Ways to Love the Poor with Pope Francis

Pope Francis is an excellent teacher.  He’s a classical Jesuit, and has himself taught in high school (chemistry and literature, I hear) in Argentina.

An effective pedagogue sets a few clear goals for his class.  “Professor” Francis sure has done so for the Church, for the world, for all God’s children.

Among his goals is a call to love and serve the poor.  No surprise, since this is a clear, clean goal of Jesus in the gospels.

This month of January presents us a chance to grow in our love and service of the poor.

January 20th is the birthday of the Reverend Martin Luther King, a man admired by Pope Francis, a man prophetic in his summons to racial justice and equal opportunity for the poor.

Then, January 22 is the Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of the Unborn Baby.  Is anyone more vulnerable, more fragile, more in need of love, care, and protection than the unborn baby in her mother’s womb?

January 26 – February 2 finds us again in the Feeding Our Neighbor Campaign, as we come together in the cold to collect food to stock our shelters, soup kitchens, and parish pantries, responding to the Lord who said, “When I was hungry you gave me to eat.”

And, January 26 – February 1 is Catholic Schools Week.  The experts tell us that one of the tried-and-true ways of helping the poor escape a trapped-life is by educating the children in one of our excellent Catholic schools.  They’re really the best “War on Poverty” programs around.

Not bad messages — from Jesus and Pope Francis — this first week of the year.

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3 Responses to “Ways to Love the Poor with Pope Francis”

  1. William says:

    Do you and Pope Francis really need to be obcessing about the poor all the time? I mean every day Francis talks about the poor. He sounds a little obcessive. Ya…..so you might want to watch that.

  2. Terry says:

    Dear Cardinal, are you going to leave NY State since Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Pro-Lifers are not welcome in New York?

  3. John G. says:


    It is sad that our “Catholic” Governor, Andrew Cuomo, thinks that Pro-Lifers have no constitutional rights to free speech in New York State. Perhaps he should return to law school, or better yet follow the law on the rights of citizens in this free country called the United States of America.

    Cardinal O’Malley, in his recent USCCB posting, has started talking about the “personhood” of unborn children. That was specifically given in the Roe vs. Wade decision as a way to overturn that decision. That Court could not find that unborn children were “PERSONS” within their interpretation of the Constitution at that time, but they left the door open that a future Constitutional Amendment could grant “PERSONHOOD” to unborn children.

    However a more recent Court has granted “PERSONHOOD” to a paper fiction, namely a corporation (Citizens United Case). If a Certificate of Incorporation and a Stock Certificate can confer “PERSONHOOD” for the purposes of lobbying and political campaigning, then certainly an unborn child which has a beating heart and entirely different DNA that its mother is entitled to be a “PERSON”. The unborn child in not an appendage like an arm or a leg that can be cut off by the mothers fiat. Let’s take a new approach and talk about unborn children as “PERSONS”.