To Whom Shall We Go?

Let me share my latest Catholic New York column with you on Catholic elementary schools in the archdiocese. I look forward to seeing our beloved schools grow.

A brief excerpt:

The archdiocese will always support our schools. This decision is not made so “the archdiocese can fill its coffers.” The money saved will be reinvested in our schools and other crying pastoral needs: youth ministry, Catholic Charities, pro-life, marriage and family, religious education, our seminary, new parishes—and expanded, stronger schools.

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4 Responses to “To Whom Shall We Go?”

  1. James Hamilton says:

    Archbishop Dolan,

    One of the at-risk schools is located in my community. It has a rich tradition of solid education with a strong alumni base. Unfortunately, one persistent problem plagues the school. The lack of a quality product. There are several parents I know personally who have crossed parish lines to enroll their kids in parish schools in other neighborhoods, including myself. I’m not the only Catholic parent to do this in this area. The demographics favor a strong Catholic school, except the leadership is disasterous.

    The primary reason this school is not working? The lack of quality leadership. There’s no relationship with the leadership with the larger community, the parish and the alumni. How do you expect a school to survive if the leadership is not there? I know of other parent’s in Catholic schools elsewhere who have pulled their kids out of their parish school and placed them in another school (Catholic and non-Catholic) because of the weak leadership. Correct the leadership issue first and you may be able to save these schools.

    James Hamilton

  2. Irene says:

    As long as the ultimate decision of whether to keep the schools open lies with the parish and school community, I think this will be a useful process.

  3. The Catholic education of our children is the most important investment we and the church can make.
    Some of the other “crying pastoral needs” are very important and deserving of our contributions. But “Catholic” programs, such as the Catholic Campaign for Human Development should not get any funding while our parochial schools are in need.

  4. carolyn pinto says:

    Dear Father – I am ready to step in and teach at St. Margaret Mary’s school. I do not have a college education but I can teach the 1, 2 and 3rd grade with no problem. I am not sure but I do believe the great teachers that I had at SMMS during the 60’s did not have a high education. I learned a great deal and owe much to them.
    The 4,5,6.7.8 grades can be taught by college educated teachers. – Carolyn Pinto