Declaring Our Dependence (on God)

This week I am on a pilgrimage with the Knights and Ladies of the Holy Seplechure to various holy sites in Germany.  However, I thought you might be interested in my column that appears in this week’s issue of Catholic New York.  The title is Declaring Our Dependence (on God), and you can find it here.

Have a safe and blessed Fourth of July!”


5 Responses to “Declaring Our Dependence (on God)”

  1. Andrew Piacente says:

    Amen Your Excellency and you can make it a top priority to totally revamp the catechetics of this archdiocese as Bishops Chaput and Bruskewitz did. Let’s pray that we have seen our last Catholic leave our beloved Church and fall into heresy.

  2. Brian Taber says:

    “Yes, this spiritual Declaration of Dependence is downright revolutionary.”

    Yes, and things so plainly go wrong when we confuse true freedom with doing whatever we want. Thank you for the reflection.

  3. Every time I hear the word. I believe something changes in me which leads to something changing in my life.

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