Victims of a Permissive Culture

Today, the  New York Post published a op-ed on a disturbing trend in America’s teenage culture. Naomi Schaefer Riley writes about the promiscuous behavior of young women and the serious consequences they face long-term.

Here is an excerpt:

What’s the right age to have sex? A few years back, I attended a session for mentors in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program. When the “bigs” pressed the Planned Parenthood representative on when we should tell our “littles” that sex was OK, the woman told us we should say they that sex is best when you’re “in love.” Had this woman ever looked at a 12-year-old’s notebook doodles?

In fact, it’s clear that too-early sex can cause long-term emotional problems. In their research for the book “Premarital Sex in America,” Mark Regnerus and Jeremy Uecker found that among women 18-23, those who’d had sex before age 16 were 10-plus percentage points more likely to be diagnosed with depression than those who’d waited, and also less likely to feel satisfied with their lives.

You can read the whole op-ed here.

One Response to “Victims of a Permissive Culture”

  1. Mark says:

    Most Reverend,

    The data is not only true, but scary. Permissive sexuality, multiple partners, young girls such as this one, are living in a culture where everything goes. This is another example of how moral decay is destroying America.