Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.’s Work Personified

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By Alice Kenny

More than 600 people gathered last week at the Catholic Charities Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Community Center to celebrate the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr.  This central Harlem landmark hosted celebrations sponsored by multiple groups that regularly meet there including, the Harambee Dance Company and the Martin Luther King Jr. Center New York Support Group.

“Harlem is the central point in the New York Archdiocese of Dr. Martin Luther King’s work personified; he walked the streets of Harlem,” said Kennedy Center Director Deacon Rodney Beckford.

The Deacon also served as the master of ceremonies at the at the Central Harlem Vicariate-sponsored interfaith service held last week at All Saints Roman Catholic Church in Harlem.

“The community was not only familiar with Dr. King as a national figure but as a personal figure; at this time every year all the institutions in Harlem rise to the occasion of remembering him and promoting the justice, peace and equality he espoused,” Deacon Beckford continued. “We at Catholic Charities Kennedy Center have always been at the forefront of that celebration.”

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One Response to “Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.’s Work Personified”

  1. Demarrius Price says:

    The Dream
    By: Demarrius Price

    Realistically speaking while Dr. King was up preaching
    About a Dream he was dreaming, and for that dream he got beatings
    We were three fifths of a human, never considered as equal
    The dream was so color blind, that whites and blacks were just people

    Justice covered the streets like socks concealing the feet
    Racism was just a term, Peace was the heart of this beat
    The constitution was written for freedom from overseas
    Explaining the rights of the people, that prayed to god to be free

    The dream, it covered the freedoms, the constitution and rights
    Before the dream the constitution was just written for whites
    Martin’s dream was as vivid as High Def. Plasma T.V
    With such a high resolution, even the blind people see

    The dream envisioned the people, coming together for peace
    It stopped the marching in streets, and made the racism cease
    If the people want to see change, it’s not as hard as it seem
    You have to live for a cause and never sleep on a dream

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