Vivat Jesus!

What a grand summer so far . . . sure, some time-off with family and priest-friends, but also the 150th Anniversary Mass at Gettysburg, and World Youth Day in Brazil.

Last week added to a banner summer as I joined 3,000 other members at the Supreme Convention of the Knights of Columbus in San Antonio, Texas.

All of us are gratefully aware of the “K of C,” as we call them, observing them with admiration at parish, community, and archdiocesan events.  We especially appreciate their unflagging devotion to pro-life work, Catholic schools, vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life, physically and mentally handicapped, and youth work.  As most bishops and parish priests will tell you, “If you want something done, go to the Knights of Columbus.”

In addition to all of this work — they are the largest volunteer organization in the world! — they run the best insurance program around, loyal to the goal of their founder, Father Michael Mc Givney, to care for the widow and orphan of poor, immigrant Catholic workmen.

They have also carried the light of faith to the public square, especially in efforts to protect the fragile life of the preborn baby, the definition of marriage, and religious freedom.

All in all, as I commented in the remarks I was honored to give at the festive States’ Dinner, they are a radiant exhibit of what the Second Vatican Council called for in the vocation of the lay faithful.

The Supreme Knight, Carl Anderson, is an astute churchman, and in his splendid “state of the order address,” always a highpoint of the convention, he showed his attentiveness to the invitation now coming from Pope Francis, and encouraged us brother knights in our call to charity and service.

Mr. Anderson referred to the Holy Father’s warning about a “globalization of indifference.”  As I observed to the convention, “indifference is not a word you will find in the dictionary of the Knights of Columbus.”

I was particularly proud of my two brother bishops, Gustavo Garcia-Siller, the host Archbishop of San Antonio, who preached and celebrated the inspiring opening Mass; and Cardinal Sean O’Malley, the Archbishop of Boston, who gave the Keynote, as they both gave priority to our care for the immigrant.

To promote the dignity of the immigrant was especially appropriate with the K of C.  Why?  Well, they were founded precisely to offer fraternity and care for Catholic immigrant workers of 130 years ago, who were then, as now, the victims of prejudice, and whose families were so vulnerable if the breadwinner died or was injured; and two, the Knights themselves are of all nations and ethnic backgrounds, so are naturally free of the nasty nativism that sadly characterizes anti-immigrant sentiment today.

Brother Knights, to be with you was like a retreat — yet fun! . . . as I was with you in prayer and recommitment!

Keep up the good work!

Vivat Jesus!

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2 Responses to “Vivat Jesus!”

  1. Carl Porior says:

    Thank you Cardinal Dolan your thoughts on the Knights will help many do even better job in their local councils we get so busy in our day to day life style we don’t alway see what is truly important in Gods Eyes.

  2. Vivat Jesus,
    Dear Brother’s in Christ Jesus I am not surprised at all that the media and others react to this as if were a “as a matter of fact”. All the world is told and is made to tolerate the Muslims customs, beliefs and their rights to our freedoms Americans fought so hard, gave so many lives to protect and defend!
    I am ashamed of my fellow Catholics who by their own will have stood by other Christian’s week and reluctant to stand up and do something about protecting and defending our faith in a national level! Fight for what they say is their religion. Don’t we consider Catholic/ Christians our family? Are we or are we not all apart of the same body and that Jesus Christ is the head? Has everyone become a cafeteria Catholic/Christian? Is there not one among us who will stand up and FIGHT?

    Well then let me be the first among us!!!Yes, I will fight! As a matter of fact, I’m attending an Ignatius Retreat House in Connecticut on Sept 15, to the 22nd, to get my bearings on my own faith and make a stronger commitment to our God and our church. I have been moved by Divine Providence and have been very serious of considering the religious life as a Brother Monk and joining an Order which like the Benedictine Knights Templar will protect and defend the Christian/Catholic Dogma’s and the faithful.

    That is how serious I am taking these attacks on our families and churches. How serious are you? It is not enough just to claim that I am a Catholic/Christian and attend my church as a practical Catholic gentleman every Sunday, to be a Knight of Columbus and participate in the wonderful opportunities of charity and brotherhood, but I want and need to actually become what we claim to be, and that is a servant of God and Jesus Christ and lift up my life and to follow and witness our faith in the same way our Lord Jesus asked the many to follow Him in His days. It is now time for me to “Rise up and become a Lion” to awake from the sleep of selfishness and of being self absorbed and show my friends, family, church and community I am a real and will live a holy Christian life and do believe in our religion by acting accordingly by with the graces and virtues which Christ Jesus taught me and the Lord God has imparted to me. Commitment, obedience and love for our King and Sovereign Lord Jesus Christ is first and foremost in the life of a Catholic all else is second.

    These will be the “End of Day’s” unless all Christians/Catholics stand up and in “Reality”, do something to wake up themselves up from the selfish and isolated nature we all have become so comfortable with. The sleeping Catholic must awake form this nightmare and resurrect themselves and march united towards our home in Heaven and God.
    March against the Muslim Brotherhood and take back our respect our heavenly homeland and own our Christian faith. “What are you going to do about this fight?
    With the love of a fellow Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Brother Simpson