dear Cardinal Dolan and Others,

    In my on-going research upon the Holy Shroud of Turin, I have made many eye-opening observations which I wish to share with you all.

    The first observation is that I have found that almost 10,000 high resolution photographs of the Holy Shroud exist in the United States as they were taken by American Shroud of Turin Research Project scientists back in October of 1978.
    To this day, all of these photographs have never been displayed in a conspicuous public space, while in Manhattan there is not one high resolution photograph of the Shroud of Turin on public display at all.

    In addition, there were over 1,800 high definition photographs of the Holy Shroud of Turin taken back in 2008, and the same is true of them as well.

    That’s an enormous amount of images to be so neglected for so long, but there you have it!

    We have also observed that a very few churches or houses of worship around the world display images of the Shroud of Turin, and that no cemeteries do, that we have visited, even as community mausoleums could easily be fitted with high quality images of the Holy Shroud of Turin!

    I am shocked by this deficit of interest in God’s Holy Shroud, especially, when this deficit could easily be remedied.

    And there is another shocking observation that I have come to make. I am amazed at how successful Chris Slattery’s Frontline Expectant Mother Care Centers have been at saving preborn children from the horrors of abortion, and yet that he has received no financial assistance from the Archdiocese for his extraordinary efforts.

    This deficit could also be easily remedied as well.

    To be pro-Shroud is to be pro-Life, so making the Holy Shroud of Turin more visible in our churches, schools and other buildings devoted to the worship of Jesus – would do much to advance the entire pro-life cause as well – and do all of this, at a very modest cost.

    These are my observations that I hope you all take to heart. I would be happy to help you act upon them.