Tolerance & Courage

I’ll blame my rush to get home to be with my Mom and family for Thanksgiving,  but I was remiss last week in not thanking the Daily News for publishing on their website my op-ed article on the protest of a talk that was to have been given – at their request – to high school parents by an archdiocesan priest about Courage, the Church’s ministry to those with same-sex attraction who are trying to lead virtuous lives.  As you probably know, the protest eventually led to the cancellation of that talk.

If you missed the column, you can read it here.



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3 Responses to “Tolerance & Courage”

  1. John G. says:

    What has happened to our Church that this could happen at a Catholic High School administered by the New York Archdiocese? We certainly need top to bottom reform in the Administration as commenced by our new Pope. Vatican II, which “opened” the windows of the Church, also led to a great decline in adherence to all that we learned from the “Baltimore Catechism”. We seniors, who now make up the most of the remaining congregations of the parishes, remember the “old days” of the Church. We long for their return. We hope that our grandchildren will learn our values and that they will be sustained by those values as we have been through these tough years.

    Pope Francis has started bringing people back to the Church. Attendance at Mass is increasing. Let’s not talk about contributions also increasing. That is antithetical and a “turn off” to the Faithful!


  2. Mary B says:

    I was born and raised catholic by the two most Christian parents anyone could ever have. Having read your column, I have absolutely no qualms about saying that the Catholic Church should be labelled a hate group and have its tax exempt status revoked.

    Extremely disappointed. Your “eminence” should be ashamed.

  3. Joan says:

    Cardinal Dolan, thank you for clarifying the position of the Catholic Church. God tells us to love all people. ALL means ALL. Each person was/is created by God. However, the acceptance and love of God’s children is not an endorsement for the “anything goes behavior” in society. We are to follow God’s will and incorporate His values into our lives. That is how we find true peace and happiness.