Catholic Charities Partners with Our Lady of Sorrows to Provide Personalized Disaster Relief

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By Alice Kenny

Many New Yorkers are still experiencing great struggles during their recovery from Sandy. Catholic Charities continues to partner with parishes and local  communities to meet these long-term needs.

At Our Lady of Sorrows Parish in Lower Manhattan, for example, Catholic Charities has initiated an extensive partnership. A Catholic Charities case worker is currently stationed there three days a week and there will soon be another in place for assistance on all weekdays. Going forward, a Spanish-speaking case worker will attend morning mass to ensure survivors who do not speak English also get the help they need.

In addition to helping families with individual issues, Catholic Charities volunteers are also going door to door to canvass a particularly hard-hit building in the community. These visits allow staff and volunteers to identify those who need extra help, whether as a result of the storm, or beyond that to everyday hardships, as well as those who could simply benefit from a visitor.

As the partnership continues, Catholic Charities will keep reaching out to help families and individuals on the path to recovery and working with parishes to ensure communities receive the help they need, both immediately and for the long term.

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